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DIY Candle Holders – 20 Unique Ideas For Crafters

Have you ever wondered what is it that makes candlelight so attractive to majority of people? Well, candlelight serves amazingly well in adding warmth and intimacy to the ambiance of any place. That is why candles and candle holders play such a significant role in interior decor purposes. So, we are here with “DIY Candle Holders – 20 Unique Ideas for Crafters”, a roundup of 20 unique homemade candle holders to make sure that you get some real inspiration for beautifying your home. Also check out fun ideas to make your own candles.

1-  DIY Tealight Wood Candle Holder 

This Wood Candle Holder shares the idea of using a split log for a better purpose than burning it in fireplace. It can be placed on any plain surface, carrying about 5 tealights to exude warmth and glow in a room, definitely a conversation starter in whichever room you place it in.

 DIY Tealight Wood Candle Holder

2-  Crochet Votive Candle Holder 

Another way of resorting to the warmth and character of candlelight to decorate your home interior is none other than this Crochet Votive Candle Holder. Tealights are recommended to be used with this because they produce very little heat while they burn

Crochet Votive Candle Holder

3-  Festive Little Luminaries Candle Holder

These Little Luminaries can be one of the best candle holder ideas because they are not only easy to make, but also have the potential to stay with you for considerable time period.

Festive Little Luminaries Candle Holder

4-  Apple Votive Candles Holder

Talking of homemade candle holders, there is no way you didn’t see how wonderful these Apple Votive Candles could be. The best part is that these are super easy to make.

Apple Votive Candles

5-  DIY Laced Cement Votive

This  Cement Votive is a must-have for all those who are in love with unique candle holders.

DIY Laced Cement Votive

6-  Lumiere Candles 

These DIY Lumiere Candles serve as great centerpieces, all-organic glowing fun that can set alive any ambiance.

DIY Lumiere Candles

7-  Autumn Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder

If you are not feeling ready to invest much in sprucing up the ambiance of any of your rooms, this Autumn Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder will be your true savior. You will be amazed at how dramatically it enhances the whole environment of the room.

Autumn Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder

8-  DIY Advent Stake in Concrete   

If  Tealight Candle Holder Idea sounded wonderful to you, this diy Concrete votive idea will simply blow your mind away, just as this rustic candle holder would amaze your guests.

DIY Advent Stake in Concrete

9-  DIY Cut-paper Candle Holder 

This Candle Holder idea will help you get the best out of your any ordinary glass candle holders, adorable centerpieces that everybody in the room would love to talk about.

DIY Cut-paper Candle Holder

10-  Orange Peel Candle Holder

These extremely simple but super amazing Orange Candles will surely leave your guests gasping and inquiring about how did you do so.

Orange Candles holder

11-  Buttoned Candle Holders 

One of the simplest but undeniably beautiful homemade candle holder ideas is none other than this Buttoned Candle Holders.

Buttoned Candle Holders

12-  Sea Glass Candle Holder

Lo and behold – your guests are about to kiss your hands out of amazement with this one of a kind Sea Glass  Candle Holder adorning your living room with its uniqueness and simplicity.

 Sea Glass Candle Holder

13-  Tuna Cans Candle Holders

Stop worrying about disposing those empty tuna cans, because you can turn them into something most adorable and prolific, just like these Tuna Cans Candle Holders.

Tuna Cans Candle Holders

14-  DIY Cement Candle Holder  

This Candle Holder gives you another option to have a great looking rustic candle holder, an instant head turner in any room.

DIY Cement Candle Holder

15-  Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Turn any of your ordinary glass candle holders into stunning pieces of art, just like these Mercury Glass Candle Holders.

Mercury Glass Candle Holders

16-  Homemade Heart Lanterns

These Heart Lanterns will work superbly as candle holders to supplement any of your family or friends’ gatherings.

Homemade Heart Lanterns

17- Glittering Glass Candle Holder

Sprinkle around some glitter and glow with this Glittering Glass Candle Holder and turn the party on to a whole new level with this simple and easy DIY job.

Glittering Glass Candle Holder

18-  Stained Glass Votive Candle Holders

You can add color, glow and fun to any room of your home with these wonderful Stained Glass Votive.

Stained Glass Votive Candle Holders

19-  DIY Copper Candle Holders

Add some rustic elegance to your home with few of these Copper Candle Holders. These are simple to make, but leave a lasting impact on decor of any room.

Copper Candle Holders

20-  DIY Doilie Candle Holders

You won’t believe how these little DIY Candle Holders can add to the aesthetic elegance of your home decor, simple but unbelievably attractive.

DIY Doilie Candle Holders

 These are some great homemade candle holder ideas and you are totally free to share with us some of your amazing ideas to beautify your home with the glow and warmth of candles.

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  1. Some of these ideas are incredible! I lived with a roommate who would cook the weirdest smelling food on the planet, so I would always have a lot of candles on hand. Now that I am married I have a soft spot for candles! I may be a guy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love candles!

  2. This are such unique ideas. The process of making orange peel into a candle holder seems like a delicate process. I would probably break the peel trying to scrape the orange out.

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