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small laundry room ideas

10 clever small laundry room storage and organization ideas

A well arranged house gives better living space and comfort for each and every family member. On the other hand, even the guests and visitors will feel good to stay along with you in togetherness. One of the significant rooms that play an important in the residing place is small laundry and utility room storage. It is the place where cloths for washing are gathered, washed, ironed and kept in a neat and tidy manner.  According to the expert, a well kept laundry room reflects the lifestyle of the people who are residing in the house. The ten clever small laundry room ideas are as follows:

1-   Small laundry room storage should have many small and large shelves in order to organize things in a systematic manner with a lot of perfection. It is better to have steel or wooden storage space with doors and lock system.

laundry room storage

2-   The small laundry room should have better light arrangement system. There should be bright light bulbs at both the sides of the entrance and at the center of the room.

light arrangement in small laundry room

3-   The room of the small laundry should have rough flooring with good ventilation system. The window should be broad for the better circulation of fresh air.

flooring and ventilations

4-   There should be separate place for storing important and less significant things in a systematic manner within the given space to a great extent.

multi storage space

5-   The colors and shades that can be used in the small laundry room should be as per your choice so that you feel like have a good time in indulging the affairs of this particular room.

colors and shaed of small laundry room

6-   The small laundry room storage should be a multi-purpose room that gives space for all types of laundry affairs to be conducted in a smooth manner.

multi-purpose small laundry room

7-   The dust bin in the small laundry and utility room storage should be placed at the entrance of the said room. The dust bin should be attended periodically without fail.

dust bin in small laundry room

8-   The ironing arrangement with wardrobe should be in-build within the given space of the laundry room. The affair of laundry from start to finish can be indulged within the given area with its equipped arrangements.

ironing arrangement in small laundry

9-   One of the many small laundry room ideas is equipping the space with sweeping and cleaning object. It should have shelves to keep the laundry related accessories and other items.

sweeping and cleaning object

10-  The small laundry room storage should have wooden or steel cabinets in small and large size that gives to store things in a systematic manner.

wooden or steel cabinets in utility room

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  1. Hi, I have a very small wash ( utility) room with worktop over washer, small sink and 1 tall cupboard. The room gives access to the garage and garden and is used by me to let out my dog and do washing. 1 small window. Need ideas to improve usage and I’m a diy dummy. Help!

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