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small living room decorating ideas

15 Fascinating Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to put in efforts and make the living space eye soothing. Space does not and should not restrict your efforts when it comes to decorating your house. The excerpt will tell you about beautiful and simple small living room decorating ideas that you can apply in your home setting without spending a lot.

1- Light but Bright

It may sound a bit weird to you, but you can manage to go crazy here. You can add white sofas while keeping the pillows, painting and decoration stuff bright. In this case, orange and blue is the sexiest combination to add life to your small living room. Don’t forget to add some lamps and big paintings on the wall for classic appeal.

Light but Bright living room

2- Divine Green

If you have some love hidden love for nature and cozy atmosphere, this theme is ideal for small living room design. Keep the walls, mats and the windows white, contrasting sofas and matching textured pillows will do the wonders for you. Center and side glass table along with modern decorating items would further elaborate on the beauty.

Divine Green living room

3- Wooden Fantasy

If you have done a lot with contemporary looks, this time try the exquisite type forest feel for your small living room decoration. Get the wall wooden textured (painted or wall papers); place matching light brown shade sofas or bean bags as per your wish. Look or fancy but small jute material table for center setting. Add light green cushions, and paintings so that look can be completed.

contemporary looks living room

4- Earthy Green

I would say this is one of “Hip” decorating small living rooms plans. The main theme remains half white, while add-on is earthy green. For example, floor should be greenish, and you must add some real plants within the setting. The cushions used here have special bird design to make it chic. Trust me, it looks really cool!

decorating small living rooms

5- Elegant Inn Small Living Room Decor

Grey walls and tables with white sofas and lamp settings would make your living rooms simply breathtaking. Don’t forget to add the matching cushions and over-sized painting or glass decors to make it even amazing.

Elegant Inn small living room decor

6- Artful Yellow

Keeping the walls and the cupboards nude (preferably half white or light gold), same hued sofas and curtains, you can achieve a super cool look for your small living room. Add some pseudo or real plants and a bright yellow chair to complete the look.

Artful Yellow small living room ideas

7- Extravagance Appeal

White walls with combination of grey sofas and pink cushion and mats would elevate your living room’s appeal to a next level. Add a fancy over sized light and add some small plants on the table; people would die to be your guest.

small livingroom with Extravagance Appeal

8- Contemporary Delight

Looking for contemporary small living room decorating idea? This one is going to rock your mind – based on combination of dull yellow and half white, you can achieve a breath taking ambiance. If you are fond of book or collectibles, this plan is going to make your adobe absolutely gorgeous.

contemporary living room decorating idea

9- Keep It Simple

If you don’t want to keep it a big seating, you can place one sofa and add fancy small tables. The theme is simple and less costly. Don’t forget to add fresh leaves or other planters for add fresh appeal.

Simple living room design

10- Elegant Adobe

If you want to use the living room as guest inn, you must follow this theme. It’s cluttered, contains proper seating and small tables. You can use a big cupboard towards one side and place expensive collectibles there.

living room as guest inn

11- Browns and Whites

Looking for gorgeous small living room decorating ideas so that you can create a mesmerizing décor? This one looks modern and spacious, perfect for those who want to have spacious looks. Brown and white always look good together. Add colored cushions and accessories to add life to seating.


12- Simple and Sweet

If what you are looking for is colored walls and completing ambiance, this green and brown combination is going to rock your mood. With proper space and decent appeal, you can get the best living room decoration done.

best living room decoration

13- Kitchen and Sitting Duo

Even if you have combined kitchen and living room space, this is one of the finest small living room decor ideas that is going to make it fun area. You can kill the boredom by adding over-sized sofas of brown tone and add contrasting cushions.

finest small living room ideas

14- Color Play

If you have love for colors, this plan is right choice to decor your small living room space. Light sofas with colored pillows, and two colored velvet seats are going to do enough magic. Add contrasting mat and paintings so that the room looks lively than ever.

decor your living room space

15- Love For Blue

If you have wooden floor, just add Sky Blue color to the wall, and pair with neon green, white and brown hues. It is going to look so amazing that you would even fall for your small living room again and again.+

 small living room

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