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27 DIY Outdoor Table You Can Build Easily

A DIY outdoor table is a great addition to your patio or backyard. Building the table is not only a great outdoor project, but you can customize your DIY patio table to meet your needs. You can designate your table to entertaining guests, or you can use it when you want to get a little fresh air.

There are different methods for building a DIY outdoor table, from using wood pallets to adding a built-in cooler. You’re sure to find a set of plans that catch your eye. Use the following plans we have found for you to build an outdoor dining table that’s perfect for your space.

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1. DIY Outdoor Dining Table

Can you imagine an evening of dining outside in the nice weather? With these plans, you can build a DIY dining table like this one by cravingsomecreativity that fits on your porch. The table is large enough to sit four to six people comfortably. You can even add a cross-X pattern or granite to the tabletop to give it a unique look.

Finish it off with wooden dining chairs, which you can adorn with cushions for style and comfort. While these plans are for repurposing an old dining table, you do have the option of building your table from scratch. Tutorial:

DIY Outdoor Dining Table
DIY Outdoor Dining Table Image via: cravingsomecreativity

2. Farmhouse-Style Picnic Table

If you’re looking for a DIY outdoor table like this one by justagirlandherblog with a country vibe to it, we suggest you consider a farmhouse-style picnic table like this. You’re going to build this picnic table from scratch using lumber, screws and several tools, and it’s going to include two benches and the table itself.

It’s recommended to finish the job with General Finish’s Outdoor Oil, as this oil enhances the beauty of the wood, and it holds up well outside. There’s enough room to seat several people at your table, plus it adds a touch of coziness to your country-style exterior. In addition, every mealtime feels like a picnic in your own backyard.

Farmhouse-Style Picnic Table
Farmhouse-Style Picnic Table Image via: justagirlandherblog

3. Frugal DIY Outdoor Table

Are you looking for a frugal option for your outdoor furniture? We suggest you look no further than this frugal diy outdoor table by thefrugalhomemaker, which you can build for less than $60. In fact, these plans show you how to build your table using 17 2×4 boards.

Like other plans we are sharing with you, this table is big enough to seat four to six people, and you can use cushioned dining or patio chairs to add comfort to your space. When you’re finished with your project, you’ll have built a beautiful farmhouse table without spending a lot of money.

Frugal DIY Outdoor Table
Frugal DIY Outdoor Table Image via: thefrugalhomemaker

4. Herringbone Top

Here we have a high-end design table with a low-end price tag. These DIY patio table plans by cherishedbliss will show you how to easily build an attractive wooden outdoor table that has ‘X’ brace legs and a herringbone top design. You may also like to see farmhouse dining table.

DIY patio table plans
DIY patio table plans Image via: cherishedbliss

5. Simple Elegance

This elegant-looking outdoor dining table by ana-white is very simple to build if you follow these step-by-step plans. Easy to adjust size so you can build this table to fit your outdoor space.

outdoor dining table
outdoor dining table Image via: ana-white

6. Matching Benches

Use these DIY outdoor table plans by findingsilverpennies to build a table with matching benches. The benches add extra seating even if the table is not being used, and the benches fit under the table when not in use to free up floor space.

DIY outdoor table plans
DIY outdoor table plans Image via: findingsilverpennies

7. Shanty Chic

Here are free video plans to build a shanty chic outdoor table like this one by shanty-2-chic to compliment any outdoor space. Solid construction is easy to build. Stain wood or paint is to suit your personal chic taste.

chic outdoor table
chic outdoor table Image via: shanty-2-chic

8. Concrete and Cedar Table

This patio table plans will show you how to build a permanent outdoor table like this one by bhg that has cedar legs and a concrete top. Durable, stable, inexpensive and easy to build, this outdoor table will last for years and provides a solid surface for food preparation.

Concrete and Cedar Table
Concrete and Cedar Table Image via: bhg

9. Built-in Cooler

Use these free DIY plans to build a wood outdoor table like this one by blackanddecker that has a built-in cooler. Great for times when you just want to sit around the table with friends and enjoy a cold beverage. No lugging out the cooler or having to trot in and out of the house for cold beverages, the built-in cooler will keep the drinks right at your fingertips.

wood outdoor table
wood outdoor table Image via: blackanddecker

10. Recycled Patio Table

Use these free plans to discover how to recycle old pieces of furniture into a new outdoor patio table like this one by instructables. Create a unique outdoor table for almost free with this idea.

