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27 DIY Murphy Bed To Save Space In A Small Room

A DIY Murphy bed is a perfect sleeping solution for small rooms and/or small apartments. If you’re not familiar with a Murphy bed, it’s a fold down bed that is neatly and quickly folded up into the wall or cabinet when not in use. This style of wall mounted bed frees up floor space in a small room so the room can be multi-functional. Check out these 27 DIY Murphy bed ideas to find the style that will solve your sleeping space needs. You may like to check out plans for platform bed , diy storage beds, diy loft beds, diy murphy beds, diy headboards and diy bed frame.

1- DIY Murphy Bed For Guest Room

When a guest room needs to be used for other activities when you don’t have house guests, consider building a DIY wall bed like this one. Step by step instruction shows you how to build this attractive hidden bed flanked by storage shelves.

DIY wall bed

2- Cheap DIY Murphy Bed

When money and space are minimal, use these DIY Murphy bed plans to build a twin-sized wall bed that folds up to look an armoire. Attractive and space-saving in any room of the home.

DIY Murphy bed

3- DIY Wall Bed

This video will show you how to build a full size Murphy bed that is both attractive and functional. The cost of the build is nominal too.

DIY Wall Bed

4- Built-in Cabinet

No one will guess that there is a fold down bed hidden behind what appears to be a built-in cabinet. Paint the wood cabinetry to match the room decor or to stand out as a show piece in the room.

Built-in Cabinet

5- Farmhouse DIY Murphy Bed

Use these DIY plans to build a Murphy bed that will be a WOW factor in the room. These plans will show you how to build a modern farmhouse style Murphy bed with side storage cabinets.

Farmhouse Murphy Bed

6- Book Case DIY Murphy Bed

This cheap Murphy bed looks like a cabinet when closed, it has a bookshelf on each side. Building this project requires a bit of precision especially when installing it. Though it may look hard at first, the woodworking is very easy and can be completed by any regular DIYer. The outside view when closed is like a four compartments cabinet, and the shelves by the side can be used to store things.

Build an attractive cabinet to house your bed

7- Side Fold Murphy Bunk Beds

Here’s a great way to create sleeping and playing space for two kids in the same room. Use these plans to build DIY side-folding bunk beds.

Side Fold Bunk Beds

8- DIY Murphy Bunk Beds

Here is another DIY idea for Murphy bunk beds. Space-saving, functional and attractive.

Murphy Bunk Beds

9- Sleek Wall Bed

Sleek, attractive and ready for use when guests arrive. Use these DIY wall bed plans to build a bed that stays hidden until guests arrive.

DIY wall bed plans to build a bed

10- Ikea Hack

Build your own Ikea Murphy bed hack with these easy to follow plans. The fold down bed is hidden behind sliding doors and looks like a built-in closet.

Build your own Ikea Murphy bed

11- Wall Art With DIY Murphy Bed

This idea will inspire you to build a Murphy bed that looks like wall art. Suitable for the main living space, no one will know there’s a bed behind the art.

build a Murphy bed

12- Faux Dresser DIY Murphy Bed

It looks like a high-end dresser, but it’s actually a full size diy Murphy bed. This idea is space-saving and attractive. Great way to use reclaimed wood.

full size Murphy bed

13- Work of Art

Use this innovative plan to create a DIY work of art to hidden your diy Murphy bed. Built to look like the doors of a police station, this idea could be implemented in other similar ways.

Murphy bed

14- Rustic Style DIY Murphy Bed

Create this rustic style queen size Murphy bed with these detailed plans. This rustic build would work perfectly with farmhouse style decor.

queen size Murphy bed

15- Horizontal Fold Out Bed

Compact, attractive and functional. This twin size horizontal fold out bed is practical for use in a vacation rental home or in your home bedroom for a toddler’s sleeping space.

Horizontal Fold Out Bed

16- Hack a PAX DIY Murphy Bed

This project involves building an inexpensive DIY Murphy bed from PAX cabinets. The frame of the bed is attached to the cabinet and is designed so the bed can be quickly pushed onto the cabinet. You will have to strongly attach the cabinet to the wall to ensure it doesn’t fall off. You can also modify the plan to build a double bed.

Hack a PAX Murphy Bed

17- Wardrobe DIY Murphy Bed

This plan details how to build a Murphy bed designed in the form of a double doors cabinet. Before embarking on this project, it’s vital to ensure you have ample space for easy extension of the bed.

