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Make Your Own Candles

Make Your Own Candles at Home-15 Inspiring DIY Candles Ideas

How about you start making your own candles? You can save a lot of money by diy candles, as you would have option to switch between the shapes, colors, scents and what not. Read this amazing and interesting homemade candles excerpt and decorate your adobe with these little, gorgeous looking ornaments. Also get interesting ideas for diy candle holders.

1: Crayon DIY Candles

Look for a color of your choice in crayons, get cute, plain fatty candles and be ready for color play. Melt the crayons in a container, upon getting the melted form, dip the plain candles and put them in your dining room for decoration.

Tutorial at momtastic.com

Crayon Candles

2: Make Colorful Soy Candles

Interested in knowing how to make soy candles? Let’s give you simplest recipe for making candles of your choice. The process involves simple steps, adding soy wax to jar, colors and scent of your choice. It would a fun experience, do it over the weekend and enjoy. See the tutorial at :somethingturquoise.com

Colorful Soy Candles

3: Make Scented French Vanilla Candles

Look for stylish glass in your cabinet, some wax, coffee and vanilla beans and a wick, of course. Melt the wax, put in the glass, glue the wick and add the beans, let it settle, and you are done.

Get the details at Hello Natural

Scented French Vanilla Candles

4: Beeswax Tart DIY Candles

Use tin tart containers to make these cute little decoration candles for your guest room. Beeswax comes in bar form so you would have to melt in down by breaking into chunks.  Get the details at The Sweetest Occasion

Beeswax Tart Candles1

5: Diy Olive Oil Candles

Heard of making your own candles without wax? Well, you can do it by using olive oil instead – these tend of last longer. Don’t worry, you can use expired olive oil from stores to cut down cost. Tutorial at LittleHouseliving.com

Diy Olive Oil Candles

6: Cranberry DIY Candle

Take a mason jar, fill it with cranberries, or even pseudo types, if you want, place a small tart shape candle on the top and close with open ended top. These can be turned into homemade scented candles, if you add some liquid scent to the wax.  Get the instruction Formulamom

Cranberry Candle

7: Coffee DIY Candles

Add coffee beans to the plastic cup adjust the wick and pour hot wax. Let it get settled for a day and then cut the plastic cup. You are done with simplest diy candle making.

Coffee Candles

8: Hued DIY Candles

Get hold of lots and lots of crayons, because this plan would cherish everyone with multiple color layers of colored wax. Take a stylish glass, and start adding layers of melted crayons in it, one by one, after each one gets cooled. Tutorial: Adventures-In-Making

Hued Candles

9: Make Cookie Cutter/Mold Candles

Thinking of how to make candles in a few hours? Here is the wonderful idea – Take colored wax, melt it to get liquid form, pour them into the cookie cutter or molds of different shapes and let it cool down for a few hours, and you are done! Get the detail from Adventures-In-Making.com

Cookie Cutter Mold Candles

10: Old Candles Revamp

If you have a bunch of old candles at home, cut them into pieces, add them to a plastic container, pour hot wax, and let it cool for some time. You can remove it from the container, and get hands on the lovely colored candles. Any color can be scented if you add some nice fragrance to it. Try this tip here and get diy scented candles.

Old Candles Revamp

11: Make Antique Tea Cup Candles

If you have an old tea cup set at home, you can use that for lighting up for dining room. Fix the wick in the center and add scented wax in the cup to get these lovely looking candles. Within a few hours, you would be done with your interesting diy project.

Antique Tea Cup Candles

12: Make Color Blocking Candles

Great colors can be used to make your own color blocked candles – simply add the crayons to the wax before melting it, and pour the liquid in glass container. However, keep rotating the glass while adding the liquid, otherwise desired style won’t be achieved. Instructions at Brit + Company

color blocking candleColor Blocking Candles

13: Make Pumpkin Soy Wax Candles

Take out the fresh lump from the pumpkins and use its skin as candle container. Add the wick using aluminum foil and pour soy wax in it. Let it dry for a while and you have interesting, fragrant candles ready for decoration.

Tutorial at Hello Natural

Pumpkin Soy Wax Candles

14: Gold Painted Homemade Candles

Use plain white candles and dip them into gold spray paint. You can color them full, make any design or just color the bottom. It would look simply fantastic, and make your own room look breathtaking. Get the details at blog.vickybarone.com

Gold Painted Candles

15: Make Your Own Grapefruit Candle

Get a big sized grapefruit, cut it from the center, and remove the plump. Fix the wick and fill the base with olive oil, your simple candle is ready for decoration. Get the details on Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

Grapefruit candle

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