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DIY LED Grow Lights

27 DIY Led Grow Lights For Growing Plants Indoors

DIY LED grow lights allow you to grow plants indoors year-round. Grow fresh food and other vegetation inside your home or other building and have a harvest every day when you use LED grow lights.

There are a few basic requirements that all plant life must have to thrive and DIY LED grow lights can easily provide one of the vital needs–lighting. Plants need a minimum of 6 hours of bright light every day but 10 or more hours are better for plant health and vitality.

Creating, installing and using grow lights for plants will allow you to determine how much light the indoor plants will be exposed to every day so you can reap the best harvest. Whatever you choose to grow indoors, DIY grow lights will enable you to have productive plants.

Look over these 27 DIY LED Grow Light options to help you choose the one that is right for your plant growing needs. Follow the detailed instructions for building the design of your choice and get growing today.

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1- Create Large 108W DIY LED Grow Light Panel

This DIY led grow light panel is easy to build with the includes step-by-step instructions. This LED panel provides perfect grow lights for weeds and will burn approximately 50,000 hours.

DIY LED Grow Light Panel

2-Grow Plants With This Log Style light

High intensity LED lighting in a log shape that will provide cheap diy LED grow light that will help you get garden plants started earlier in the spring and growing longer in the fall.

DIY Grow Light Log

3- DIY LED Tank Lighting

This YouTube video will show you how to build a LED lighting system for tank planting. This is an ideal way to recycle an old fish tank and use it to grow fresh herbs and other small plants indoors.

The LED growing lights are inexpensive to buy and use, and the lighting panel is easy to build. Planted tanks are also a great way to start seeds and propagate plants, and this YouTube video takes you through each step of the DIY LED lighting project.

4- 100 Watt DIY LED Grow Lights

Watch these easy to follow instructions that will show you how to build an air-cooled 100 watt grow light that takes up a very small footprint in the room.

This powerful grow light runs cool and can be suspended from over-head to be close to plants. Ideal for growing in small spaces and/or when growing just a few indoor plants. This is also great for use to help promote healthy growth for house plants if you live in a climate that has limited sunshine during the winter months. Use this 100 watt LED grow light set-up to supplement natural light for your indoor house plants.

100 Watt LED Grow Light

5- Recycled Seed Starting Cabinet

A dedicated space is needed to create a space for starting plant seeds, and this idea will inspire you to create your own recycled seeds starting cabinet.

An old entertainment center fitted with LED grow lights will create a stylish and safe indoor space for seed starting. Not everyone has a room that can be dedicated to seed starting or plant growing, but if you have enough space to place an entertainment center, then you can grow plants in any room of your home.

LED lighting is easy and cheap to install, and most old entertainment centers already have shelves and bottom drawers which can be used to hold seeds containers and other plant accessories.

Recycled Seed LED Grow Light

6- Grow Marijuana Under 2’ x 2’ Small Space

When you only have a small space you can dedicate to growing, this diy LED grow light design is perfect. Light mixture, ventilation and heat are perfectly balanced in a small space when this lighting design is used.

diy LED grow light design

7- DIY LED Grow Lamps

Grow lamps are not a new invention, but they have evolved into a more practical and affordable DIY LED grow lamps in recent years. Use this innovative design to build your own diy LED grow lamps and get growing today.

DIY LED Grow Lamps

8- High Powered LED

This DIY LED grow light solution makes the best use of a small space by having everything tucked inside a large tote tub. The plants of choice are planted inside the tote tub and the LED grow lights are installed in the lid of the tote tub. One neat, compact indoor garden producing multiple plants year ‘round.

DIY LED grow light

9- DIY LED Room Lighting

When a room filled with growing plants is desired, this DIY LED room lighting is the way to go. Easy to build with overhead installation will enable you to grow large amounts of plants with easy any time of year.

DIY LED room lighting

10- Individual Plant LED Grow Light

When an entire room filled with LED lighting is far too much and you just need a few grow lamps to enable individual plants to grow, this is an inexpensive and easy lighting build. Individual plant lamps will let you grow healthy and hardy plants from seeds to maturity.

Individual Plant Lights

11- Super Bright LED Fixture

When super bright light is a must for growing plants in your indoor space, this DIY LED grow light panel is what you need.

This light panel produces around 310w without a shade or filter. This is ideal when growing plants in a basement or other indoor space that has no natural lighting coming inside through windows.

If less wattage is needed, add a shade. LED lights do not produce heat and use far less energy to burn than halogen lights. Expect to get super bright lights from this homemade LED light panel for around 50,000 hours, light output will decline after that.

DIY LED grow light panel

12- Seed Starting LED Grow Lights

Cheap to build and cheap to use, these 60w are the best LED grow lights for seed starting. Vegetable seeds can be started indoors long before the outdoor weather is warm enough for planting a garden. Getting the seeds planted and germinated gives gardeners a head start of the growing season so they can produce a bigger harvest in their home garden.

Seeds and tiny seedlings need light to grow but the light must not be too bright, and this low wattage DIY project is perfect for the task. This grow light bar is cheap to build and efficient to use, and no fan is needed to keep seedlings cool and well-lit for optimum growth.

Seed Starting LED Grow Lights

13- Cheap Hydroponic Light Source

An indoor hydroponic system allows you to grow fresh food and other vegetation without soil year-round. But you must have a good light source for the plants and this open-source lighting will provide it.

