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20 DIY Bed Frames That Will Give You A Comfortable Sleep

Creating your own DIY bed frame is the only way to get the exact bedroom look you want and have a one-of-kind frame. Building a bed frame is easier than you might think, and it only requires minimal tools and materials. Look through these 20 unique bed frame ideas and be inspired to create a bed that is as unique as you are.

  1. DIY Floating Bed

A diy floating bed with clean lines is minimalistic in appearance, yet it makes a bold room statement.

DIY Floating Bed

  1. DIY Queen Bed Frame

Simple elegance that will enhance the look of any room and provide you with a good night’s sleep with this diy queen bed frame.

DIY Queen Bed Frame

  1. Tongue and Groove Planks

Tongue and groove planks can be purchased at any home improvement store and snap together for a strong fit and smooth, finished look.

Tongue and Groove Planks

  1. Shabby Chic

These plans for a shabby chic wood DIY king bed frame will build you a lot of bed for a little money.

DIY king bed frame

  1. Full Size Farmhouse Bed

A reminder of days gone by, these bed frame plans will inspire you to bed a modern farmhouse bed.

Farmhouse Bed

  1. Drawer Storage

Everyone can use more storage and this full size platform bed provides plenty of storage in addition to a beautiful place to sleep.

full size platform bed

  1. Lighted Herringbone Bed Frame

Here’s a dramatic piece of furniture with a lighted alcove and secret door. The herring bone pattern is easy to create with these easy plans.

Lighted Herringbone Bed Frame

  1. Teenager Perfect

Here is a bed frame design that is sure to please the teenager in your family. Simple DIY platform bed frame has a large diy headboard that is easy to decorate to please your teen. These plans can also be used to build a wooden pallet bed.

Teenager bed frame design

  1. Lighted Floating Bed Frame

Your friends will stand in awe at this unique bed frame that floats in the middle of the room and has lights under it. Use theses plans and make your own bed frame.

Lighted Floating Bed Frame

  1. King Size Platform Bed

Masculine and massive, these easy to follow instructions will have you sleeping in king-sized comfort and splendor in no time.

King Size Platform Bed

  1. Child’s Boat Bed

Ahoy maties! These plans will allow you to build a fun boat bed frame with hidden compartments so your child can be the captain of his own boat.

boat bed frame

  1. Upholstered Bed

Stylish and elegant, learn how to build your own upholstered bed frame with these easy to follow instructions.

Upholstered Bed Frame

  1. Low Platform Bed

If a low bed is what you need, these plans will show you how to build a chic and modern-looking low platform bed.

Low Platform Bed

  1. Cheap and Functional

If money is tight and you just need a comfortable bed frame, these plans are for you. Build this frame in one afternoon.

comfortable bed frame

  1. Pipe Bed Frame

Simple to build and easy to take apart for moving. Use metal plumbing pipes and elbow joints to create this modern pipe bed frame.

Pipe Bed Frame

  1. Faux Bed Frame

Not really a bed frame, but it gives the appearance of a frame and can be built quickly and cheaply. No one will know but you.

Faux Bed Frame

  1. Clean Line Drawers

The storage drawers are there, you just don’t see, them. The clean lines of this bed frame hide the drawers and give a modern look and plenty of storage.

Clean Line Drawers

  1. Decorative Bed Frame

This lovely design is easy to build to any size bed frame with this complete instructions and materials-needed list. Paint the wood white so it can be at home in the master bedroom, guest room or child’s room.

Decorative Bed Frame

  1. DIY Pallet Bed

Use new lumber and reclaimed pallet wood to create this unique diy pallet bed frame. The tall, lighted headboard will make a statement in any room.

DIY Pallet Bed

  1. Lighted and Wooden

Solid and dark, this bed frame has lights to balance the look and make it suitable for anyone’s bedroom.

bed frame has lights

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