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DIY Outdoor Sectional

17 DIY Outdoor Sectional Couch and Sofa Plans You May Like To DIY

If you’re thinking of adding a new sofa to your backyard, consider a DIY outdoor sectional couch. With a sectional couch, there’s enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. It’s perfect for taking a nap, relaxing or hosting a party in your backyard.

While you can buy an outdoor sectional couch, it’s even better to build your own DIY outdoor sectional. There are many plans for building your own sectional couch. You can even add extra features to your couch, such as a drink cooler or storage solution.

To help you transform your backyard into a place of comfort and entertainment, here we have collected 17 DIY outdoor sectional plans you’re sure to enjoy.

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1. Outdoor Sectional With Storage

For these sectional plans, you’re building an L shaped outdoor couch such as this one by remodelaholic with storage for your cushions, so you don’t have to worry about your cushions getting wet if it rains or snows. You can use it as an outdoor sectional for unwinding or as a daybed for napping. The plywood allows you to build a durable sectional couch without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Sectional With Storage
Outdoor Sectional With Storage Image via: remodelaholic

2. Modern Outdoor Sectional

Start with this modern diy outdoor sectional if you’re looking to build modern outdoor seating by ana-white. All you need are enough 2×4 boards, as well as a drill and saw, and you’re ready to build your own outdoor sectional couch. The modern touch comes with the armless piece and corner option. When you’re finished, you can add soft cushions and throw pillows for extra comfort.

Modern Outdoor Sectional
Modern Outdoor Sectional Image via: ana-white

3. Long Outdoor Sectional

We suggest this outdoor sectional to those of you who have a large number of family members. Use these plans to build a long outdoor sectional on youtube, which is just what you need for a huge family or outdoor party. Instead of using the seat-by-seat method, you’re going to build the frame of each section at once. Once the sections are built and attached, the cushions and pillows are next, giving you a relaxing spot to unwind or nap outdoors.

4. Cozy DIY Outdoor Sectional

Build a cozy DIY outdoor sectional like this one by kristinalynne for spending time with your family or significant other. This diy outdoor sectional is one of our most favorite idea. The sectional is made of wood, which can be stained or painted if desired. When you pair your wooden frame with soft cushions, you’re adding a touch of warmth to your exterior. One idea is to choose white cushions, as they’ll go with any shade of wood.

DIY outdoor sectional
DIY outdoor sectional Image via: kristinalynne

5. DIY Outdoor Sectional

Build a DIY outdoor sofa like this one by eastcoastcreativeblog for your patio or sunroom. Imagine the sun sparkling off a dark wood frame with light-colored cushions. You’re going to start by building each section, so they look like several chairs. Then, place them together as one piece. You can stain or paint the wood to change the color of your couch.

DIY Outdoor Sectional
DIY outdoor sectional image via: eastcoastcreativeblog.com

6. Soft, Warm Outdoor Sectional

Once again like we have in this idea, you can use a wooden frame and soft cushions to create an outdoor sectional for your backyard. like this one by addicted2diy. One idea is to stain the wood in a darker shade. Then, you can add in a soothing shade with blue cushions. Of course, you can change the color scheme, but you can never go wrong with blue cushions on a wooden couch.

Soft, Warm Outdoor Sectional
Soft, Warm Outdoor Sectional Image via: addicted2diy

7. DIY Outdoor Sectional With Table

You’re sure to enjoy the DIY patio furniture that comes with this project. You can build a DIY outdoor sectional by kindasortasimple and coffee table out of pre-treated cedar-toned wood, or you can order 2×4 boards and stain the wood on your own. The couch features a small back, so you can add back cushions and pillows with ease. You can even build a small matching chair to place next to your couch.

DIY Outdoor Sectional With Table
DIY Outdoor Sectional With Table Image via: kindasortasimple

8. Modular Outdoor Sectional

For your modular outdoor sectional by shanty-2-chic, you’re going to build a box seat with an optional backrest, depending on your preference. Once the frame is built, you can add your cushions and pillows. You can even build two ottomans, complete with matching cushions, to double as small tables. It’s sure to look beautiful on your porch or deck.

