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22 Modern & Innovative Staircase Ideas

A staircase is often taken for granted. Many people consider it as simply a link between two floors, when in reality it is a major architectural feature that can turn an ordinary entryway into an elegant and grand entrance. Many staircases are basic and generic but it can easily be designed to help define personal style and showcase home decor. By adding a unique staircase design, railing, and materials – anyone can easily update the overall look of their house.

  1. The Rustic Staircase

This stairway idea is the perfect addition to a country home or cottage. It is sturdy enough for the family and provides a cozy feel to the house. Via

The Rustic Staircase

  1. The Bookshelf Staircase idea

This modern staircase offers a multitude of features and benefits. Not only does it act as a storage space for books and other personal items, but it can also be used as a steep staircase to a loft area. Great for apartments!

The Bookshelf Staircase

     3.  The DIY Wooden Staircase

This stair idea is the best choice for a DIY project. It can easily be created with simple wooden crates making it affordable and effective.

The DIY Wooden Staircase

  1. The Minimalist Spiral Staircase

For individuals who love spiral stairs – this is the perfect choice for an attic staircase. Although it is not suitable for small children, it is the perfect staircase for hard-to-reach areas.

The Minimalist Spiral Staircase

  1. The Slidecase Stairs

This innovative staircase brings out the inner-child in all of us. What could be more fun then sliding down the stairs in the morning to get breakfast? The neighbors will be envious!

The Slidecase Stairs

  1. The Rainbow Spiral Staircase

A perfect solution for a multi-level staircase, this bright spiral stair idea takes the cake for being the most colorful. Both modern and creative, this is a great idea for a business or store.

The Rainbow Spiral Staircase

  1. The Tree Staircase

Live a modern-day fairytale with each step you take. This rustic chic staircase will make every girl feel like a princess. It offers the perfect combination of beauty and sturdiness.

The Tree Staircase

  1. The Skateboard Staircase

This is a simple DIY project that offers fantastic results. By combining several wooden skateboards and attaching them to panels, you are left with a terrific modern staircase.

The Skateboard Staircase

  1. The Ribbon Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs often provide a classic and exquisite look. This staircase is no exception. While it is on the more difficult side in terms of creation, it offers an elegant ribbon-look that makes the perfect addition to any home.

The Ribbon Spiral Staircase

  1. The Modern Cast Staircase

When it comes to staircase decorating ideas, sometimes simple can be better. With this modern staircase, individuals have the option of deciding which color is their favorite.

The Modern Cast Staircase

  1. The Wonderland Staircase

Hold on to your teacups when going through this wonderland-esque staircase. It proves that paint and wood can go a long way.

The Wonderland Staircase

  1. The Metal Handrail Staircase

Appearing simple at first, yet built with an intricate design – this modern staircase is both safe and stylish. It is the perfect addition to a loft or storage space.

The Metal Handrail Staircase

  1. The Nature-Lover Staircase

This staircase decorating idea is calling all nature-lovers. The beautiful trunk looks beautiful in both cottages and small homes. It is the perfect spiral stairs centerpiece.

The Nature-Lover Staircase

  1. The Bright Light Staircase

This modern staircase is minimalist and offers plenty of benefits. Light up the area by installing lights within each step.

The Bright Light Staircase

  1. The Swooping Staircase

A beautiful addition to any place of business or restaurant. It is large enough to hold multiple individuals but stylish enough that it should be seen by many.

The Swooping Staircase

  1. The One-Piece Staircase Idea

Constructed out of one sturdy piece of metal, this staircase would suit most minimalists. It is the perfect basement stairs idea but should be walked on with caution!

The One-Piece Staircase

  1. The High Tide Staircase Design

This staircase decorating idea resembles waves crashing on land. It would make the perfect addition to a museum or place of business. Truly a sight in itself!

The High Tide Staircase

  1. The Book-Nook Staircase

As long as you don’t mind stepping on your books – this staircase could work for you. It would look perfect leading up to a small reading nook or attic.

The Book-Nook Staircase

  1. The Spine Staircase

It looks like something straight out of a science museum – this modern spiral staircase could be a great decoration piece.

The Spine Staircase

  1. The Wall Block Staircase

Simple and creative is the theme of this minimalist wonder. Perfect for individuals trying to save on space. Used as an innovative basement stair idea, this is definitely unique.

 The Wall Block Staircase

  1. The Feng Shui Staircase

This stair idea is both calming and creative. Easily created with simple materials and offers long-lasting results. Paired with light-tones and storage space, this unique beauty is a great decoration.

 The Feng Shui Staircase

  1. The Blackout Staircase

Black paint and LED-lighting can go a long way when it comes to staircase decorating ideas. This modern staircase is certainly unique.

The Blackout Staircase

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