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45 DIY Hammock Stand and Hammocks to Build This Summer

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A backyard is not complete without a place to relax, and any one of these simple, inexpensive DIY hammock stand projects can help provide you with a relaxing retreat of your own.

One weekend of work will enable you to relax in style for many summers to come. Check out these 45 DIY hammock stands we found for you and get starting building your favorite one today.

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45 DIY Hammock Stand Projects

1- Sturdy DIY Hammock Stand

If you need a free standing hammock frame that can withstand active children, family pets and support the weight of a healthy adult, check this frame out.

This sturdy DIY hammock stand can support the weight of a family, plus it can semi-portable and can be moved. Enjoy the backyard with your family and get a little rest in a hammock attached to this tough and sturdy wooden frame.

Step by step detailed plans with a pictorial guide will enable you to build this diy hammock stand in just a few hours. Supplies and tools you need are 8′ decking boards, 4 = 6″ galvanized bolts,2 = 4″ eye bolts, tape measure, circular saw, Cordless drill. By instructables

DIY Hammock Stand

2- Wooden Stand and DIY Hammock

If you are going to create a homemade hammock take time to create a custom hammock to fit in the stand too.

At Second number, we have a free hammock plans that will walk you through the DIY building process of both the stand and the hammock. This sturdy hammock frame is strong enough to support the weight of an adult without buckling in on each end.

The DIY hammock is also strong and easy to create with the free instructions. Start creating something relaxing this weekend and enjoy the summer in your DIY hammock stand and homemade hammock. By diy.dunnlumber

DIY Hammock Stand

3- TurtleDog DIY Hammock Stand

Build a simple and practical diy hammock stand like we have in this plan with these step by step instructions. Supplies you need are bolts, fender washers, locknuts, snap links, fender washers, locknuts and pressure treated lumber. By hammockforums

TurtleDog DIY Hammock Stand

4- Pole Design DIY Hammock Stand

The instructions on this YouTube video will show you how to build a permanent pole frame for a hammock. It’s a strong and sturdy design that is quick to build. Get started on the building process in the morning and you can be resting in your new DIY Hammock hammock by the afternoon.

The simple design could also have a roof build on top to keep the sun exposer to a minimum during nap time.

5- Roof Rack DIY Hammock Stand

This DIY hammock stand goes wherever you go and never has to be unloaded. These hammock stand plans show you how to transform the roof of your car into an ideal location for a folding hammock stand.

The stand is securely attached to the roof rack of a vehicle and folds down flat for easy traveling. Any time and anywhere you need to take a break, your roof rack hammock can be unfolded and ready to use in minutes. Great for camping or road trips.

By imgur

Roof Rack DIY Hammock Stand

6- PVC DIY Hammock

Next we have a unique DIY hammock that is created from PVC pipe. The PVC pipes are easy to cut to size, and will provide a secure and strong platform on which to stretch out a relax. PVC pipe is maintenance free so it can be left out in all types of weather conditions.

By instructables

PVC Hammock

7- One Tree and One Pole

When you want to place a hammock between two trees in your backyard but the trees are too far apart, here is an ideal solution. To make this hammock, use one tree and one pole to create a shady retreat under the tree. Attach a couple of brackets to the pole for hanging flower baskets to complete the welcoming oasis. By seegirlsblog.blogspot.com

hammock between two trees in your backyard

8- Pergola DIY Hammock Stand

A little shade from the hot summer sun is a nice thing, and this easy pergola hammock stand provides some shade. An easy build when you follow these detailed hammock stand plans. By dfohome

pergola hammock stand

9- Three-Person DIY Hammock

Enjoy the closeness while still having your own personal hammock with this unique hammock stand design. One stand, three hammocks, great design for a family or small yard. By popularmechanics

pergola hammock stand

10- Wooden DIY Hammock Stand

These plans will enable you to on how to build an  hammock stand that is both attractive and sturdy. Not too big and not too small, this DIY hammock stand can also easy to move so you can always catch the best light no matter what time of days you get to relax.

By instructables

Wooden Hammock Stand

11- Garden Hammock Stand

Build this simple hammock stand and place it near your garden so you enjoy watching your plants grow. Lay back and enjoy the scenery while you snack on fresh produce from your backyard garden. By dreamhammock

Garden Hammock

12- Free Standing DIY Hammock Stand

Here’s just what a backyard needs to become an inviting retreat – a free standing hammock. Relax under a shade tree or move the hammock into the sunshine so you get a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Cost:$60. Skill Level: Intermediate. Time: 1 day.

By hunker

Free Standing Hammock

13- $40 Hammock Stand

Simple design, easy to build and easy on the budget. This sturdy and attractive wooden hammock stand can be built in one afternoon.

