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25+ Living Room Lighting Ideas For Right Illumination

Have you been looking for living room lighting ideas shortly? Well, if you are about to undergo house revamp or considering of investing in dwell decor, you need to know how illumination accessories can beautify everything at once. Continue to read and discover how playing around with lighting ideas can be a fun job:

1- Standees

These are nowhere different from traditional lamps, but their varying sizes and exquisite designs make them elegant and unique. These can be placed aside the couches, walls and even on the side tables.

Standees For Living Room

2- Pendant Lights In Living Room

If your living room has a classic retro appeal, pendant fixtures are going to rock your decor. They are available in various sizes, styles, colors and even shapes. Of course, these might not be a really good option for providing intense light, but they create sufficient illumination for surging the elegance.

Pendant Lights for Living Room

3- Use Curved Tracks In Living Room

Track lights are the most exquisite and versatile types of lighting fixtures. They come in thousands of styles and forms so that various corners within the living room can get required light without occupying unnecessary space.

Track Light For Living Room

4- Cone Shaped Pendants

If you have larger living room space with a contemporary look, you can always add oversized metallic pendant lights to refresh the appeal. You can add dim or bright bulbs based on your need of illumination; however, dim light is going to create a cozy ambiance for all.

Cone Shaped Pendants

5-  Oversized Light

This metallic over-sized circular living room lights is ideal for placing in dining areas. in fact, one such light is sufficient enough to accentuate desire light on focus point.

circular living room lights

6-Wall Mirror In Living Room

Using mirror on wall helps to reflect both living space and lights, so it’s a best idea for lighting small living room to create a rooming impact.

wall mirror for small living room

7- Mix and Match

Within your room space you can always use a combination of two lights and create a different ambiance as per your need. You can use spot lights in wall mounted shelves head above the television area and use standing lamps as a decorative accessory on adjacent sides.

living room lighting

8- Chandeliers Ideas For Living Room

Victorian style is something that you love, or you want to add something to your living room which connate to the royals, you must add a decent chandeliers. You can choose between the sizes and the styles, but this is going to add magnificent appeal to your adobe.

Chandeliers For Living Room

9- Skylights

The name says it all – the roof windows serve the purpose of illuminating the house in a natural way. These are perfect choice for you if your living space is visited by guests often – they are going to love it.

Skylights For Living Room

10- Candles Affair

Check out this loveliest living room plan, it is so enticing and creatively upgraded.  With everything so chic and updated, the idea of using candles for light is so romantic. You can use candle stands as wall fixtures and use long lasting candle to serve the need.

Candles Affair For Living Room Lighting

11- Track Light Roundabout

Within this large area living room, see how beautifully track lights are used in a circular path. With high watt bulbs, the lights effectively cover the entire space.

Track Light Living Room

12- Firelight Romance

With everything so cozy and romantic under this ambiance, you would not want to add anything else, but firelight to stay closer to peace and serenity.  If you have wooden floor and similar living room setting, try natural trick of lighting by adding fireplace to your room.

Firelight For Living Room

13- Fanlights

As the name suggests, these are special types of living room light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling fan. These are available in various styles to cater to the decoration need. However, always remember that they require special types of bulbs which are resistant to the fan vibrations.

Fanlights For Living Room

14- New Lanterns For Living Room

You must have seen various shaped paper lanterns around you – with being inexpensive, they are beautiful, contemporary and classy. They can use compact florescent bulbs or any other standard incandescent to perfectly illuminating living room.

Paper lanterns For Living Room

15-Task Pendent Light For Living Room

This decorative light is a great way to draw attention to fixtures themselves. Here gorgeous pendent through light on dining table and provide a great ambiance in the living room when it is switched on. Also you will see a lot of natural light comes from windows to illuminate the room in the day time.

Task Pendent Light For Living Room

16- Scones

Scones are the traditional wall lighting fixtures – they can be either lamps, decorative or anything that is wall mounted. Such fixtures help in providing the required light within the room space – however, you can always choose the latest types (coloured theme based) for your living room space.

Scones For Living Room

17- Cabinet Fixtures

If you want to have minimum light over your expensive decorative or shelves, this living room is perfectly designed for you. You can have three to four bulbs added under roofs wherever you want. This is popularly used living room lighting ideas for modern houses.

Cabinet For Living Room

18- Larger Room Recessed Lights

If brown and golds is your choice and current room setting, you must definitely go for  recessed lights around the corners of the ceiling. They look absolutely gorgeous.

Larger Room Recessed Lights

19- Living Room Lighting Ideas Using Elegant Track Lights

These might not be a very good option if you want to have too much light in your living room, but need for having a decorative fixture can easily be fulfilled. Look how smartly this living room has placed the lights near the sitting corner.

Elegant Track Lights For Living Room Lighting

20- Wall Light

These types are absolutely gorgeous and effective to create a romantic illusion – you can have these placed against the walls or at any side of the living room according to you need lights.

Large Living Room Lighting

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  1. I really like the lighting above the TV that accents something different that what normal florescent or ceiling lights can do. It feels like the room is a lot warmer with some dark earthy colors, as well as the subdued lighting. I am wondering if an interior designer came up with this, or if someone did it themselves. I have no sense of style, so I think I would need a lot of help.

  2. I love decorating with scones.

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