Modular Outdoor Sectional
DIY Outdoor Sectional image via: shanty-2-chic.com

9. DIY Outdoor Sectional With Umbrella

Here’s another set of plans that allow you to build an outdoor sectional sofa like this one by grayhousestudio with an umbrella, as well as a comfortable backrest. When you build the couch out of wood, you want to place the back at a 22.5 degree angle, as this adds more comfort to your couch. You can build an attachment or place a stand behind the sectional for an umbrella.

DIY Outdoor Sectional With Umbrella
DIY Outdoor Sectional With Umbrella Image via: grayhousestudio

10. Outdoor Sectional Plans

As you can tell, you’re building your DIY sectional sofa with wood by iliketomakestuff, and this includes the pressure treated lumber and decking screws in these plans. You’re building the entire structure from scratch. When you’re finished, you can add the cushions and pillows. If you have any wood leftover, build a table or chair to match your outdoor sectional.

DIY sectional sofa with wood
Outdoor Sectional Plans, Image via: iliketomakestuff

11. DIY Outdoor Sectional and Table

When you build your DIY outdoor sofa such as this one by the36thavenue, consider staining the wood in a darker shade, as it’s sure to look beautiful under the sun. Place brightly-colored cushions on the sofa to create a cheerful atmosphere. You can stick with solid colors or opt for a floral print, as well as throw pillows that match the color scheme of your couch.

DIY Outdoor Sectional and Table
DIY Outdoor Sectional and Table Image via: the36thavenue

12. Relaxing Outdoor Sectional

Here’s a set of plans for building a relaxing DIY outdoor sectional by realcedar, showing you how to build a comfortable to unwind after a long day. You can even add several brightly-colored cushions and pillows. One idea is to place it on your deck with baskets for blankets, and surround it with beautiful greenery to create a peaceful oasis on your property.

DIY outdoor sectional
Relaxing Outdoor Sectional, Image via: realcedar

13. DIY Outdoor Sectional With Crib Mattress Cushions

For this project, you’re going to build a DIY outdoor couch like this one by lambertslately with crib mattress cushions. You can find the crib mattress cushions from most baby or furniture stores, and they’re a great fit for your sectional couch. However, if you’re worried about the mattress cushions fitting each sectional, build the couch with 2×4 boards to ensure they fit properly.

DIY Outdoor Sectional With Crib Mattress Cushions
DIY outdoor sectional image via: lambertslately.com

14. Outdoor Sectional Sofa Plans

With these plans, you’re following a step-by-step guide for building an outdoor sectional sofa such as this one by myoutdoorplans. Just like other plans we have discussed, you’re going to build the sofa just one chair at a time before putting it all together. You can build as many sections for your couch as you would like, allowing you to create a U-shaped or an L shaped outdoor couch for your patio, deck or yard.

Outdoor Sectional Sofa Plans
Outdoor Sectional Sofa Plans Image via: myoutdoorplans

15. Outdoor Sectional With Doors

Now with these plans, you’re building an outdoor sectional on youtube with an extended chair at one end, which is perfect for stretching your legs. You can even paint and add a few cushions to your sectional. On the bottom of both sections are doors, which open up to reveal storage for outdoor essentials. However, you may want to add a bottom and back to create a waterproof storage solution.

16. DIY Outdoor Sectional For Chilling

You can build an outdoor sectional designed by homedepot  just for hanging with friends. The sectional features a table with several small built-in drink coolers, which are frames in the table for buckets of ice. You can even add built-in coolers to the arms of the couch. There’s also a place to attach an umbrella over the table, creating a shaded area for relaxing.

Outdoor Sectional For Chilling
Outdoor Sectional For Chilling Image via: homedepot

17. Outdoor Sectional With Two Sofas

You’re going to use several plans to build two sofas for this sectional by ana-white, including a standard sofa and one-arm sofa. Once both sofas are complete, you’re going to arrange them as a sectional, with the armless side against the other couch. Your new sectional adds a cozy touch to your patio or porch.

Outdoor Sectional With Two Sofas
Outdoor Sectional With Two Sofas Image via: ana-white


Whether you want to add a matching table, built-in drink coolers or storage solutions, there are many types of outdoor sectionals we presented to you in this list to consider for your weekend project. You can even add cushions, stain the wood or adjust the measurements as needed. When you’re finished, you’re going to have a DIY outdoor sectional that’s perfect for your home.

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