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21 Creative DIY Headboard Ideas and Tutorials

With a little imagination and creative mind you can make diy headboard in different styles and even using different salvaged  material to make your bedroom look alluring. A beautiful headboard could enhance the appearance of your bed. This is why we look as some diy headboard ideas to help you have a nice looking bedroom. Also check out diy pallet bed and bed frame plans.

DIY or Homemade Headboard Ideas

1-DIY Upholstered headboard made of squares

This fabric diy headboard is made out of upholstered squares. The squares are glued to the board before it is attached to the wall. Britex home decor fabric makes the outer layer.

Upholstered headboard made of squares

2-Create Your DIY Headboard From An Old Picket Fence

You need to pick up a few pieces from your old picket fence, clean them and fit them into a frame to make this diy wood headboard. There is not much expense but you need a few tools to create this.

headboard from an old picket fence

3-Nail head trimmed DIY upholstered headboard

The basic materials you need for this diy upholstered headboard are the plywood and fabrics. However, you need to have some skills on sawing as well as carpentry. Once finished, it will have an elegant look.

DIY upholstered headboard

4-A large Diy Fabric Headboard Ideas

If you want to know how to make a headboard like this, simply buy the fabric of your choice first. The next is to measure the size of the headboard and divide it into squares. Finally, you finish the squares and attach them to a board. Your cool fabric headboard is ready to enhance your bedroom appearance.

large Diy Fabric Headboard Ideas
DIY headboard ideas image via: allthingsthrifty.com

5-Upholstered DIY Headboard Ideas

In order to make diy upholstered headboard you must buy a piece of plywood of the precise size. Also, you need a MDF board. Then it is a case of adding the upholstery and securing it with nail trims.

Upholstered DIY Headboard Ideas

6-DIY Headboard Of Vintage Style

In order to make this headboard you need to draw your design on cardboard and trace it on the wall. Afterwards cut the insulation board and batting overlay to staple them together. Finally, add the fabric to complete this fabric diy headboard.

DIY Headboard Of Vintage Style

7- DIY Headboard Made Out Of Old Shutters

In order to make this beautiful diy wood headboard you only need some old shutters. It is a case of making a frame and fitting the shutters into it.

DIY Headboard Made Out Of Old Shutters

8-Upholstered high-back DIY headboard Ideas

You can get the particle board you need for this diy headboard project cut to the right size in the store. Using glue, you can attach the foam on to the board. Then it is a case of stapling the fabric to the board before installing the headboard.

Upholstered high-back DIY headboard Ideas

9-Old five panel door converted into a DIY headboard

After removing the old hardware, you need to clean the door before the other additions are attached. Though there are many steps to follow it is easy to create this diy headboard.

Old five panel door converted into a DIY headboard

10-DIY Headboard Made Out Of Picture Frames

This one has picture frames attached to it in order to create the beautiful look. This is one of the simplest homemade headboards.

DIY Headboard Made Out Of Picture Frames

11- DIY Headboard Made From Books

This beautiful but cheap diy headboard is made up of books. You can find these books in a thrifty store and you can put them together easily in a day.

DIY Headboard Made From Books

12-Bed Tipi DIY Headboard Ideas

You can buy this in the store and you will not have any difficulty in getting your kids into bed when you have one of these in their room. Tutorial at Babyology.com

Bed Tipi DIY Headboard Ideas

13- DIY LED Lit Floating Headboard

This simple diy headboard with LED backlighting is made out of old board left over from a previous project.

DIY LED Lit Floating Headboard

14- DIY Headboard Idea

This is yet another diy project where the frame is made out of wood and foam and fabric is used to finish.

DIY Headboard Idea

15- Chain Link DIY Headboard Idea

In order to make one of the easiest to make diy headboards you need some chain link fencing. This is easy to make and attractive in your bed room.

Chain Link DIY Headboard Idea

16-DIY Headboard Idea With A Simple Frame

A simple frame made out of wood is the starting point for this diy headboard. It is finished with beautiful printed fabric.

DIY Headboard with a simple frame

17- Making a DIY Tufted Headboard

You need materials such as plywood, foam and fabric to make this and you can use any kind of buttons. Doing it is easy and you only need to use your innovation. Details at Skinnymag.com

Making a diy tufted headboard

18-Homemade headboard that incorporates lights

This homemade headboard was decorated with lights that were lying in the home without being used. It adds colour to the bedroom.

Homemade headboard that incorporates lights

19-Curtain DIY Headboard Ideas

This diy bed headboard is made out of curtains. A curtain rod keeps it in place.

Curtain DIY Headboard Ideas

20-LED Lit Headboard Idea

This headboard is lit with LED lights and looks romantic. It is easy to make too.

LED Lit Headboard Idea

21- DIY Headboard With An Artwork

It is always nice to have a decorative headboard that has quality artwork on it. It is really a hanging painting.

DIY Headboard With An Artwork

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