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20 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Cabinets-Simple Do It Yourself Ideas

When your kitchen needs an update and you have tight budget, these diy kitchen cabinets will make refacing an easy job.

1: Plywood Cabinets

Are you looking forward to some fun-filled kitchen renovation activity? If yes, check out the Ana White vintage frame cabinets, which would absolutely increase the appeal of your kitchen. Of course, I need of having items placed is going to be fulfilled anyway.

Face Frame Base Kitchen Cabinet Carcass

2: Shiplap Wall Cabinets

How to build kitchen cabinets? This is a widespread question, so we decided to ease your hassle. This is just a matter of proper cutting of wooden slabs and joining them with accuracy to get a big wall cabinet, fulfilling the kitchen storage needs. You need to know the right process and the equipment needed for the completion, and you are done!

Shiplap wall cabinets

3: Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

Are you frustrated because your DIY kitchen cabinets lack proper space? Well, this simple diy kitchen storage plan would help you in storing larger objects. Don’t worry; you would not be damaging the existing cabinets, since you would be installing the sliding shelves, readily available in the market.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

4: Wooden Pull Out Kitchen Shelve

This is one of the finest diy Kitchen cabinet ideas – simply insert a movable wooden shelf in the cabinet so that you can keep your bigger crockery items on it. It helps in keeping the cabinet clean, and also keeps the crockery safe.

Wooden Pull out Kitchen Shelve

5:Pull Out Drawer Kitchen Cabinet

This plan is ideal for those who have thin but taller cabinets. Diy kitchen plans can be fun, if you have patience to bear with the work and energy involved in the process. By fixing two equal size wooden shelves with siding hinges on the end, you can use the cabinet space easily. See, how ana-white drawer plan can be of best help to you.

Pull Out Under Cabinets Drawer1
6: Under-Cabinet Drawers – $150 plan

Building kitchen cabinets over weekend can be fun filled activity for you and your spouse. You can easily squeeze a lot of space for placing smaller items; all you have to do is install toe-kick drawer under the cabinet. You have to slip these drawers and fix them with screws, under the desired cabinets.

Pull Out Under Cabinets Drawer

7: Lower Cabinet Rollouts – $100 plan

Thinking of how to make kitchen cabinets spacious so that you can have better storage spacious? If you have half empty base drawers, vertical rollouts would be effective way to use the extra space and fulfill your storage needs.

Lower Cabinet Rollouts - $100 plan

8: Pie Safe Cabinet Décor

DIY painting kitchen cabinets can abruptly surge the appeal of your kitchen space. So, what are you waiting for then? Look for the cabinets which require some sort of efforts for beautification. See here how pie safe can be helpful in turning the old boring cabinet into much smarter one.

Pie Safe Cabinet Décor

9: Cabinet Top Shelves

You are certainly going to love this DIY kitchen cupboard plan – if your kitchen cabinets have some extra space above them, you can utilize it to create eye catching display. All you need is some basic carpentry knowledge, and you would be done in a day.

Cabinet Top Shelves

10: DIY Plate Rack

Ever thought you can have plates organizer made from an old cabinet lying in your garage? Yes, you can actually do that without much hassle. See the full tutorial for diy kitchen in order to know how you can get enough space that you can use the top area for keeping other items.


11: Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Are you looking for some high quality and reliable cabinet doors? Check here, Ana-white’s recommendations on how you can get desired doors at best price.

Kitchen Cabinet doors

12: Kitchen Cabinet Updates

Looking for ideas on how you can update the old or ugly looking kitchen cabinets? See this wonderful DIY plan and learn how well you can play with paints, trims and semi-opened shelves for the decoration purposes.

Kitchen Cabinet Updates

13: Cabinet Leveling

You have had enough information about various DIY kitchen cabinet plans; however, this plan takes you one step ahead. Once you have installed the cabinets, you need to level them so that they get professional appeal. You can get some handy tips here.

Cabinet Leveling

14: Glass Cabinet Doors

If you have old wooden or any other type of boring cabinets in your kitchen space, it’s time for a quick makeover. Though the makeover might take some time and yes, carpentry skills are needed too, but it would create a huge impact. You have to remove the center panel, add the glass in there and install the cabinets again.

Tutorial at confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Glass Cabinet Doors

15: Wooden DIY Cabinets For Kitchen

Wooden furniture never loses its appeal. Over the time even it retains the elegance and coziness, however, it’s expensive so many of us fail to décor our houses with it. Don’t worry; here is a perfect plan through which you can easily make your own kitchen cabinets. Step by step details are available so that you can complete the process with ease.

Wooden DIY Cabinets For Kitchen

16: Carcase Cabinets

This plan allows you to make a basic cabinet with two space slabs, where you can keep the necessary items.

Carcase Cabinets

17: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh paint or some related décor can certainly hide all the ugliness your kitchen cabinets possess. However, it might not be as simple as it seems, so follow the expert instructions for successful completion.

Painting kitchen cabinets

18: Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

If your kitchen cabinet hinges lose a lot of times and don’t want a carpenter to come and fix them, learn the simple technique and do it at your own.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

19: Cabinet For Dishes

Follow this idea to ease your life – not only you can stack your dishes, but hang them. This would ultimately double your storage space in the kitchen.

Cabinet For Dishes

20: DIY Kitchen Painted Cabinets

You have not undergone any renovations for a long time? If you are worried for how to refresh your kitchen cabinets to new look, here are a few ideas that would be of great help to you. Paint your cabinets now and that even at zero outsourcing cost.

DIY Kitchen Painted Cabinets

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