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21 DIY Driveway Gates-How To Build A Driveway Gate

A driveway gate is an effective way to separate your property from public areas such as the sidewalk and the public street. Building a DIY driveway gate can help provide a visual and physical barrier that differentiates your access from people in public spaces. There are many projects that the average homeowner can DIY to meet their needs.

Privacy, function, and weatherproofing are three components that homeowners look for in driveway gate projects. DIY driveway gate will benefits to you by enhance the look of your property while also adding some security and privacy.

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Check out our round up of these 21 DIY driveway gates plans to find the one that’s right to secure your property.

1- DIY Metal Cantilever Driveway Gate

If a metal driveway gate is a more appealing project for your yard, find out how to build this aluminum slat gate that is fixed on one end and free on the other end using a counterweight or cantilevered system. This DIY driveway gate by instructables provides a professional look to your driveway.

The DIY cantilever driveway gate can roll on wheels and be connected to an electric gate opener for hands-free opening and closing. This DIY project details the construction of a twenty-seven-foot gate opening.

This DIY metal gate tutorial requires some welding. Mounting the gate, the step-by-step instructions call for the use of five-inch posts and three yards of concrete in each of the post holes to secure the posts. The metal gate runs on a track system of rollers and bearings for easy opening and closing across the driveway.

To reduce the amount of welding and decrease the weight of aluminum slats, you could also use chain-link fencing and easily secure it to the metal frame. The design of this driveway gate can be changed to incorporate metal or gate materials you already have in your space without adding additional costs.

DIY Metal Cantilever Driveway Gate
DIY Metal Cantilever Driveway Gate, Image via: instructables

2- Automatic Driveway Gate

Here we have a DIY driveway gate plan on Youtube that will show you how to build an automatic gate so you can remain in the safety of your vehicle while opening and closing the gate.

This detailed YouTube video will take you through each phase of the building process so you will no have any trouble building a gate like this across your driveway. The one shown in this video is 16-feet across and about 6-feet tall, ideal size for a wide entranceway.

3- DIY Wooden Cape Cod Gate

Look no further than this excellent eleven-page instructional pdf containing clear pictures and descriptions for building a wooden gate for your driveway. This DIY driveway gate kit tutorial by hooverfence provides all the clear information for building and constructing a wooden gate that can hold up to many weather conditions that’s why we like this plan the most.

This instructional pdf contains twenty-one clear, descriptive steps for building a DIY driveway gate. This tutorial provides several different options for latching the gate. The instructions provided allow for building a six foot or eight-foot gate.

Building a wooden driveway gate, these instructions use three-layer construction to enhance the long-term use of the gate. The gate is made of two panels that latch in the middle and open to make full use of the gate area. Check out this amazing, detailed instructional pdf for building your own wooden driveway gate.

DIY Wooden Cape Cod Gate
DIY Wooden Cape Cod Gate, Image via: hooverfence

4- Metal Driveway Gate

This video tutorial will show you how to install a one piece iron gate by anneofalltrades that swings open for easy entry and exit.

This iron gate can be installed to work with existing fencing or as a part of new fencing around your landscape. This type of gate comes in various sizes so you can find one at a reasonable price to fit your driveway.

Metal Driveway Gate
Metal Driveway Gate, Image via: anneofalltrades

5- DIY Double Wooden Gate

The video tutorial of this double wooden gate on youtube is a good option for adding a gate to your driveway or entry way that does not sag or droop in the middle. In less than seven minutes, this tutorial will guide you through the process of constructing a gate on your own. In the tutorial, they construct a double gate that spans a seven-foot length.

The driveway gate design uses cross braces to secure the weight of the frame and keep it from sagging. The use of a saw and a drill are needed for this project. This project can be done by one person in less than one day from start to finish.

After installing the gate frames, the tutorial leads you through installing the wooden pickets (fence boards). Attaching the pickets after the gate frame is installed allows for straight lines and trimming the bottom of the boards to meet the ground without any obstructions. The double gate design features a middle latch for easy use.

6- Wooden Driveway Gate

This attractive wooden driveway gate by buildeazy increases the curb appeal of your home while helping to keep your family safe.

Two wooden gates swing open for easy entry and exit, plus this design is ideal for driveways that have a slope. The curved bottom of the wooden gates allows it to open on a slope with dragging while keeping it close enough to the ground to prevent children or pets from crawling under and escaping.

The decorative top panel makes this tall wooden gate both beautiful and secure. Easy to build design with these free plans.

