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33 DIY Plant Stands You Can Make In A Day

Living indoor plants placed on a diy plant stand make a room feel more inviting and cozy, plus grouping all your plants together adds a focal point to the room and makes the plants easier to care for. In addition to creating aesthetic appeal to your home indoor plant stand also purifies the air you breath. Use these ideas for creating your own DIY plant stand.

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DIY Plant Stand Ideas To Make Your Indoor Space More Pleasant And Inviting 

1- Make a low Level DIY Plant Stand Near Window

This low and long DIY plant stand is perfect for placing in front of a picture window. The indoor plants will receive all the light they need without detracting from your view of the outdoors.

Make a low Level Plant Stand Near Window

2- Place Your Plants On a Banglow DIY Plant Stand

This tiered plant stand is a perfect place to house several plants while providing a unique piece of furniture for the room.  The open diy wood shelves allow for plenty of air circulation and sunlight for each plant.

Place Your Plants On a Banglow Plant Stand
DIY plant stand image via: jenwoodhouse.com

3- Do It Yourself Multi-Level Plant Stand

A low wooden plant stand with four levels to allow each plant to have its place in the sunlight. Easy to build for 1×1 boards, you can make this DIY plant stand in just one day.

Do It Yourself Multi-Level Plant Stand

4- Use Ladder To Prepare A Frame Plant Stand

A perfect design to house multiple plants and great for growing vegetables as well. This A-Frame design uses a step ladder as the frame base, then adds several wood planks to create diy plant shelves. This easy to build and affordable tall plant stand will allow you to grow several plants in just one space.

Use Ladder To Prepare A Frame DIY Plant Stand

5- Give Your Plants a Lift With Mid-Century DIY Plant Stand

This little wooden plant stand has the clean lines and modern look which is currently trending in the home fashion industry. A wood frame, four legs and a tube of glue is all you will need to create this decorative plant stand that will fit perfectly on a coffee table or desk top.

Give Your Plants a Lift With Mid-Century DIY Plant Stand

6- Display Your Pots With Hanging Plant Stand

A unique way to display your plants is with this hanging DIY pot rack. With some scrap wood and rope, you can create this hanging pot rack to house four terra cotta pots filled with living greenery.

Display Your Pots With Handing Plant Stand

7- Upcycle Rolling Utility Cart Into DIY Plant Stand

If you need a diy plant stand that has wheels so it can be moved around as needed so the plants can be watered or be exposed to sunlight, this plant cart is your answer.

Upcycle Rolling Utility Cart Into DIY Plant Stand

8- Transform An Old TV Stand Into DIY Plant Stand

A couple of decades ago, TVs were large and bulky and required a separate stand to be laced on, Those TVs have gone the way of the dinosaur, but many of the stands remain. One great way to recycle an old TV stand is to transform it into a garden plant stand with a coat of paint.

Turn An Old TV Stand Into DIY Plant Stand

9- House Your Plant Pot On A Single Plant Stand

If you only have one houseplant instead of a collection of them, this DIY plant stand can provide a decorative and easy to build a home for your one plant.

Place Your Plant Pot On A Single DIY Plant Stand

10- Wood Slice DIY Plant Stand

One slice of wood from a tree is the perfect size round to create a short, decorative stand for one planter. Easy and affordable to create.

Wood Slice DIY Plant Stand

11- Simple Design

Build a place for your indoor plants in just hours with this simple plant stand idea.

simple diy plant stand

12- Turn A Window Into A Beautiful Hanging Garden Stand

When floor space is at a premium, build a DIY hanging garden stand for your potted plants.

Turn A Window Into A Beautiful Hanging Garden Stand
DIY plant stand image via: homemade-modern.com

13- Chic and Modern Plant Stand

Use this idea to create a chic and modern plant stand or two to place at your entrance to greet visitors.

Chic and Modern DIY Plant Stand

14- Build Concrete DIY Plant Stand Under 5$

That’s right, $5 dollars will allow you to create a unique concrete plant stand that will last for years. Good for indoor or outdoor use.

