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21 DIY Privacy Fence Ideas-Learn How To Build A Wood Fence For Your Yard

There are several reasons to add a DIY privacy fence to your exterior. The top reason is to increase your privacy and security, resulting in a peace of mind for you. Another reason is to add a bit of charm to your property. Imagine a white picket fence around your yard.

You can find several plans on how to build a privacy fence, from a DIY wood fence to a wired fence. As usual, you want to choose the plans that work for your property. You also want to check the rules and regulations for building and installing fences in your area. Are you ready to add a little privacy and charm to your exterior? Check out the following DIY fence Ideas.

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1. DIY Wood Fence Privacy Wall

Learn how to build a diy privacy fence like this one by hgtv with a range of materials, including wood boards and posts, vintage windows and climbing plants. Create an outdoor wall that’s both charming and effective using these materials. Spray paint the window to ensure others cannot see through the glass. Finish it off by adding seating and tables to the other side of your DIY wood fence, which is great for relaxing in your own private oasis.

DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: hgtv

2. Wattle DIY Privacy Fence

Are you looking for another set of plans for a unique fence? Look no further than a wattle diy privacy fence by alidoesit.wordpress. Build your own diy privacy fence out of branches, such as maple, as long as the branches are strong enough. Weave the branches together, alter the thin and thick ends for durability, and wedging the saplings closer together as needed. A wattle fence is a great solution for your garden area, as it keeps children and pets out of your garden without obstructing your view.

 DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: alidoesit.wordpress

3. Bamboo DIY Privacy Fence

Build a DIY wood fence like this one by codycakes with bamboo and wooden boards, which creates a beautiful, private fence around your yard. Imagine a bamboo fence over a grass yard, or with greenery and flowers in front of it. It creates a relaxing environment that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. Of course, it also gives you a tall, solid structure for maintaining your privacy.

Bamboo DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: codycakes

4. DIY Wood Fence Plans

Building a DIY wood fence like this one by lowes is a great way to add both style and security to your exterior. It also gives you a project to tackle over the weekend. With these plans, you’re going to learn how to build a wood fence with pickets, as well as tips for planning your project and determining your layout. You’re building what’s known as the Shadowbox Wood Fence, which means the pickets are going to alternate on each side. You can look through the fence at an angle, but it still provides enough privacy for you and your loved ones.

DIY Wood Fence Plans
Image via: lowes

5. Square Lattice DIY Privacy Fence

Are you thinking of building a privacy fence like this one by lehmanlane.net on your deck? Why not build a square lattice privacy fence? It’s made of lattice boards for a stylish, durable structure. The square spaces keep your children and pets inside the yard while allowing the sun to shine on your deck. You can add more privacy by using the spaces for your vines and vertical garden. In addition, it also creates a private space for relaxing and entertaining on your deck.

Square Lattice DIY Privacy Fence
DIY privacy fence image via: lehmanlane.net

6. Deer DIY Privacy Fence

If you’re not looking to build a solid DIY privacy fence, you can always build a deer fence like this one by simplyorganized. A deer fence keeps unwanted guests out and your loved ones in your yard, plus it doesn’t obstruct your view of your surroundings, which is ideal if you live in a beautiful area. Of course, it’s also a good idea if you live in an area that sees a lot of deer. For this project, you’re building the fence with black wire, wooden posts and a wooden frame.

Deer DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: simplyorganized

7. Horizontal DIY Privacy Fence

Does your home feature a small space that leads from the front yard to the backyard? What you need is a horizontal DIY privacy fence like this one by thecavenderdiary, as it puts that space to good use while maintaining your privacy. The fence features horizontal wood boards with a gate for entering and exiting your yard. With the extra privacy, you can turn that small space into a gardening area, reading nook or play area. The fence also allows you to store a few outdoor items in that space without putting them on display for everyone else.

Horizontal DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: thecavenderdiary

8. Screen-Style Privacy Fence

If you’re only looking for a small or temporary solution, consider a screen-style privacy fence like this one by buildsomething. You can place the screen around your preferred area when you need a little privacy, and you can move it to another location when you’re ready to open that area up. It’s easy to build and comes in handy in various scenarios. Use your privacy fence for reading, sun bathing or yoga, or you can let your children use it for play dates.

Screen-Style Privacy Fence
Image via: buildsomething

9. Horizontal DIY Wood Fence

For this project, you’re learning how to build a wood fence like this one by bloglovin out of horizontal wood boards. It features a solid structure for all your privacy and security needs. You can stain the wood to add a warm, stylish vibe to your exterior. One idea is to build the gate of your horizontal wood fence to the size of a door or taller, and then add your address numbers to the front. Here is another tip for aesthetic purposes: if you’re using metal posts on the exterior of your fence, you may want to cover the posts with cedar boards.

Horizontal DIY Wood Fence
DIY privacy fence image via: bloglovin.com

10. Marble DIY Privacy Fence

If you’re looking for an idea that stands out from the crowd, consider a marble privacy fence like this one by creatingreallyawesomefunthings. The marble fence is made with wooden boards, and you’re going to drill multiple holes in the boards for your marbles. You want to invest in marbles that add a little shine to your fence. Remember the marbles should be snug inside the holes to ensure they don’t fall out. When you’re finished, you’re going to have a unique, beautiful fence around your exterior.

