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DIY Gas Fire Pit

17 DIY Gas Fire Pit To Enjoy Time In Your Backyard

A DIY gas fire pit is a great addition to any backyard. It will make your time spent outside much more enjoyable by lighting up the night and keeping you warm on a chilly evening. An outdoor gas fire pit will also add value to your home because it’s a desirable and functional amenity.

Building a DIY gas fire pit will add personal style to your backyard living space and extend your outdoor season. It will also improve the ambiance and is a safer alternative to wood-burning fire pits. You won’t have to chop wood to enjoy a warm, cozy fire on a chilly night if you have a gas fire pit. This type of fire pit is easy to turn on and easy to turn off by simply turning the knob or flipping a switch.

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Check out these 17 DIY gas fire pit ideas to find one that will look perfect in your backyard.

1- Gas Fire Pit Table

This amazing looking DIY gas fire pit table will be the focal point of your backyard when you build it.

This instructional YouTube video will show you how to build this fire pit table that has stack rock sides and a smooth granite table top. The fire is in the center and looks amazing coming up from the colorful lava rocks.

Enjoy your nights outdoors around this table while you eat, drink, and watch the stars. Build it for use on your deck so you will be able to extend your outdoor season. The warmth and light from the fire will enable you to be outdoors on the deck even if there is snow on the ground.

Imagine having a hot tub on the deck alongside this fire pit table! A perfect pair for unwinding and relieving stress at the end of a long workday.

2- Natural Gas Fire Pit

Building a natural gas fire pit has never been easier! This detailed YouTube video will provide you with step-by-step instructions for building an affordable gas fire pit to enjoy in your backyard. You can also modify the DIY project to work with liquid propane.

The landscaping stones allow you to make the fire pit as large or small as you want it. Add colorful lava rocks or fire glass to add to the ambiance of the night as the fire burns.

Use the DIY gas fire pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows for the kids while you enjoy a beverage and watch the stars in the sky.

Being outdoors is an excellent way to destress and a homemade gas fire pit will enable you to spend time outdoors from early spring until early winter. In climates that have mild winters, you will be able to enjoy being outdoors by the fire year-round.

3- Metal Ring Fire Pit

It all starts with a large metal ring and everything else is built around it to create this DIY gas fire pit.

This stationary fire pit is safe to use and safe for a backyard that has small children and pets. The fire will be contained by the central metal ring and the landscape blocks that surround the outside keep kids and pets a safe distance from the fire. The landscape blocks add a decorative element to the fire pit and make roasting marshmallows easy.

This metal ring fire pit is easy to customize and add on too. You can create seating and/or a flat surface for food and drink that connects to the landscape blocks. Follow these detailed instructions for building one for your backyard this weekend.

DIY gas fire pit

4- Custom Gas Fire Pit Table

Having a gas fire pit will make spending time outdoors more enjoyable for the entire family.

These detailed plans will show you how to make a gas fire pit to the exact size and shape you need.

Whether you want to build a gas fire pit for your deck or backyard, this gas fire pit idea will show you how to customize it. Make one for a small or large deck, small or large backyard, it’s easy to customize with these free plans.

The fire pit is surrounded by concrete landscaping blocks and they can be stacked to any shape you want. Oblong, round, square, oval, L-shaped, or organic, whatever shape you want to create is easy to do with these concrete blocks.

You can also stack the blocks as high as you would like. Make the DIY gas fire pit easy to sit around or make it taller so people will stand around the fire and socialize.

Custom Gas Fire Pit Table

5- Cozy Gathering Space

Check out this gas fire pit idea that will show you how to create a cozy gathering space for family and friends.

The stone sided DIY gas fire pit is in the center of the space and surrounded with DIY bench seating made from the same building materials. Perfect for gathering around the warm fire and sharing a laugh with the people you love.

These detailed instructions will teach you about proper sizing, ventilation, and safety so you can build a safe fire pit that will last for decades.

Cozy Gathering Space

6- Covered Fire Pit Table

Gas fire pits are trendy right now and they can transform a boring backyard into a favorite family gathering place.

Check out these free ideas and plans so you can start building a cozy, attractive, and functional DIY gas fire pit for your backyard.

Covered Gase Fire Pit Table

7- Round Fire Pit Table

Everybody gathers around the round gas fire pit table! It’s lovely and functional, and the round shape makes it ideal for use in a small space.

The flat top surface of this custom concrete DIY gas fire pit table will provide the perfect space to set plates and drinking glasses while you enjoy the light of the fire. The top surface is wide enough to keep away curious little hands and protect small kids from getting burned.

