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10 Stylish Hallway Decorating Ideas

A dull and lifeless hallway can mar the beauty and impression of entire home decor. However, not everyone is able to come up with a worthwhile idea for hallway decor. To help you with that, we have these 10 Stylish Hallways

Decorating Ideas to help you complement the adornment of your home. You may like to see hallway storage ideas.

1-  Splashing Some Color Around

Hallways aren’t meant to be dull and boring; there are plenty of ways to add life, fun and joy through hallway colors. Pastel colors do this so soberly, especially when geometric patterns are mixed up across the floor and walls, as seen in this idea by houseandgarden.co.uk.

Splashing some colour around

2-  Hallway Flooring Ideas

Paint colors for the walls and ceiling are not the only areas that allow you to express your creativity. In fact, flooring of a place also offers plentiful space to express yourself if you are willing to. Just look how this decor idea by CHATELAINE comes with elegant wooden flooring that helps create a perfect harmony among neutrals of the walls and accents in other shades.

Hallway flooring ideas

3-  Feature Wall Hallway Decor Ideas

If you were of the opinion that feature walls are only meant for living room spaces, this hallway decoration idea is here to make correction in your assumption. Wooden hexagonal shelves constitute a wonderful feature wall to make your hallway look right at the heart of your home decor, especially with that bigger accented blue hexagon and the collection of hangers down under.

Feature Wall Hallway Decor Ideas

4-  Hallway Paint Ideas

Housetogarden.co.uk never cease to amaze with their fabulous decor ideas, just like this one for a hallway. This clearly tells us that it is about time we say goodbye to our apprehensions about introducing bold paint colors in a hallways. The hot pink turns irregular shaped wall area into a super cool accent wall, complemented well with a flexi light fixture on top, feature chair on floor and a big mirror adding grace to the wall.

Hallway Paint Ideas

5-  Small Hallway Ideas

And if you are confused about what to do with your small hallway, this amazing idea by allaboutyou.com is just perfect to inspire you into turning your small spaced hallway into one of the most stylish zones in your home. The vertical twine pattern with center dots on the wall makes it look larger than it actually is, while 3 differently sized coffee tables with adornments serve as a great accent zone.

Small Hallway Ideas

6-  Hallway Decor Idea With Rustic Charm

Well, this one by Country Living truly exudes the rustic charm with the antique bench showcasing greenery and Budapest print carpet running through the center of the wooden flooring. The doors painted in Rustic Red Rock serve as icing on the cake.

Hallway Decor Idea With Rustic Charm

7-  Hallway Idea With Paneling

Paneling can also be a great resource when it comes to decorating hallways, as this idea by houzz clearly reflects. Whether on walls or on floor, when done correctly, it can literally enhance the whole outlook of the space.

Hallway Idea With Panelling

8-  Hallway Decoration With a Bit Of Nature

If nature inspires you when it comes to decorating your home, you can do the very same in hallway decoration as well. In fact, you can augment your inspiration with a mirror right beside the flower vase, so that it serves to reflect light as well as greenery through the interior.

Hallway Decoration With a Bit Of Nature

9-  More Greenery In Hall Decorating Ideas!

And if you want more of greenery around you, this one by HOMESTORE gives you the right kind of inspiration, especially if you have some garden space across your hallway to be able to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature.   

More Greenery In Hall Decorating Ideas!

10-  Classy Hallway

 We had one of the best hallway design ideas saved for you till the end of the party! Wondering about the owner of this classically adorable hallway? Hold your breath ladies and gentlemen, because you will be gasping in amazement to know that this hallway belongs to ever talented and ever adorable Julianne Moore, designed by herself, as brought to us by POPSUGAR. A larger than life picture frame and a slatted bench underneath it perfectly complement with rest of the decor, yet standout enough to catch instant attention.

Classy Hallway

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