Wooden Driveway Gate
How to make a pair of lumber driveway gates, Image via: buildeazy

7- See-Thru Gate

This homemade driveway gate on youtube allows you to see through it while keeping your family and pets safe inside.

The curved top and wooden slat middle make this an attractive addition to the entryway of your property. The slats are placed close enough to each other so pets and children can not squeeze through.

This easy DIY project can be built in a day and the gate can open manually or connected to an electronic gate opener.

8- Double Gate

Get free plans for building a large double gate from wood in this YouTube video.

The double gate is attractive, functional, and easy to see through. It can be opened and closed manually or connected to an electric or solar-powered device to make it an automatic gate.

The wood can be left natural and coated with a weather-proofing clear coat or the wood can be painted to any desired color.

9- Pallet Wood Gate

Recycled pallet wood is ideal for building a DIY driveway gate by thegreenlever. The recycled lumber from pallets is free and easy to obtain, plus the boards are just about the perfect size for this building project.

The double door design creates a manual gate the rolls open on a bottom wheel. The wheel bracket helps prevent the large gate from sagging too. Add some contrasting hardware to create a unique look so the gate will help protect your property and increase curb appeal.

DIY driveway gate
DIY driveway gate, Image via: thegreenlever

10- Single Sliding Driveway Gate

A sliding driveway gate like this one takes up much less space than a gate that swings open. Plus if your driveway is on an incline, a sliding driveway gate by buildeazy will open and close easier than one that swings open.

Made completely from wood with no metal frame, this wood sliding gate is attractive and affordable. These detailed plans will show you how to build this single sliding gate that has lattice at the top for a decorative element. The plans can be downloaded in a PDF file and printed out for easy reference during the building process.

Single Sliding Gate
Single Sliding Gate, Image via: buildeazy

11- Heavy Duty Gate Frames

Learn how to build heavy duty gate frames in this YouTube video that can be used as-is, is covered with any material of your choice.

These heavy duty gate frames are ideal for use on a cattle farm where the main objective is keeping the cattle within a safely confined space. The strong gates can withstand a lot of use and abuse by large animals for years.

The sturdy gates are made from 4×4 lumber and can be covered with lattice, wooden slats, or other building materials to improve curb appeal. A coat of paint or clear coat weather proofing is all that’s needed for these heavy duty gate frames.

12- Wind Proof Pallet Wood Gate

It gets very windy near the beach and you need a driveway gate that can stand up to the high winds and salty air. Learn how to transform pallet wood into a sturdy, stable gates in this YouTube video that can stand up to the high winds that blow in from the ocean.

The recycled wood from the pallets makes this DIY driveway gate almost free to build.

13- Transformed Chain Link Gate

Check this idea out and learn how to transform an old chain link gate into a palm tree paradise that will welcome guests onto your property while keeping strangers off your property.

Detailed photos show you the step by step transformation of a boring, see-through chain link gate into an attractive entrance complete with two palm trees.

No driveway gate kit like this one by flickr is needed for this transformation, it’s all done with creative ingenuity. Check out the free plans so you can transform your boring gate into a work of art.

driveway gate kit
Transformed Chain Link Gate, Image via: flickr

14- Metal Gate

It’s big, attractive, secure, and created entirely from metal. This metal driveway gate on youtube opens automatically and is a thing of beauty. The metal details placed throughout this gate capture the attention and provide a great first impression of the home and family that is behind the gate.

This detailed YouTube video will provide you with step by step instructions so you can create a customized metal gate fro your driveway.

15- Chunky Wooden Gate

Tall, sturdy, and chunky-looking is the best way to describe the design of this DIY driveway gate by project-number-nine.

The design presents a formidable barrier to the outside world, yet it’s still attractive and will increase property security and curb appeal.

This chunky wooden gate can be painted or clear-coated to allow the natural wood grain to show through. Great design for a home that is located on a busy street and both privacy and security are essential.

diy driveway gate
Chunky Wooden Gate, Image via: project-number-nine

16- DIY Driveway Metal Siding Gate

Using siding panels, plastic or metal, this DIY homemade driveway gate by instructables is a great option for use of available resources. Additionally, it provides the use of an old car axle as a pivot point so that each panel of the driveway gate can swing out easily. This DIY project features a three-step process.

This DIY driveway gate idea can allow up to a twenty-two-foot fence to cover a wider driveway. The website instructions provided have many photos for showing each step of the DIY building process. The strength of the gate is held up by the axles used to pivot the gate open and closed.

