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home makeover ideas

Home Makeover Ideas – 25 DIY Projects to Update Your Home

Striving to improve your quality of life is all but natural, and it doesn’t always have to do with finding out ways to earn lots of money. There are countless ways to add more fun, color and quality to your life, especially through home makeover ideas. So, here I am with these lovely Home Makeover Ideas – 25 DIY Projects to Update Your Home.

1-  A little Furniture Makeover Idea

Let’s get started with a little furniture makeover idea, turning an ordinary radio cabinet into a flagrant work of art. Kathy shares this wonderful experience with us in petticoatjunktion.com.

A little Furniture Makeover Idea

2-  File Cabinet Makeover with Contact Paper

Let instructables come to your rescue if you bought your file cabinet from nearby second-hand store and now want to revamp it. Here is your step-by-step guide, requiring about 6 hours of your time. You will surely be surprised by the before and after images.

 File Cabinet Makeover with Contact Paper

3-  Redoing a Couch Idea

Is painting something that you fancy? How about exalting your painting skills to a whole next level by painting your getting-ugly couch? What, painting a whole couch? Yes, of course, because this will give you the one of the best living room makeovers you could ever imagine. FABRIC BLISS have it ready for you!

Redoing a Couch Idea Redoing a Couch Idea1

4-  Patio Makeover with DIY Pallet Furniture

Looking for cost-effective patio makeover? Well, look no further than PLACE OF MY TASTE, where Aniko is lending her expertise in guiding you to makeover your patio in no more than $350, some pallets, some time and a bit of labor.

Patio Makeover with DIY Pallet Furniture
Homemade makeover ideas Via: placeofmytaste.com

5-  Coffee Table Makeover Idea

If you are thinking about getting rid of your old IKEA coffee table, Just Two Crafty Sisters are here with even a better idea for you, i.e. the coffee table makeover that will authenticate your DIY enthusiasm in addition to being a lovely focal point in your living room.

 Coffee Table Makeover

6-  Home Office Makeover

I bet this would be one of the best home improvement ideas you could ever pull up, especially without spending more than $650 for the whole room. Let two twenty one be your savior for this unprecedented makeover.

Home Office Makeover
Home Office Makeover Image Via: twotwentyone.net


7-  Master Bedroom Makeover

Want to do something special to your bedroom? Addicted 2 Decorating have got something just right for you in one of the best bedroom makeover ideas.

 Master Bedroom MakeoverMaster Bedroom Makeover1

8-  Fireplace Makeover

Fireplaces add total splendor to a room, especially if they are treated well. Instructables.com have a great idea to share with you for this. Some more fireplace makeover ideas.

fireplace makeover

9-  Another Living Room Redo Idea

This time, it’s Pitter&Glink with yet another living room redo idea.

Another Living Room Redo Idea

10-  Stool Makeover

Patina and Paint are generous enough to let you know how to give your office a little face-lift with this stool makeover.

 stool makeover

11-  Vanity Redo

You will be surprised to see how a redone vanity will change the whole look of the room, fitting like the missing piece in the puzzle. All you have to do is follow Heart’s Desire.

Vanity Redo

12-  Rustic Master Bedroom Makeover

Admit it that for most of us bedroom makeovers serve as the best home renovation ideas and this one by Lauren surely proves this as well.

Rustic Master Bedroom MakeoverRustic Master Bedroom Makeover1

13-  Table Makeover Idea

Now, this is what you can truly call a centerpiece. Bethany brings this up in DWELLINGS by DEVORE, and you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself from appreciating this wonderful home makeover idea.  

Table Makeover Idea

14-  Backyard Makeover

When it comes to DIY home improvement, backyard lends you the most amazing place to get creative and versatile, just as this backyard makeover by instructables lets you know. Here you can find some more backyard makeover ideas.

Backyard Makeover

15-  Powder Room Makeover

If you were not sure with what to do with your powder room, Lucy tells you in VINTAGE REFINED how wonderful a powder room makeover can be.

Powder Room Makeover

16-  Another Coffee Table Makeover

There are just countless ways to renew your aging coffee table, just as this one brought to you by ART IS BEAUTY.

Another Coffee Table Makeover

17-  Table Lamp Makeover

Have you got an aging table lamp? Why not revitalize it the way Instructables.com have done with this table lamp to get the best out of it.

Table Lamp Makeover

18-  Living Room Makeover Yet Again!

Our Fair-field Home & Garden are more than ready to tell you how to get a living room makeover – right from Grandma to Grandeur!

Living Room Makeover Yet Again!

19-  Colored Makeover for Chairs

With the help of RAIN on a TIN ROOF, you could amaze your guests by revitalizing your old chairs with this colourful makeover.

Colored Makeover for Chairs

20-  Pocket Friendly Small Bathroom DIY Makeover

The best home improvement projects are the ones that also take care of your pocket in addition to your home, just as this pocket friendly small bathroom DIY makeover by A DIY BLOG BY 2 SISTERS.

Pocket Friendly Small Bathroom DIY Makeover

21-  Hippie Coffee Table Makeover

Having a hippie coffee table surely catches eye in any room and if you are wondering how to do so, CooCooKaChoo are here to help you.

 Hippie Coffee Table Makeover

22-  Custom Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

If you are one of those who love their kitchen more than any other place in the home, My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is the place to look for inspiration, where Kristin shares her one of the best kitchen makeover ideas. You may also like to see diy kitchen cabinet ideas.

 Custom Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

23-  Small Kitchen Makeover

And if you thought you needed a really big kitchen to show your creative-self, Taryn is here to prove otherwise with her small kitchen makeover in DESIGN, DINING AND DIAPERS.  Get brilliant ideas for remodeling a small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Makeover

 24-  Minimalist DIY Bathroom Makeover

This time around, apartment therapy bring you an inspirational account of minimalist DIY bathroom makeover from Faith & Mike.

 Minimalist DIY Bathroom Makeover

25-  Low-Cost Luxury Bathroom Remodel

And you have This Thisoldhouse.com at your disposal to get an idea of how to get a low-cost luxury bathroom remodel (no more than $450) to add some real value to your home.

 Low-Cost Luxury Bathroom Remodel

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