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20 DIY Pergola Plans & Ideas to Add Shaded Sitting Area Outdoor

Using any of the following DIY pergola plans to create an outdoor living space will not only create a place for family and friends to gather in your backyard, but it will also add value to your property. Pergolas are simple structures that provide shade from the hot summer sun without making you feel like you’re inside. The open sides and top keep air circulating and fast-growing vines planted at the base of the structure will provide beauty, fragrance and additional shade. Look through these creative DIY pergola ideas and discover how to build a pergola to compliment your home.

  1. DIY Pergola With Plant Hangers

In just one weekend you can build this outdoor pergola by lowes that is sure to become your family’s favorite gathering location. Built-in places for hanging plants make this pergola design feel like an outdoor garden room.

DIY Pergola With Plant Hangers
Image via: lowes
  1. Small Cedar DIY Pergola

Perfect design for a small backyard or a quiet place to have your morning coffee. This DIY pergola by popularmechanics will define the outdoor space without constraining it.

Small Cedar DIY Pergola
Image via: popularmechanics
  1. Corner Garden Pergola Plans

A great idea for enjoying your flower garden! Build a DIY pergola like this one by diynetwork in one corner of the garden, then sit back with a glass of ice tea and enjoy the view.

Corner Garden Pergola Plans
Image via: diynetwork
  1. Classic Design Pergola Plans

Built close to the house in a classic design, these free pergola plans by familyhandyman will get you in the shade and add value to your home with just one weekend of building.

Classic Design Pergola Plans
Image via: familyhandyman
  1. Garden Entrance Pergola

These diy pergola plans by diy will enable you to create a small structure that will designate the entrance to your garden and provide sturdy trellis for climbing vines to grow on.

diy pergola plans
Image via: diy
  1. Large Wooden DIY Pergola

When  you have a large family and entertain outdoors frequently, a large wooden pergola like this one by hgtv will provide the shaded space needed. These step-by-step instructions will show you how to build a beautiful and large pergola that will last for many years.

Large Wooden DIY Pergola
Image via: hgtv
  1. Attached To A House Pergola

These detailed pergola plans by thehandmadehome can be used to build a pergola that is attached to your house or a stand-alone one. Easy-to-follow instructions and classic design make this pergola a winner.

pergola plans
Image via: thehandmadehome
  1. Swings and Fire Pit

Take your pergola up to the luxury level with these plans by remodelaholic. Swings around the perimeter and a fire pit in the center make this DIY pergola a high-end addition to your backyard. Add the optional movie screen and your family will be home every night to enjoy this outdoor space.

Attached To A House Pergola
Image via: remodelaholic
  1. Built to Last

If the area you live in experiences high winds during certain seasons, this pergola plan by ana-white is for you. Deep footings will keep this pergola stationary and intact during the worst weather.

pergola design plan
Image via: ana-white
  1. Free Standing Pergola Plans

Build it and they will come. This simple and classic design by ronhazelton is easy for the DIY builder to construct. Add a few chairs underneath and hanging baskets of flowers and the pergola will be so inviting family and friends will be drawn to the space. See also similar plans for other garden structures like gazebo and carport plans.

Free Standing Pergola
Image via: ronhazelton
  1. Lighted and Covered

Use these pergola plans by myfrugaladventures and start with a classic design. Then add strips of outdoor fabric, overhead lighting and comfy furniture and you’ll never want to go back inside.

classic design pergola
Image via: myfrugaladventures
  1. Backyard Shaded Oasis

Use these instructions to build a pergola by motherearthnews that will provide backyard shade and a place for solitude.

instructions to build a pergola
Image via: motherearthnews
  1. Video Instructions

If you can follow an instructional video better that written directions, check out this easy-to-follow video by bunnings that will show you how to build a classic diy pergola.

how to build a classic pergola
Image via: bunnings
  1. Classic Cedar Pergola Plans

Enjoy the shade and the aroma when you use these design plans by realcedar and cedar wood for building your own backyard pergola.

Classic Cedar Pergola Plans
Image via: realcedar
  1. Raised Backyard Pergola

This design shows you how to build a pergola by hgtv off the ground to accommodate a sloped backyard.

Raised Backyard Pergola
Image via: hgtv
  1. Build Over Existing Patio

Enjoy your patio in the heat of summer when you add a DIY pergola like this one by ronhazelton. These plans will show you how to build a pergola over an existing patio.

Build Over Existing Patio
Image via: ronhazelton
  1. Basic DIY Pergola Design

Step-by-step instructions can be viewed online or printed out in a pergola plans pdf file like this one by thedesignconfidential. The plans will provide you with instructions for creating a basic structure that can be modified to suit your needs.

Basic DIY Pergola Design
Image via: thedesignconfidential
  1. Walk-Thru Garden Pergola Plans

A welcome invitation to enter your garden are what these walk-thru pergola by buildeazy provides. It also provides an attractive trellis for climbing vines to grow on.

Walk-Thru Garden Pergola Plans
Image via: buildeazy
  1. PDF Down-loadable Ideas

Get instructions for building a DIY pergola by diygardenplans now and future DIY ideas to add to your backyard. The plans can be sent as a PDF file right to your email account.

PDF Down-loadable Ideas
Image via: diygardenplans
  1. Attached Pergola Plans

Use these plans to build a pergola by myoutdoorplans that is attached to your home or other outdoor structure. The end result will be a classic and inviting outdoor space.

Image via: myoutdoorplans
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