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30 Wall Painting Ideas-A Brilliant Way to Bring a Touch of Individuality

Wall painting ideas is one of the easiest and least expensive way to change the look of your home. By painting the interior walls you can set the mood of the room, let your personality shine through, add a touch of whimsy or formality. Look at these wall painting ideas for the home, then grab a paintbrush and paint and get ready to transform your home.

1- Chevron Pattern

This traditional wave called a Chevron Pattern is easy to accomplish and will look great wall paint design for any room.

Chevron Pattern

2- Futuristic

This design will transform boring bedroom wall paint into a modern and futuristic look.

bedroom wall paint

3- Space

The sky is the limit with these celestial wall painting images.

celestial wall painting images

4-Butterfly Image

Interior wall painting can be simple like this idea which adds one butterfly to the corner of a bedroom.

Butterfly Image

5- Office Trickery

Make a small office look bigger with painted images of books lined neatly on a shelf. Also the use of chalk board paint turns an ordinary wall into a chalkboard.

Office Trickery

6- Bright Stripes

Consider a striped wall paint idea to bright up any room of your home.

Bright Stripes

7- Geometric Pattern

Painting walls ideas don’t have to stop with straight lines, go with a geometric pattern for a bold statement.

Geometric Pattern

8- Kids Bedroom

Unique and fun wall paint idea perfect for a kids bedroom.

Kids Bedroom

9- Paint Images

Use paint to create wall painting images to showcase a unique design idea or your personal touch to any room.

Paint Images

10- Part Wall

The entire wall does not have to be painted to make a statement. Use this part-wall design as wall paintings for living room or dining to WOW your guests.

Part Wall

11- Skyline

Create a painted skyline in the bedroom that will double as a bed headboard with this paint design.

painted skyline in the bedroom

12- Hearts and Flowers

Make the room romantic with this unique paint design of hearts and flowers.

Hearts and Flowers

13- Gallery Elegance

A couple of horizontal stripes going around the room can make the wall art pop.

Gallery Elegance

14- Urban Rustic

This living room looks both urban and rustic at the same time, thanks to the usage of wall paint.

Urban Rustic

15- Nautical Twins

Chose a nautical wall paint theme and two twin beds for this delightful and fun kid’s bedroom.

Nautical Twins

16- Elegant Master Bathroom

Elegance, with a feeling of a lush retreat is the mood you will be setting with this wall paint idea for the master bathroom.

Elegant Master Bathroom

17- Statement Wall

Paint just one bedroom wall with this idea and make a statement.

Statement Wall

18- Colorful Stripes

You will never shy away from stripes after you see this colorful idea.

Colorful Stripes

19- Cool Wall Paint

Colorful circles in a random pattern make this wall paint a cool idea and use of space.

Cool Wall Paint

20- Night Light

Light up the night in your bedroom with bright circles on a black wall paint background.

Night Light

21- Wall Art

Use wall paint to create unique wall art that also double as a bed headboard.

Wall Art

22- Simple Designs

Simple is sometime better. Use these simple straight lines and circles to create a unique statement wall in your master bedroom.

statement wall

23-  3-D

Colorful and textural, this 3-D wall art design starts with wall paint and end with a bold statement.

3-D wall art

24- Living Room Color

Don’t be afraid of using a bold color in your living room, just look how great this red wall looks.

Living Room Color

25- Subtle Statement

Use this elegant idea for painting a subtle statement in any room of your home.

painting a subtle statement

26- Color Samples

Use the wall paint color samples as an inspiration for wall art with this unique idea.

paint color samples

27- Mix and Match

Mix flat paint with textured rocks and you’ll get a look that is anything but boring. Let this design idea inspire you to use more that one wall texture in a room.

flat paint with textured rocks

28- Kids Color

Colorful, fun and practical. Use bright colors in a kids room for fun and education.

Child room

29- Spotlight

Use a bright paint color in just one area of a room to shine a spotlight on an object.

bright paint color

30- Shiny Decor

Add a touch of shine to a child’s room with this light-reflecting painted wall art idea.

painted wall art idea

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