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25 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas-Keep Your Shoe Collection Neat and Tidy

A DIY shoe rack just might be the shoe storage solution that you’ve been longing for. Trying to keep shoes corralled together in a box or laundry basket results in crushed shoes that look worn out before they’re barely broken in. Spending time each morning searching for the mate to your favorite pair of shoes is not a feasible option either. Look through these 25 diy shoe rack ideas and find the one that’s right for you and keep your shoes neatly paired together.

  1. DIY Shoe Dresser

Build this DIY shoe holder so all your shoes will be at your fingertips. This narrow shoe dresser looks like a custom piece of furniture and will fit perfectly in a hallway.

DIY shoe holder

  1. Use Gym Locker As A DIY Shoe Rack

Use this idea to transform a gym locker into homemade shoe rack.

Use Gym Locker As A DIY Shoe Rack

  1. Rolling Shoe Bin

Use this shoe storage idea to create rolling bins to house your shoe collection. the decorative bins will fit under a coffee table, end table or other piece of furniture.

Rolling Shoe Bin

  1. Triangular DIY Shoe Storage

Use this simple triangle design to create DIY shoe storage that can become as high or as wide as needed.

DIY shoe storage

  1. Stylish DIY Shoe Rack Plan For Any Room

This diy shoe rack idea creates a DIY unit that is perfect for any room of the home. Create one for the mud room, front entrance, closet and hallway with this simple design plan.

Any Room Storage Idea

  1. DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage

Take these diy shoe rack plans and create round lazy susan that will bring the shoes to you with just a turn.

shoe rack plans

  1. Make Honeycomb DIY Shoe Rack 

These shoe rack plans will enable you to build a decorative honeycomb style rack that will house shoes and other accessories.

Make Honeycomb Shoe Rack Design

  1. Use Ladder Shelf For DIY Shoe Storage

Simple design, great storage. Use these DIY plans to build an attractive and functional diy shoe stand.

Use Ladder Shelf For Shoe Storage

  1. DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Plans

Anywhere there is an expanse of wall, there is room to implement these DIY shoe organizing ideas.

Place Your Shoes On A Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

  1. Hang Them Up

This unique idea will show you how to build a shoe rack from wire coat hangers so you can hang your shoes up.

Hang Them Up

  1. Organized Your Shoes In multi-shelf  Rack

These step-by-step plans will show you how to build a multi-shelf diy shoe rack for your closet.

Organized Your Shoes In multi-shelf  Rack

  1. DIY Wine Box Divider

This diy shoe storage idea requires no tools, just a tote and some wine box dividers to create.

shoe storage idea

  1. DIY Crown Molding Shoe Hangers

Install crown molding along the wall to hang heels on and keep them organized.

Crown Molding Hangers

  1. DIY Mud Room Rack

Simple design provides diy shoe storage rack under and seating on top, perfect for a mud room.

Mud Room Rack

  1. Place Your Shoes In Pallet Storage Crates

Paint some ordinary wood crates and mount them on the wall to create colorful diy shoe storage.

Place Your Shoes In Pallet Storage Crates

  1. Industrial Look DIY Shoe Rack Plan

Use metal pipes and wood shelfs from the hardware to create this industrial-looking diy shoe storage.

industrial-looking shoe storage

  1. Hang Your Shoes On A Painted Crown Molding

Use this idea to create DIY shoe rack that will display your shoes in style.

Hang Your Shoes On A Painted Crown Molding

  1. Use PVC Pipes For DIY Shoe Storage

Another usage for versatile PVC pipe. Attractive and functional, stack and lengths of large PVC pipe to the wall to house your shoe collection.

Use PVC Pipes For Shoe Storage

  1. Small Spaces DIY Shoe Rack

If you have a small space and need shoe storage, this idea is for you.

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

  1. Shoe Shrine Cabinet

These step-by-step plans will allow you to build a large shrine for your shoes so you can see them all at a glance.

Shoe Shrine

  1. Pallet DIY Shoe Rack

Who doesn’t love to recycle wood pallets into beautiful pieces of furniture? Use this idea to create shoe racks from wood pallets.

Pallet DIY Shoe Rack

  1.  Free Storage Labels

Go to this website for a creative shoe storage idea and free labels you can print out to label the storage containers.

shoe storage idea

  1. Dowel DIY  Shoe Rack

Keep boots dry and the tops from bending and wrinkling with this easy-to-create dowel idea.

Dowel DIY  Shoe Rack

  1. Wooden DIY Shoe Rack

This easy-to-build wood shelf will store several pairs of shoes and is narrow enough to fit inside a closet.

Wooden DIY Shoe Rack

  1. Vintage Crates

Take a few vintage wooden crates and transform them into a decorative storage solution for your winter boots.

vintage wooden crates

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