Recycled Patio Table
Recycled Patio Table Image via: instructables

11. Planter Ice Box

Use these plans and a couple of oblong flower planters to create an attractive outdoor patio table like this one by remodelaholic with a built in ice box. If you don’t want to use the planters as a place to cool beverages, use them for their original purpose and plant flowers in the center of the table.

outdoor patio table
outdoor patio table Image via: remodelaholic

12. Under $50 DIY Outdoor Table

Cheap, attractive and durable. Use these plans to build an outdoor dining table like this one by curbly for under $50. Wood construction that can be stained or painted and used with or without an umbrella.

Under $50 DIY Outdoor Table
Under $50 DIY Outdoor Table Image via: curbly

13. Outdoor Table with Chairs

This video tutorial will walk you through building an outdoor table like this one by ana-white with matching chairs and a bench. This design looks like it came off the showroom floor of your local patio furniture shop, no one will believe you built it yourself!

Outdoor Table with Chairs
Outdoor Table with Chairs Image via: ana-white

14. Octagon Table

Free octagon table plans like this one by bobsplans will enable you to build this attractive outdoor table with attached benches. Durable construction that will last for years without breaking the budget.

octagon table plans
octagon table plans Image via: bobsplans

15. Modern Design

These patio table plans have a modern design featuring clean lines and durable construction. This is one of our most favorite DIY outdoor table design. These plans will show you how to build this large outdoor patio table by decorandthedog that will seat 8. The modern design will fit in perfectly with new home construction.

how to build this large outdoor patio table
large outdoor patio table Image via: decorandthedog

16. Composite Deck Table

You can build a composite table for your deck like this one by thediynuts using the leftover materials from building the deck itself. This way, you’re able to build your new table without breaking the bank. The best part is your table is going to match your deck, which creates a stylish exterior that stands out from the crowd.

If you’d prefer to not have them match, you can use an exterior stain with special polyurethane, or an ordinary outdoor stain, to give your table a slightly different shade than the rest of your deck.

Composite Deck Table
Image via: thediynuts.com

17. Outdoor End Table

When building a DIY outdoor table like this one by girljustdiy you don’t have to stick with dining table plans. You can also learn how to build an outdoor end table to complement your patio furniture. Just like with the frugal table, you’re building this table with several 2×4 boards, but the exact number of boards is going to depend on the size of your table.

Place your end table next to your patio chair or couch for a place to set your beverage or snack as you spend time outdoors. You can use stain for a wood-toned table, or you can paint it to add a splash of color to your outdoor lounge.

Outdoor End Table
Outdoor End Table Image via: girljustdiy

18. DIY Outdoor Table With Cooler

Whether you’re relaxing or entertaining guests, a DIY table like this one by bunnings with a built-in cooler is going to come in handy. The table itself features a round hole for your cooler bucket, and you’re going to fill the bucket with ice before placing it in your table. Fill the bucket with wine coolers or champagne for an elegant dinner party, or fill it with soft drinks for a casual gathering. For seating, you can use chairs, benches or a mixture of the two, as this depends on your preference.

DIY Outdoor Table With Cooler
DIY Outdoor Table With Cooler Image via:bunnings

19. Multifunction DIY Coffee Table

If you’re planning to build a coffee table for your patio like this one by instructables, you can never go wrong with a multifunction coffee table. It’s going to feature several compartments for everything from snacks to board games.

Can you imagine hosting a party and pulling your essentials out of your coffee table? It also makes setting up and cleaning up a breeze because you don’t have to carry everything to and from your house. There’s a lot of work that goes into this coffee table, but look at the amazing table you’re left with once you’re finished.