The original plan is made for a queen-sized Murphy bed. However, you can modify the width and length to suit your available space.

After making the frame of the Cabinet and attaching it to the walls, you can then build the bed frame,  before coupling it to the already installed cabinet frame.

Wardrobe Murphy Bed

18- DIY Wall Mounted Murphy bed

If you want a hideaway bed for your guest bedroom or studio apartment, then you can follow this plan to build Murphy bed for under $150.

The design is a wall mounted bed designed to be enclosed by a cabinet.

The bed is entirely made of wood, and you need some supplies and tools to get started. The plan contains pictures and videos that will guide you on every single building step. It’s easy to build and can be completed in a few days.

DIY Wall Mounted Murphy bed

19- Compact Sized DIY Murphy Bed

This full sized Murphy bed plan is designed for small rooms with lower ceiling height and contains a full-sized mattress. It has a fantastic design that helps beautify your home. The bed frame is made to entirely fit into the installed wall cabinet frame, which makes it easier to push it up or down.

You will have to make the cabinet frames and the bed frames separately before coupling every unit in its place.

Compact Sized Murphy Bed
DIY murphy bed Image via: woodworking.formeremortals.net

20- DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

Building a DIY Murphy bed is pretty easy with the right plan, materials, and tools. This plan will guide you on z, ideal for a modern farmhouse.

The frames attached to the wall is designed to have a storage cabinet on both sides that can be used to keep things.

A large part of this project is constructed with plywood, but you will also need other materials and tools.

It’s also essential you read the plan carefully before starting the project and ensure you confirm the size requirements.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

21- DIY Queen Sized Murphy Bed

Follow this plan to build a queen sized Murphy bed, designed to look like a regular cabinet when closed. The design also has a shelf on each side of the cabinet with sufficient space to store things.

Whenever you need a bed instead of a cabinet,  you will have to remove the things placed on the cabinets, remove the bolts that hold the bed upright and pull down a fancy bed.

This plan is easy to build even for a newbie DIYer and is very active.

Queen Sized Murphy Bed

22- Faux Dresser Murphy Bed DIY

Most DIY Murphy bed ideas are usually designed straight upwards with longer lengths than the width; however, this plan has a rectangular shape, designed like a dresser.

The front is structured like a five compartments dresser; You can attach drawer handles to beautify it and help with the opening and closing; and even a lock to ensure it doesn’t open on its own.

The frame of the bed can be used as a shelf to place flowers and other things.

Faux Dresser Murphy Bed DIY

23- DIY Wall Murphy Bed+Sofa

This is a DIY murphy bed with a lifting mechanism that can be mount on the wall or to a floor. Its a custom sized that be open over the sofa.

DIY Wall Murphy Bed+Sofa

24- Fold Down DIY Murphy Bed

This fold down bed is designed to have a shelf in the middle where things can be placed. This DIY wall bed plans are best built with branded plywood. To ensure that you get the exact measurement, You can build the bed box, before building the cabinet frame around it.

When closed,  the front of the bed looks plain, except for the detachable desk board.

The top can also serve as a shelf to place things.

Fold down Murphy bed

25- DIY Murphy Bed with IKEA Cabinets

This Murphy wall bed plan requires a standard factory made wardrobe cabinet. You will have to measure and construct the bed frame according to the size of the cabinet so that it can be easy to couple.

The plan is well detailed and will guide you on how to build this wall mounted bed.

The cabinets should be tall enough to enclose a queen sized bed or whatever mattress size you have.

The project is placed at an intermediate experience level and can be completed within 5 to 6 days.

Murphy Bed with IKEA Cabinets

26- DIY Murphy Bed (Wall Bed)

If you want to build a DIY Murphy bed for your existing mattress, then you need to measure the size of the mattress to know the space you would need to hold the mattress.

In this plan,  The frame is mounted on the wall, and the top piece is a flap that comes down when the bed is to be stored.

The bed also has legs which swivel out when its pulled to the down.

DIY Murphy bed

27- Our Murphy Bed Project from a DIY Kit

If you can’t mount your bed on the wall,  then you should build this DIY Murphy bed which can be held to the ceiling.

The plan contains an explicit step by step guide on how to build the bed from start to finish. When closed, the design looks like a double door cupboard. To make sure easier for you,  its advisable to measure twice before cutting.

There are straps installed that hold the mattress.

Our Murphy Bed Project from a DIY Kit

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