Marble DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: creatingreallyawesomefunthings

11. 6-Foot DIY Privacy Fence

With these plans, you’re learning how to build a privacy fence by diypete that stands at 6 feet tall. You can build the fence around an area such as your garden, or you can build it around your entire yard. Building it around your yard is ideal if you have children and pets, or if you just want a little privacy for yourself. It gives you a peace of mind because your yard is secure from unwanted guests, plus your children and pets aren’t going to wander out of the yard. It’s going to take a bit of work to build a 6-foot privacy fence, but it’s worth it to create a peaceful, safe environment.

6-Foot DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: diypete

12. DIY Privacy Fence

You can build a DIY privacy fence like this one by extremehowto with treated wood for a durable option. The size of the fence is up to you, but a 6-foot tall fence is great for securing your property, all while blocking out any eyesores around your neighborhood. It also allows you to enjoy your backyard in peace, as you’re not worrying about any unwanted guests. If you want to add a little style to your privacy fence, consider a waterproof stain or sealer. It protects the wood while creating a gorgeous structure around your yard.

DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: extremehowto

13. Slat Wood Privacy Fence

As you can see, most plans are for a DIY wood fence, and this slat wood privacy fence by abeautifulmess is no exception. The small space between each slat is enough for you to peek through the fence, and it allows the sun to shine through if you’re placing it around your garden or deck. However, it stops unwanted guests from entering your yard, and once again, it keeps your children and pets inside your yard. You can even paint it white to resemble blinds, adding a little charm to your exterior.

Slat Wood Privacy Fence
Image via: abeautifulmess

14. Picket Wood Fence

There’s nothing more charming than a picket privacy fence like this one by blackanddecker around your exterior. You can buy pre-cut pickets or cut your own out of lumber. Even better, a white picket fence adds a “home sweet home” vibe to your property, so don’t be afraid to open a bucket of white paint. A picket fence is also a great idea if you want to maintain a little privacy while creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. When you’re finished building your fence, you’re going to have an adorable addition to your exterior.

Picket Wood Fence
Image via: blackanddecker

15. DIY Wood Fence

For this project, you’re learning how to build a wood fence with pressure-treated wood posts, wooden stakes and poured concrete. The concrete is going to hold the stakes in place. The wood panels are going to be horizontal, so while there may be gaps between the boards, you’re certainly going to have the privacy you desire. If you want to build a stylish fence, you can always stain the wood in a shade of your choice.

how to build a wood fence

16. DIY Wood Fence With Wire Mesh

If you liked the idea of a deer fence, you may want to build a wood fence like this one by homefixated with a wire mesh. The fence doesn’t obstruct your view with a solid structure, but it encourages your children and pets to stay inside the yard and others to stay out of it. It’s also ideal if you have farm animals that need to stay inside the yard. You’re going to start with a wooden rail fence, and then you’re going to add the wire mesh to your structure.

DIY Wood Fence With Wire Mesh
Image via: homefixated

17. DIY Patio Privacy Fence

Your patio is a place to relax, practice yoga or entertain guests, so it’s understandable to want a DIY privacy fence like this one by recyclart. You can build your fence with wood pallets from a previous project, or you can buy the pallets from a home improvement store. The fence is going to feature a mixture of horizontal and vertical pallets, which you can paint, stain or leave natural to match your exterior. One idea is to use a section of the fence for your vertical garden, as this can also increase your privacy.

DIY Patio Privacy Fence
Image via: recyclart

18. Garden Slat Wood Fence

If you’re looking for a way to display your garden, a garden slat fence may be the answer. This DIY garden fence by tarynwhiteaker is built using cedar boards and posts, and you’re going to use hooks to attach your planters to the slats. You can use each planter to display your own greenery. One idea is to use galvanized planters, as they’re sure to look adorable against your wooden fence. You can build the fence near your garden or home.

Garden Slat Wood Fence
DIY privacy fence image via: tarynwhiteaker.com

19. Shutter DIY Privacy Fence

You’re going to build this DIY privacy fence by newhousenewhomenewlife out of old window shutters, creating your own shutter privacy fence. Use old door hinges to attach the shutters together as a privacy screen, similar to the screen-style privacy fence. You can even paint the shutters in a color that matches your exterior or patio furniture. Another idea is to hang decor, such as flowers, from the shutters. When you’re finished, you have a portable privacy fence for your outdoor lounge, reading nook and meditation area.

Shutter DIY Privacy Fence
Image via: newhousenewhomenewlife

20. Lattice DIY Wood Fence

Here’s another set of plans for building a wood lattice privacy fence. The plans show you how to add a DIY wood fence like this one by checkinginwithchelsea to an existing patio with wood lattice panels and pressure-treated posts. It’s the ideal fence for patios or decks that are open for all to see, as it creates a visual barrier that offers more privacy. If you want to dress up your lattice fence, you can stain or paint it, or you can hang a few planters from the panels.

Lattice DIY Wood Fence
Image via: checkinginwithchelsea

21. DIY Privacy Fence With Panels

With this project, you’re going to be building a wood fence like this one by hgtv with panels. You can build several fence panels to place along your backyard or garden. The panels are designed to provide a private area without obstructing your view, as they’re not solid structures. Depending on your property, you may need to level the ground by pouring concrete into the holes and building supports out of lumber.

DIY Privacy Fence With Panels
Image via: hgtv


Whether you want to create an oasis, find a temporary solution or secure your yard, it’s not difficult to build a DIY privacy fence that meets your needs.

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