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20 Stunning DIY Fire Pits You Can Build Easily

Build a cozy and warm place in your backyard or patio by building your own diy fire pit. Invite your friends and family on a cool evening and enjoy this outdoor gathering place.

1-Simplest DIY Fire Pit Idea

This diy fire pit idea will just amaze you with its simplicity and you will repent not finding so simple way of having a fire pit earlier in your life. You will need nothing more than bricks, stone pavers or some other non-flammable brick-like structure.

Here are step by step instructions to build this diy fire pit.

Step one– Choose the place and specify the dimensions of fire pit. But it should be 25 feet away from structures or overhanging trees.
Step two– Mark the center of fire pit with a stake and then tie one end of string with it and other one with spray paint.
Step three– Outline the circle of fire pit with spray paint.
Step four– Dig out the hole few inch deep and place some stones at the border of circle.
Step five– Insert some sand and gravel to make a layer of several inch to prevent fire embers from burning into the ground.
Step six– Now the fire pit is ready. Bring some chairs and roasting sticks and invite your friends for a warm evening.

Simplest DIY Backyard Fir Pit Idea

2- DIY Fire Pit Idea Using Concrete Tree Rings

This is also one of the most convenient outdoor fire pit ideas to have up your sleeves. There are many neighborhoods where campfires need to be confined to some sort of containment systems, leaving room for only small and controlled fires that are easy to extinguish with minimal embers and sparks left behind. This DIY tutorial by instructables will look Godsend to you under such circumstances and the good news is that it won’t cost you much more than $50 to $60.

Here are brief instructions to build this fire pit.

Step one– Find out fine level area in your yard and create a circle of three inch diameter.
Step two– Construct the inner ring of 14″.
Step three– Adding an outer ring of 24″ diameter.
Step four– Fill the space between out and inner ring with small stones.
Step five– Install the Weber grill into the inner pit.
Step six– Now light up and enjoy your fire pit.

DIY Fire Pit Idea Using Concrete Tree Rings

3- Amazing DIY Outdoor Fire Place

Do you mind listening to a readhead? Well, you need to listen to this one at least, who is ready to help you build your own outdoor fire place even if you have little money or little experience in doing this sort of stuff.

Amazing DIY Outdoor Fire Place

4- Outdoor Stone Fire Pit

Here is yet another fine idea with all DIY details if you were looking to spare only a little of your time and money (perhaps!). Don’t worry if you don’t like much to read. You won’t have to, because this homemade fire pit tutorial by diynetwork also hosts videos to help you better in your endeavor.

Outdoor Stone Fire Pit

5- DIY Gas Fire Pit Idea

Here is another DIY fire pit idea for you, but a slightly different one, because this one burns on propane. The best part is that it is much more portable than some of the more conventional types of fire pits. WcWelding is where you will find how to get one like this in your backyard.

DIY Gas Fire Pit Idea

6- DIY Patio Fire Pit

How to nest for less are here with another wonderful DIY Fire Pit Idea that not only costs you very low, but also takes no more than 30 minutes of your time.

DIY Patio Fire Pit

7- Personal Homemade Fire Pit

If you are wondering about its name, you will get to know exactly why it is named so once you get it finished; homemade, personal and really cheap ….. nothing more to ask for. The art of doing stuff bring this fabulous idea to you.

Here are short instructions to build this patio fire pit.

Step one– To get started, bought Living Accents 35 inch round fire pit.
Step two– Open the box and take cover from it. Now start laying your retaining wall blocks tightly around it.
Step three– For a 35″ bowl you will need 15 stones.
Step four– Now remove the cover and start laying the second row on the first one.
Step five– Now add third layer of retaining wall stone again staggering.
Step six– Remove the brackets underneath the lip of bowl. This will help to fit the bowl well above the third layer of stones.
Step seven– Insert the fire pit bowl inside the ring of stones.
Step Eight– Place fire pit cover on the top.
Step nine– Fill the gap between natural retaining wall rock.

Personal Homemade Fire Pit

8- Just Another Backyard Fire Pit

So, here it is …….. just another one of those super awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas. This time around, it is THE BRICK HOUSE that shares the idea with you, so three cheers to them!

Just Another Backyard Fire Pit

9- Ultra-retro Garden Fire Pit

You better not raise your eyebrows on its name, because this thing will really turn your garden into a retro space to have fun time with your friends and families. Everyone needs to thank This Old House to share this with us.

Ultra-retro Garden Fire Pit

10- Your Own Fire Pit

Instructables are here again to help you build and boast of your own homemade fire pit. Just follow the tutorial well and invite your family and friends for a pleasant surprise.

 Your Own Fire Pit

11- Build it Like a Pro

It’s quite simple, if you want to build it like a pro, you need to put some serious time and money of yours (around $500 tops!). And for pro assistance, you have got none other than The Family Handyman.

Build it Like a Pro

12- Stacked Stone Fire Pit

Surely, it’s not an easy thing to build for yourself, but see how wonderful it looks in your garden when done, especially with that old beer barrel serving as firewood storage. And you get such cool homemade fire pit ideas by no one other than houzz.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

13- Easy DIY Fire Pit Idea

And if you were looking for an easy fire pit idea, natalme are more than ready to share one with you here.

Easy DIY Fire Pit Idea

14- Real Backyard Fire Pit Idea

Tools 2 Tiaras is the place to look forward to a serious backyard project for your DIY fire pit.

Real Backyard Fire Pit Idea

15- Eco-friendly Outdoor Fire Place

If you were concerned with eco-friendliness of all the DIY ideas mentioned previously, fine Craft Guild are eager to help you with environment friendly version of fire pits here.

Square Fire Pit Idea

16- Square Fire Pit Idea

If round is not your preferred way to go around and you are strictly looking to have a square one for your outdoor space, Goods Home Design have got exactly what you need as a DIY project for your backyard.

Square Fire Pit Idea

17- DIY Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

If you have ample time and space, you might also try this concrete version by ehow. It will surely turn into an outdoor centerpiece for your garden.

DIY Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

18- An Ingenious Outdoor Fire Pit

Do you have an old washing machine drum rotting down your garage? Can you spare around $10 and an hour of your time? Well, you would consider yourself lucky if you did so. Apartment Therapy just bring forth an ingenious pocket and time friendly fire pit idea for your backyard. This is how convenient you can make your life with a little bit of creativity and willingness to work!

An Ingenious Outdoor Fire Pit

19- Fire Pit with a Seating Area

This one might require some serious effort and time from you, but you will be amazed with joy on how it turns your backyard into a place of fun and admiration not only among your family and friends, but across the whole neighborhood. Earth bag Building deserve applause for sharing this with us.

Fire Pit with a Seating Area

20- Some more DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Before closing, we thought to present you with some more DIY ideas to turn your backyards into cozy places where your family and friends would love to spend some quality time together. Moderustic is the place to get your hands on these wonderful DIY ideas also including a DIY Gas Fire Pit idea.

Some more DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Hope every single one of you finds the inspiration and motivation to add to the beauty and convenience of your homes with the lovely ideas that we have presented here. And show no hesitation in sharing some of your own ideas and experiences with us as well

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