Multifunction DIY Coffee Table
Multifunction DIY Coffee Table Image via: instructables

20. Modern Outdoor Patio Table

With these plans, you’re going to build a modern DIY patio table like this one by ana-white with pressure treated boards. Of course, you’re also going to stain the table in your preferred shade. The stained wood is perfect for your modern rustic, or even a modern farmhouse, exterior. You can use chairs or benches for your seating, or just like the table with a cooler, you can mix them up. While you’re building your modern outdoor patio table from scratch, the instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

DIY patio table
DIY patio table Image via: ana-white

21. Wood Pallet Dining Table

Use these plans to build a dining table like this one by awortheyread with wood pallets, which gives you an easy, budget-friendly project for your patio or backyard. You can purchase the materials you need from your local hardware or home improvement store, or you may already have the materials from another project. You’re also going to stain your wood to add a little style while protecting it.

The table in this set of plans is large enough to seat eight to ten people, but you can adjust the length as needed. One idea is to add colorful chairs to your wooden dining table to make a fun statement.

Wood Pallet Dining Table
Wood Pallet Dining Table Image via:awortheyread

22. DIY Outdoor Farm Table

These plans show you how to build an attractive, sturdy DIY outdoor table like this one by unexpectedelegance with a farmhouse vibe. While this table may not be as long as previous plans, you can still seat four guests comfortably, or you can adjust the plans to build a longer table.

As for style, you can keep your outdoor farm table a dark shade with black patio chairs, or you can go with a lighter shade with white patio chairs. Regardless of which scheme you choose, this table gives your space a modern farmhouse look. For maximum comfort, you can add a cushion or pillow to each chair.

DIY Outdoor Farm Table
DIY Outdoor Farm Table Image via: unexpectedelegance

23. DIY Large Dining Table

If you’re planning an outdoor dinner party, you may need these plans for a large DIY dining table like this one by pinspiredtodiy. This table is designed to seat 10 to 12 people, which is great for birthday parties, anniversary parties and backyard wedding receptions.

You can use a long bench on either side for a casual gathering, or you can give everyone their own space with patio chairs. A dark walnut wood stain is the cherry on top, as it creates a gorgeous piece that’s fitting of any event. The instructions feature everything you need from the materials to the cut list.

DIY Large Dining Table
DIY Large Dining Table Image via: pinspiredtodiy

24. DIY Patio Table And Chair Set

You’re not just building an outdoor table with these plans by oldworldgardenfarms. You’re building a DIY patio furniture set. The pieces are built with 2×4 boards to create a project that’s not only budget-friendly, but it’s also built with durable materials to last for years. In fact, your furniture is going to have a heavier weight to them, allowing them to withstand storms and strong winds. If you follow the instructions, you can build a set of four patio chairs and a table for less than $100.

DIY Patio Table And Chair Set
DIY Patio Table And Chair Set Image via: oldworldgardenfarms

25. DIY Patio Table

Build a DIY patio table like this one by yellowbrickhome that can seat up to eight people. There’s enough space for three standard chairs across the length of each side, with a bigger chair at each end. It’s comfortable, stylish and fitting of any occasion. If you want to add a little style to your table, you have the option to paint or stain it, but it’s all a matter of personal preference. You’re building the entire table from scratch, but imagine showing off your handmade patio table to all your guests.

DIY Patio Table
DIY Patio Table Image via: yellowbrickhome

26. Five DIY Outdoor Tables

Use these plans to learn how to build five outdoor tables like this one by familyhandyman for your space. You can use wood to build a pedestal picnic table, while a polished concrete table or elegant dining table use both wood and concrete. If you’re steering away from wood-based projects, you may enjoy building a tile top or faux marble table. Once you find a table that catches your interest, you can click on the appropriate link for the materials and instructions.

Five DIY Outdoor Tables
Five DIY Outdoor Tables Image via: familyhandyman

27. DIY Outdoor Art Table

You’ve found DIY outdoor table plans by happinessishereblog for building dining, coffee and end tables, but how would you like to build an outdoor art table? When you stack four wood pallets, you’re building a table that’s just the right height for your children. You can stack additional wood pallets, or remove pallets, to adjust the height. The result? A fun place to work on arts and crafts in the backyard, and you don’t have to worry about making a mess inside the house.

DIY Outdoor Art Table
DIY Outdoor Art Table Image via: happinessishereblog


With such a wide selection of DIY outdoor table plans we have shared with you, finding a set of plans that work for you is going to be a breeze.

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