By kellyleighcreates

$40 Hammock Stand

14- Shaded 3-Person DIY Hammock Stand

Three people can rest easily in the shade if you build this DIY 3-person hammock stand. By theultimatehang

Shaded 3-Person DIY Hammock Stand

15- Rocking DIY Hammock Stand

Rest and rock in this unique rocking hammock stand design. Easy to build, fun to relax in and the rocking motion may help you fall asleep. By instructables

Rocking DIY Hammock Stand

16- DIY Tripod Hammock Stand

The outdoor beckons to us when there is an inviting hammock with stand awaiting us. Attractive and easy to build, follow these step-by-step pictures to create you own Tripot hammock stand.By hammockforums

DIY Tripod Hammock Stand

17- Portable Pipe DIY Hammock Stand

Lightweight and easy to move, this portable pipe stand for a hammock goes where you go. Easy assembly and inexpensive.

By theultimatehang

Portable Pipe Stand
DIY hammock stand image via: theultimatehang.com

18- DIY Video

Simple design and tutorial video will enable you to build this homemade hammock stand in one afternoon. This model is budget-friendly too, so there will be money leftover for your favorite ice cold beverage. By myoutdoorplans

homemade hammock stand

19- Shaded Homemade Hammock Stand

This DIY wooden hammock stand creates a shady hideaway for two. The rounded pergola-style roof over the hammock provides shade and the solid structure is well able to support a hammock built for two. By woodarchivist

Shaded Homemade Hammock Stand

20- Streamlined DIY Hammock Stand

This DIY hammock stand is streamlined and narrow so it will fit in a small outdoor space. To make all you need is, circular or handsaw, compound mitre saw, cordless drill, hammer, pencil, measuring tape or ruler.  This homemade hammock stand looks like a high end design and the wood can be painted to match outdoor decor. By bunnings

Streamlined DIY Hammock Stand

21- Roofed DIY Hammock Stand

Another pergola-style DIY hammock stand to give you shade and privacy. Permanent structure will provide your family with years of backyard relaxation. The detachable hammock can be removed and the pergola-style roof can provide shade for a picnic table or play area for small children, making this hammock stand a multi-purpose structure. By blackanddecker

Roofed DIY Hammock Stand

22- Two Post DIY Hammock

These detailed instructions show you how to make a hammock from two poles and some concrete. This is an easy and inexpensive way to create a relaxing oasis in your backyard. By h2obungalow

Two Post Hammock Stand

23- Smiling DIY Hammock Stand

This free standing hammock stand is curved to look like one gigantic smile. You can’t help but feel relaxed and happy when whiling away the summer hours in the smiling DIY hammock stand. By


smiling DIY hammock stand

24- Portable DIY Hammock Stand

Take this DIY hammock stand anywhere you go. The portable design folds up for compact storage or to fit easily in the back of a vehicle. Sturdy and secure, this wooden hammock stand will last for years.

25- Retractable Cover

This DIY hammock design has a retractable cover that will provide shade from sun or protection from a summer rain. This tri-pod wooden portable hammock stand can be folded and taken along on a camping trip. By bushcraftdays

tri-pod wooden portable hammock stand

26- 2×4 DIY Hammock Stand

This portable hammock stand is practical too. Created from 2×4 lumber, it’s inexpensive to build and secure to relax in.

By imgur

2x4 DIY Hammock Stand

Ideas To Make Your Own Durable Hammock

27- Duct Tape DIY Hammock

Duct tape is strong, durable and inexpensive. This DIY hammock is fashioned by weaving red, white and blue duct tape into a patriotic oblong swing. By handimania

Duct Tape DIY Hammock

28- Paracord DIY Hammock

Create this tree hammock by weaving strong, durable paracord into a comfortable hammock.

Easy to roll up and take along with you where the road may lead, this comfortable hammock is tied to two trees to provide a relaxing bed.

By instructables

Paracord DIY Hammock

29- Canvas Tree DIY Hammock

Tied between two trees on the bank of a river is a great place for this DIY hammock. Made from durable canvas fabric, this hammock will resist moisture and last for years. By themerrythought

Canvas Tree Hammock

30- Tie Dyed DIY Hammock

Attractive and easy to make, this tie dyed hammock is fun DIY project to do with kids. It also makes a great place for kids to hang out and enjoy the outdoors. Buy a fabric hammock, then follow the tie dye instructions for this idea. The finished portable tree hammock goes wherever you go. By


Tie Dyed DIY Hammock

31- Porch DIY Hammock

Use the wooden support posts of your porch to hold up your DIY hammock. Easy, fast and inexpensive, the hammock can be quickly taken down and put up as desired. Great for taking a nap on a summer afternoon. By littledogvintage

Porch DIY Hammock

32- Simple Tree DIY Hammock

Simple design, yet it serves the purpose with style. These instructions show you how to make this simple summer hammock that is supported by two trees. Easy, inexpensive and long-lasting relaxation. By designsponge

 Simple Tree Hammock

33- Grass DIY Hammock

This is an ingenious way to use leftover grass carpeting. Fashion a comfortable and durable DIY hammock from the grass carpeting. Designed to be weather-proof, the carpeting will last for years and the pile height will provide a comfortable hammock to lounge in.

By instructables

durable DIY hammock

34- DIY Hammock

Discover how to create a DIY hammock and stand with these step by step instructions that also includes inspiring pictures.