There is nothing attached to the bottom of the gate that restricts access to the driveway when the gate is open. If you do not have access to plastic or metal siding panels, you could try some other materials such as pallet wood, wooden lattice, or plastic vinyl fencing.

DIY Driveway Metal Siding Gate
DIY Driveway Metal Siding Gate, Image via: instructables

17- DIY Metal Entry Gate

In this quick youtube video, in under five minutes you will have the instructions needed to purchase supplies and build a metal gate for your driveway. Re-create this DIY driveway gate on youtube by following the instructions of this diy project. The entry gate video provides clear, step-by-step instructions of building a designer gate.

Easy welding techniques can give a professional look to your driveway entry gate. This video tutorial has been watched over 500,000 times on YouTube. The design of the gate features a swinging arm that helps open and close the length of the gate for electric motor use.

This project can take a weekend to construct and put together with a friend. Comments under the video tutorial suggest the use of some wheels at the bottom edges of the gate to decrease the weight that gate hinges must hold while opening and closing the gate. You can find many metal piece designs to add a unique style to your own version of this DIY driveway gate.

18- DIY Homemade Driveway Gate

Looking for a DIY driveway gate design like this one by instructables that requires no digging for electrical wire? This tutorial will be the answer to your search. A driveway gate idea that opens and closes the gate without getting out of your vehicle. This tutorial uses a solar-powered gate opening system for easy construction and no messing with electricity.

The driveway gate tutorial provides specific parts and supplies used to construct this gate. The gate designed and built in this DIY project can be up to twelve feet long. You can use fence posts on either side of the gate, cemented into the ground to secure the weight of the gate.

The tutorial features an eleven-step process that goes through each of the construction stages. The instructions even teach you how to connect the solar panel kit for opening and closing the gate without getting out of your vehicle. Clear photo instructions teach you how to properly wire the solar powered control box for driveway gate automation.

DIY Homemade Driveway Gate
DIY Homemade Driveway Gate, Image via: instructables

19- DIY Hardwood Privacy Gate

Building a gate for the driveway that also provides privacy is a great idea. This DIY gate tutorial by instructables provides a step-by-step process for constructing a tall wooden gate for driveway privacy. This entry gate design features two panels that latch in the middle.

The DIY privacy gate design is an easy-to-follow ten step process with many photos to help follow along with the construction of the gate. Using hardwood for the gate panel frames, the gate design is simple but strong. The vertical gate slats fit inside of a double frame design so there is no need to worry about boards twisting or warping over time.

Tools needed for this DIY driveway gate project include a saw and a drill. If the gate is not going to be attached to existing posts, then you will need to add fence posts to the design of this driveway privacy gate. The gate design allows for total privacy with no open areas for others to peek into your private property.

The wooden design of the gate allows for screws to be covered by wooden dowels to decrease the chance of rust over time. If you have an entryway that needs more privacy and you like a two paneled gate design, this DIY driveway gate tutorial is a great option.

DIY Hardwood Privacy Gate
DIY Hardwood Privacy Gate, Image via: instructables

20- DIY Wooden Driveway Gate

A double wooden gate design like this one on Youtube video that uses tongue and groove wood from the hardware store and a quality steel latch. This DIY youtube video tutorial covers the measurements and thoughts behind constructing this gate for durability, privacy, and an attractive design. This design features horizontal pickets or fence slats for a different look.

Using treated four-by-four posts allows for less warping in weather conditions after cementing the posts in the ground. The tools needed for this driveway gate project are a saw and a drill. This gate design features the use of three gate hinges on each of the two panels to prevent sagging.

The video tutorial goes through the step-by-step process of constructing the double gate design in less than ten minutes. This project can be completed in a day or a weekend by one or two people. The horizontal slat design makes it unique to other driveway gate designs.


21- Cedar Driveway Gate

Discover how to build a driveway gate in this informative YouTube video with tongue and groove cedar planks.

Attractive gate has a side door for easy pedestrian access so you exit and lock the gate when going for a walk or bike ride. Easy-open design for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Cedar tongue and groove planks are easy to work with and the wood will last for decades outside in the elements.



If you want to keep your driveway separated from the public area then a diy driveway gate is the best solution. Not only are these gates define boundaries for outsiders but also add an element of security to your home. Although these driveway gates are made using metal and wood you are free to use your creativity and imagination to build a gate that suits your style and needs. Hope we have helped you through these driveway gate options you can consider to make your own one.

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