Build Concrete DIY Plant Stand Under 5$
DIY plant stand image via: dwellinginhappiness.com

15- Easy Indoor Wood Plant Stand

Birch wood and galvanized trays can be used to create an attractive wood plant stand by following this step by step video.

Easy Indoor Wood Plant Stand

16- Wooden Plant Stand

This simple style of wood plant stand will elevate your houseplant so they will become an attractive decorative statement in any room of your home.

Clean lines, easy construction, lightweight, and portable, this indoor plant stand idea is perfect for any room and can be built in a day.

Use these detailed DIY plans to build a couple of these inexpensive plant stands this weekend.

Wooden Plant Stand

17- Cedar Wood Plant Stand

This modern DIY plant stand idea will make even the humblest houseplant look like an expensive plant.

The cedar wood is inexpensive, long-lasting, easy to work with and the design is easy to build to accommodate any size planter. This DIY plant stand can be custom built with short legs so the plant stands can be placed on a tabletop, or the stands can be constructed with long legs so they can be placed on the floor.

Cedar Wood Plant Stand

18- Tall Plant Stand

This tall DIY plant shelf is made from 2×4 pieces of lumber and can hold several houseplants. This tall plant stand can be stained or painted to match your room decor and it will look like a high-priced piece of store-bought furniture.

Use decorative plant containers on the shelves to draw the eye into the room and towards this lovely DIY plant stand you can make using these free plans. A few dollars, a few hours, and these detailed instructions will enable you to build a DIY plant stand that will last for many years.

Tall Plant Stand

19- Concrete Planter Plant Stand

Use this idea to create DIY concrete planters and DIY plant stands for them. You get two design ideas in this one tutorial and the combination is very attractive.

Elevate the concrete plants off the ground or porch floor and give them a decorative touch by building this unique wood stand. These are simple and inexpensive to create and can be customized to any size.

Detailed written instructions and informative pictures will enable you to build this DIY plant stand in just one day.

Concrete Planter Plant Stand

20- Balsa Wood Plant Stand

These small planters are made from Balsa wood and embroidery thread and make an ideal DIY plant stands for small flower pots.

Instead of just having small potted plants in boring containers setting around the room transform them into an eye-catching piece of art with this DIY plant stand idea. Balsa wood is soft and easy to cut with a utility knife so it can be made into the perfect size for flower pots you already have.

The embroidery thread creates a unique design on these small plant stands, plus it’s inexpensive.

Balsa Wood Plant Stand

21- Geometric Painted Plant Stand

Add a pop of color with this plant stand idea that uses a simple square shape and painted design.

Using these building instructions is a great way to use leftover pieces of wood and leftover paint to create indoor or outdoor plant stand ideas.

Place a small houseplant, like a succulent, inside one of these geometric painted plants stands and make it the focal point of the room. Use the painted plant stand as a color pallet for the decor in the room and the room will look like its been professionally decorated.

Geometric Painted Plant Stand

22- Copper and Concrete Plants Stands

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, these unique DIY plant stands are created from copper and concrete. The stands are well able to withstand the outdoor elements while looking elegant and expensive. Only you will know that you made them in a day and the building cost was very low.

These free plans will show you how to create your own attractive copper and concrete plant stands and customize them to the height and width that you want.

Copper and Concrete Plants Stands

23- Wire Plant Stand

This a DIY project that recycles old lampshades into attractive and useful wire plant stands. Lampshades come in all sizes and can be bought very cheaply at a thrift store, or you may have some in the attic. Lampshades have wire frames that are very simple to transform into plant stands- all you need is a utility knife, wire cutters, and spray paint.

Remove the fabric off the lampshade to discover a perfect-sized stand to hold a planter. Use the wire cutters to remove the center of the lampshade, spray paint the wire and the DIY project is done.

Wire Plant Stand

24- Table Top Plant Stand

Elevate your potted plants with a simple tabletop plant stand and the plants will be more noticeable and look more exotic.