Select a sturdy home decor fabric in your favorite pattern or color to create the hammock. You don’t have to be an expert seamstress, just two small seams on each end of the fabric are all that need to be sewn.

Use a couple of tree straps on each end to secure the homemade hammock to two trees and you are ready to relax. Add come comfortable pillows and a side table and you can spend a summer afternoon relaxing in your hammock under the shade trees.

By missloviecreations

DIY hammock and stand
DIY Hammock Stand Image via: missloviecreations.blogspot

35- Sail Rope DIY Hammock

Follow this pictorial plan and weave your own DIY hammock from sturdy sail rope. You will need two 5-feet long wooden dowels and a skein of sail rope for this easy DIY project.

The wooden dowels keep the hammock open so it’s easy to get in and out of, also to keep it open so two people can enjoy a nap in the homemade hammock.

The weaving is simply a square knot tied in an alternating pattern from one end of the hammock to the other end. The photos make the knot-tying a simple DIY project. By design-milk

Sail Rope DIY Hammock

36- Add A DIY Hammock

There is space in any room of your home for a simple DIY hammock that is hand-tied or created from home decor fabric. And since it is a DIY project, you can make the hammock in any color you want to fit in with a monochromatic room color.

A DIY hammock can be taken down and put back up when needed, so it will take up almost zero space in the room when not in use. A hammock will increase the seating space and/or sleeping of your home and can be made very cheaply. By camillestyles

37- Foldable Hammock Stand

This wooden hammock stand is easy to build and easy to take with you for a relaxing trip to the beach or cabin. The foldable design also makes this DIY hammock stand easy to store when winter rolls around.

Follow these detailed instructions and use Douglas fir wood or cedar wood for this DIY project so the hammock frame will last for decades.

By familyhandyman

Foldable Hammock Stand

38- Indoor/Outdoor Hammock Stand

Sturdy and attractive, this free standing hammock can be used indoor or outdoors. The sturdy design makes this DIY project usable for creating extra sleeping space at a summer lake cabin or mountain retreat.

Use these free plans for building this homemade hammock frame and then enjoy a good rest in it. This comfortable and sturdy design just might become your favorite place to take a nap. By instructables

Indoor/Outdoor Hammock Stand

39- Cedar DIY Hammock Stand

Cedar is always a great choice of wood for a DIY building project. Long lasting, eye-appealing and fragrant, there’s nothing not to like about the cedar wood or the hammock idea. By theownerbuildernetwork


40- TeePee Style Hammock Stand

Each end of the DIY hammock stand resembles a teepee frame. The 3-pole design provides the frame with solid stability and it will last for years. The frame is lightweight and easy to move when needed.

This informative YouTube video will show you how to build stand so you can relax in your backyard.

41- Metal DIY Hammock Stand

This is a large, solid metal frame that is ideal for constructing in a wooded area where it will be out of the way. The sturdy design would make this a good project to build on a homestead or at a seasonal cabin.

The hammock can be used for relaxing during the day and as a bed at night. Ideal for use as a cozy hideaway when placed in the seclusion of some trees. Easy to follow YouTube instructions will take you through this build from start to finish so you can create this metal stand hammock for your own personal use.

42- DIY Portable Hammock Stand

Here’s a YouTube video that will show you how to build a Tensahedron hammock frame that can easily fold up and go wherever you go.

The metal frame is large and sturdy when unfolded, yet small enough to fit into a vehicle when it’s time to pack up and leave. Lightweight construction and easy assembly and disassembly make this a great hammock frame for campers and travelers.

Fold up this portable DIY hammock stand, place it in your vehicle and go wherever the road takes you.

43- Cheap Hammock Stand

A few dollars and a few 2x4s are all that is needed to build a sturdy wooden hammock stand. Follow the instructions of this YouTube video and build yourself a simple, yet supportive, frame for a comfortable hammock for under $35.

The cheap price and easy build will allow you to build more than one of these sturdy hammock stands so no one will take yours away. A relaxing and attractive spot in the backyard will be wanted by the entire family, so you had better build more than one of these cheap hammock stands so everyone in the family can have their own space.

44- Covered DIY Hammock Stand

We recommend this design to people who like to go car camping and travel light. This covered hammock is lightweight, portable and easy to pack into a car. The cover keeps you dry and covered anytime you want to take a nap while car camping.

Follow these YouTube video instructions and build this DIY hammock stand so on your next car camping trip you can sleep in a comfortable hammock.

45- DIY Turtledog Hammock Stand

The name is odd but the DIY hammock stand is safe and sturdy. The metal tripod legs support the hammock without the worry of collapse or tip-over.

Quick and easy to fold up so this hammock and stand are portable and ready to go when you are. Follow this detailed YouTube video for easy instructions on how to build a turtledog hammock stand.

Wraping Up!

Read a book, enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face, see the clouds, get a break from your work and relax while you are on camping with these easy to build diy hammock stands and sturdy enough to hold the weight of a healthy one! After going through these diy hammock stands projects we have discussed you can now build your own custom made hammock stand without spending a lot of money on commercially made stands. 

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