Ideal for your backyard deck or patio, watch this YouTube video for all the building details.

8- Large Gas Fire Pit

If you have a large backyard and want to build some custom accessories for it, start with this large DIY gas fire pit.

This will make a great place for the family to gather around and enjoy the dancing flames of fire that will light up the night. If you have a backyard pool (or plan to build one) a large fire pit will help everyone get warmed up and dried off after a swim.

The stackable concrete landscape blocks allow you to customize the size and height of the gas fire pit so it will fit your space perfectly. Add some colorful reflective fire glass on top of the lava rock that will create flames in various colors when the fire is burning.

Large Gas Fire Pit

9- Table Top DIY Gas Fire Pit

We have looked at gas fire pit table ideas, now let’s look at a small table top gas fire pit idea.

This small DIY table top gas fire pit is ideal for people who live in an apartment or condo. The fire pit sits on top of a table and creates mood lighting and warmth for an evening sitting on the balcony.

Light the fire and enjoy watching the sun set and the stars shine while the lights of the city begin to twinkle in the darkness. The gas components are cleverly hidden inside of a decorative plant pot to make the DIY fire pit both functional and attractive.

Table Top DIY Gas Fire Pit

10- Natural Gas Fire Pit

No backyard renovation would be complete without a fire pit and this YouTube video will show you how to build one.

This plan will show you how to build a natural gas fire pit that will blend in perfectly with your new or old backyard decor. Make this fire pit the central focal point of your backyard so it will be used throughout the year.

11- Fire Glass And Flames

Learn how to build a functional and beautiful DIY gas fire pit by watching this YouTube video.

The simple round design is achieved by stacking concrete block pavers. The size can be customized to fit your backyard space. The colorful fire glass is what will really light up the night when you light the flames.

The simple round shape of the fire pit won’t be noticed when the flames are dancing and creating different colors in the dark of night. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance that this fire pit can provide in your backyard.

12- Whiskey Barrel Fire Pit Table

A wooden whiskey barrel hides all the gas components so all you see is beauty when you look at this DIY gas fire pit table.

A round wood table top sits on top of the whiskey barrel and the fire is contained in the center of the table. This is perfect for a small patio, deck, or backyard space. This building process is quick and easy since you don’t have to build the whiskey barrel.

Check out the free plans on this YouTube video to see if this whiskey barrel fire pit table is right for your backyard space.

13- Geometric Table Top Fire Pit

This is an attractive idea to use with a small table top gas fire pit. Follow these free plans to create an attractive geometric wood table to place the fire pit on.

The wood table will hide the gas components and provide a decorative piece of furniture for your backyard patio or deck. The table top also has plenty of room to place cups or glasses on so you will have a place to sit your drink.

Paint or stain the wood to match your home’s decor and you will have a custom piece of furniture and a DIY gas fire pit in one.

Geometric Table Top Fire Pit

14- Stone Fire Pit

These informative building plans will answer all the questions that you may have regarding building a DIY gas fire pit. Plans for how to build a gas fire pit from stones are also included.

These plans will help you find the perfect location and the perfect type of gas fire pit for your backyard. The right height, size, location, and building materials will make all the difference in how much you will enjoy your new gas fire pit.

Stone Fire Pit

15- DIY Gas Fire Pit Table

This is such a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture! All your friends will be wanting you to build a DIY gas fire pit table like this one for them too! Watch this YouTube video for all the building instructions.

Plenty of room around the table for everyone to gather for food and drinks, and plenty of room in the center for a warm fire. Stay warm and enjoy your backyard for most of the year with this attractive fire pit table.

16- Install A Gas Fire Pit

This is perfect for a stone patio and it’s quick to build. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to install a DIY gas fire pit on a stone paver patio.

The fire pit is surrounded with stone pavers so it blends in well with the existing patio. Since the foundation for the fire pit is already in place, the DIY project is quick to complete and costs very little.

This is a great little fire pit to gather around with family and friends on a chilly fall evening and enjoy a cup of warm apple cider. Bring the family closer together by building a central gathering spot like this gas fire pit.

17- Fire Table Pit

The sleek modern design of the fire table pit is ideal for a patio of a newly constructed home.

The white washed wood covering for the gas components is topped with a concrete slab. In the center of the concrete slab is the fire pit and it’s surrounded by clear fire glass for ambiance and safety.

This design is safe for a family with young kids because the fire glass will prevent little hands from touching the flames. Plenty of flat surface space to sit your drink or to prop your feet up after a long day.

Watch this YouTube video to get all the detailed building instructions for this DIY gas fire pit table.

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