This simple design is a round piece of wood set atop a cross-section of wood and glued together. A coat of polyurethane seals the wood to make it water-proof and shiny while allowing the natural wood grain to be exposed.

These simple and useful tabletop plant stands can be built in a day and make great gifts for family and friends.

Table Top Plant Stand

25- Round Plant Stand

These free instruction will show you how to build DIY plant shelves that can hold two plants in a small space.

The round design takes up minimal space and has two shelves for potted plants. The wood can be left natural and coated in polyurethane or painted to match the room decor. Ideal plant stand size for apartments, hallways, or other small spaces.

Round Plant Stand

26- Sturdy Wood Plant Stand

These detailed plans will show you how to build a sturdy wood planter that is large but not overwhelming to the space.

The sturdy plant stands are built for large sections of wood and make ideal plant stands to flank an entryway with or to use on either side of a walkway. It would be easy to add a solar light to this DIY plant stand to illuminate the potted plant, an entryway, and increase the curb appeal of the home.

Sturdy Wood Plant Stand

27- Ladder Plant Stand

Here is a great idea for displaying houseplants without taking up much space. A DIY ladder stand will hold several pots of plants but take up very little floor space. A ladder plant stand like this one can also be used on a tabletop.

Place pots of trailing plants on the ladder shelves so the plants will cascade down the side of the plant stand for an attractive appearance.

Plants make a space come to life and they also help to purify the indoor air. Edible plants, like herbs, provide beauty and food and can easily be grown indoors.

Ladder Plant Stand

28- Corner Plant Stand

If you have an empty corner, why not build this attractive corner DIY plant stand to brighten the corner with living greenery?

Easy to build triangle design will fit perfectly into any corner. The two shelves are ideal for growing vines that will cascade over the side and down the plant stand legs.

The design can be modified so more shelves can be added if desired. You can easily make this a plant shelf that reaches from floor to ceiling and display momentous along with houseplants to transform an empty corner into an eye-catching space.

Corner Plant Stand

29- Footed Plant Stands

The design gives these DIY plant stands the appearance of having four feet at the bottom. The design enhances the appearance of the stand while giving in extra stability so it can hold larger and heavier pots of houseplants.

You can customize these footed plant stands to make them the desired height and width for your living space.

Footed Plant Stands

30- Scrap Wood Plant Stand

There’s no need to invest a lot of money in this DIY project, just use the wood you have on hand to create a new attractive plant stand.

There always seems to be leftover scrap wood sitting on a shelf in the workshop just waiting to be used to create something useful and this is a great way to put that scrap wood to good use.

You only need a few scraps to create this DIY plant stand that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Scrap Wood Plant Stand

31- A-Frame Plant Stand

Make room for more plants with this DIY A-frame plant stand that can be built in one day. The stand takes up very little space but can hold a lot of potted plants.

Place this attractive plant stand in front of a sunny window and grow houseplants, herbs, and vegetables indoors year-around. This would also make a good stand to use outside on a patio or deck so you could maximize growing space.

A-Frame Plant Stand

32- Minimal Design Plant Stand

Elevate an ordinary potted houseplant to a new level with this minimal design plant stands that are cheap and simple to make.

The minimal design fits in with any modern home decor and the stand can be built in less than one day. These free plans show you how to create this modern look using leftover lumber and a little white paint.

Minimal Design Plant Stand

33- Upside Down Plant Stand

This DIY plant stand design can be used right side up or upside down. Right side up provides you with two shelves for flower pots, upside down provides one shelf.

Either way you decide to use it, the DIY project can be built in one day and made from leftover lumber.

Upside Down Plant Stand

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  2. I also love the A-Frame plant stand. I have a rickety old wood ladder that I will not trust to climb, but stabilizing it with solid planks for diy plant shelves will be a perfect use!

  3. Thanks for the varied designs.
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  4. I am glad you like the designs! I am interested to know which plant stand you are taking to make a new design.

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