This video tutorial will show you how to build DIY LED grow lights for your indoor hydroponic system that is cheap and efficient. The light panels are easy to customize for use with your hydroponic system, cheap to use and they do work to promote healthy plant growth.

This is a fan-less design and lights can be set-up to run on a timer so plants will receive plenty of light.

DIY LED grow light panel

14- DIY LED Grow Light Bar

This DIY LED grow light bar design is ideal for large indoor spaces where many larger plants will be grown. The DIY light bars are long and will illuminate large spaces when suspended overhead. Even though the bars are long they are still cheap to build, cheap to use, produce little heat and produce more light that incandescent lights.

LED lighting produces an efficient light source for plants and emits more light in the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) range. This reduces the amount of wasted energy and makes LED lighting much more efficient at providing plants with needed light than other incandescent light sources.

DIY LED Grow Light Bar

15- Indoor Farming DIY LED Grow Lights

Indoor farming is a method of growing food year-round to meet the demand of consumers. It’s currently used for both commercial and individual purposes and proper lighting is a must for optimum plant growth and food production.

DIY LED grow lights are affordable to build and practical to use. The panels can be built to meet whatever size indoor farm you may have and will provide plenty of light for plants to thrive.

These detailed instructions will enable you to build the perfect sized light panels to supply your indoor farm with light.

Indoor Farming LED Grow Lights

16- Cannabis DIY Grow Lights

Not all indoor farmers grow food plants, some grow cannabis and need the correct lighting to promote healthy plant growth. This tutorial will provide you with detailed plans for creating the right diy LED lighting for cannabis growing and provide growers with advice on LED lighting and plant growing.

Cannabis DIY Grow Lights

17- Red and Blue DIY LED Grow Lights

Natural light comes in a variety of different hues that we can’t detect, but plants can. Indoor LED lighting should provide different color hues for optimum plant growth and production and these free plans will show you how to create red and blue grow light panels.

This design can be used for small or large scale indoor plant growing and will help the plants grow faster and produce more.

These plans also show you how to create a pair of DIY glasses with green lens so you can see better in the red and blue indoor lighting.

Red and Blue DIY LED Grow Lights

18- Solar Powered Grow Light

Cheap to build and free to use, this solar-powered grow light is ideal for supplementing natural light to your house plants during the dark winter months.

This DIY LED grow light looks like an attractive part of the planter during the day and provides extra light to your house plant when the sun goes down. The solar light also acts as a mini night light for the room.

A great addition for a planter in the bathroom or kitchen windowsill, it will double as a free night light for those nocturnal visits. Ideal for growing indoor herbs or house plants that help purify indoor air.

Solar Powered Grow Light

19- Year-Round Garden

How would you like to grow fresh food 365 days a year? You can when you build this indoor garden system that uses DIY LED grow lights.

Whatever climate that you live in there will always be certain seasons when it’s not good for growing plants for food outdoors. Cold, wet, dry or hot weather makes it difficult, if not impossible, to grow any type of food outdoors, but you can have a year-round garden indoor no matter the weather is outdoors.

LED grow lights for plants can provide some or all of the light that plants need to grow and produce food. Reduce your grocery bill and eat healthier with this idea for creating a year-round garden.

DIY LED grow lights

20- Battery Powered LED Grow Lights

This battery-powered LED grow light can supplement the natural light a house plant receives to keep the plant healthy.

Easy to build and to install on a planter, create this LED grow light cheaply and quickly with these instructions.

Battery Powered LED Grow Lights

21- Hanging Lantern Grow Lights

These free plans show you how to take ready-made components and create attractive and functional LED grow lights for your plants.

The ready-made components make this a fast and simple DIY project and the design is attractive enough to use in any room of your home for growing plants.

Hanging Lantern Grow Lights

22- Adjustable DIY LED Grow Lights

Use these free plans to build grow light panels with LED lighting that can be adjusted to meet your plant needs.

Whether you need lighting for seed starting in spring or for year-round indoor gardening, this design can be adjusted to meet the need. These LED light panels are easy and cheap to build, plus they are highly efficient.

Adjustable DIY LED Grow Lights

23- Marijuana DIY Grow Lights

This detailed building LED lighting guide will enable you to build a diy LED grow lights as big or as small as you need for growing your own medical marijuana.

diy LED grow light panel

24- Hanging DIY LED Panel

This simple design is easy for first-time DIYers to master with ease. These hanging DIY LED grow lights can be created in a customized size to fit your space. Easy and cheap to assemble, long-lasting and cheap to use.

DIY LED grow light panel

25- LED COB Grow Light

It’s easy to give plants the light they need to grow with these efficient LED COB lights. Easy and inexpensive to build, these DIY LED grow lights provide plenty of light for plants to be grown indoor year-round.

These easy to follow directions will show you how to build this efficient indoor garden lighting system that is easy to customize to meet your needs.

DIY LED COB Grow Light

26- Make LED 5 band Grow Light 

The best LED grow light for growing edible garden plants is an overhead panel that evenly distributes light. These instructions with pictures will help you build an overhead panel quickly and inexpensively.

best LED grow light

27 -Design DIY Grow Lights Under 145 USD

This detailed design for food or cannabis grow lights is easy to build and has a minimal cost when you think outside the box for places to purchase LED lights. Ebay is a good resource for purchasing cheap lights and other building materials.

Design DIY Grow Light Under 145 USD

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