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DIY Air Freshener

20+ DIY Air Fresheners-Give Your Home A Refreshing Scent

A DIY air freshener will keep your home deodorized and smelling fresh continuously without costing you a lot of money. Commercial air freshener sprays are often priced high and filled with chemicals that you would not want around your kids or pets. An air freshener for the home is a simple DIY project and will leave you with money in your pocket and no added chemicals inside your home. Check out these 20+ natural homemade air fresheners to find the scent that you like best and keep your home smelling great with some of the best air fresheners that you create yourself.

  1.  Spiced Citrus Pomanders

This simple to make DIY air freshener will make your home smell like the Holiday season year around. Whole cloves poked into oranges or lemons and suspended by a colorful ribbon are as pretty as they are  functional.

DIY air freshener

  1.  Essential Oil Room Spray

Your favorite scent in a bottle for use throughout your home. That’s an ideal diy air freshener and it’s so easy to make with this three ingredient recipe.

Essential Oil Room Spray

  1.  Rice and Oil DIY Air Freshener

This is a perfect bathroom air freshener and you can make it in less than two minutes. Just place a little rice in a decorative bowl, drizzle a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and viola! A perfect air deodorizer for a small room.

Rice and Oil DIY Air Freshener

  1. Coffee Scent DIY Air Freshners

Start with these housecleaning tips, then brew yourself a cup of fresh coffee to get the house smelling great. If the aroma of coffee is not to your liking, try eucalyptus leaves.

Tutorial : Instructables.com

Coffee Scent DIY Air Freshners

  1. Scented Wood DIY Air Freshener 

Follow these DIY instructions to created scented wood cubes for a refreshing scent in any room of your home.

Scented Wood DIY Air Freshener 

  1. DIY Reed Diffuser

Make your own attractive reed diffusers to freshen the air inside your home. Just a few ingredients and five minutes of your time will keep your home smelling good for weeks.

DIY Reed Diffuser

  1. Orange Peel Candle

Before tossing that orange peel into the compost bin, use this neat idea to create an orange peel candle. You probably already have the ingredients in the kitchen to create this natural air freshener.

Orange Peel Candle

  1. Gel DIY Air Fresheners

Great for home, car or camper,, these easy to make gel air fresheners fit in anywhere. Use these easy to follow instructions on how to make air freshener gels and get your surroundings smelling great today.

Gel DIY Air Fresheners

  1. Spring Simmer

This DIY air freshener will have your home smelling like spring no matter what season of the year it is!

A few fresh ingredients and a pan is all you need.

DIY air freshener

  1. Smell Great Decor

Smells as good as it looks – a easy to make cinnamon candle. Wrap a pillar candle with cinnamon sticks with these easy instructions. You may also like diy candle holders.

cinamon candle

  1. DIY Air Freshener Pouch

Create these small, but powerful, non toxic air freshener pouches that can be placed in drawers, closets, cars or anywhere else that a little fresh fragrance is needed.

DIY Air Freshener Pouch

  1. DIY Potpourri Air Freshener

Who doesn’t love a bowl of fragrant potpourri setting around? Make your own color and fragrance with these DIY instructions.

DIY Potpourri Air Freshener

  1. Stove Top Potpourri

Easy to make and fragrant to smell. This recipe for stove top potpourri will have your home smelling great in no time.

Stove Top Potpourri

  1. Baking Soda DIY Air Freshener

A quarter cup of all natural baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil will freshener the air in any room of the home. Place mixture in an attractive jar and create a room decor item in addition to effective air freshener.

Baking Soda DIY Air Freshener

  1. Bathroom Spray

This recipe will create a highly effective air deodorizing spray that will remove those unpleasant lingering odors that manifest in the bathroom.

air deodorizing spray

  1. Natural Deodorizing Spray

Here is another natural spray that is effective for those smelly locations in your home. Great for use in a closet or mud room where stinky shoe odors are a problem.

Natural Deodorizing Spray

  1. Fabric Refresher

Safe, non toxic spray refreshes all those fabric surfaces in your home. Perfect for removing odors from curtains and upholstered furniture.

Fabric Refresher

  1. DIY Home Humidifier

Add fragrance and humidity to the inside air of your home at the same time with this simple recipe for a DIY home humidifier.

All Natural Deodorizing Spray

  1. Make and Share

Use this DIY idea to make natural air fresheners for your own use and some to share. Attractive and effective air fresheners are easy and inexpensive to make.

natural air freshener

  1. Cinnamon Pumpkin Candles

These cinnamon pumpkin candles are easy to make and will fill your home with the fragrance of the Holidays.

Cinnamon Pumpkin Candles

  1. Scented Oil Plug-in

Stop spending so much money on those fragrant store-bought oil plug-ins with this simple idea. Make you own plug-in refills in a fragrance you like.

Scented Oil Plug-in

  1. Slow Cooker Homemade Air Freshener

Don’t let your slow cooker sit on the kitchen counter as an idle appliance, put it to use freshening the air of your home with this unique idea. Here you will also find so many recipes for homemade air fresheners.

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