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Wall Art Ideas

20 Fascinating Wall Art Ideas To Decor Your Home

Are you sick of staring your empty walls? So simply decorate them, dress them and bring your imagination on your walls. As you dress yourself so that you look good same way you have to do an art work on your walls. Wall art project are helpful in finding ideas, wall decoration ideas and imaginations which can bring flair and style to your spaces. Beyond inspiration, you can also find wall art ideas which help you to decorate your wall and help you to hang your art work including your ideas in the right place.

The wall art ideas of yours should add style and personality to your rooms. With little cost you should be able to make your wall a master piece. We are having many wall decor ideas which will help you how to decorate a wall and transform your space. Various shaped designs are liked by adult as well as children such as butterfly wall art, fish style, birds’ style, etc. If you want to enhance your wall craft you should browse various ideas and for more information you can go to the link which is provided to you with these following ideas:

1. Battery Powered & Chalkboard Heart

These wall art ideas are the designs related to the hearts again but in different style. Here you will use cardboard boxes in heart shape. Just try you will fall in love with it definitely.

Battery Powered & Chalkboard Heart

2. DIY Canvas Wall art Ideas

You can use canvas for your diy wall art that you can easily make your own. You can use picture to hang on your wall in very stylish way. You just want picture, few bamboo sticks twine etc. This will look just fabulous.

DIY Canvas Wall art Ideas

3. Butterfly Wall Decor Idea

This is mainly designs for your Living room. These are as simple as using wallpapers. You can use high definition images to give your wall good and creative looks.

Butterfly wall decor Idea

4. Geometric Wall Art Ideas

Give your wall a completely different look with this diy art idea. This is full of geometric designs which are unique. These types of design give a perfect look to your wall.

Geometric Wall Art Ideas

5. DIY String Heart Wall Art Ideas

Let us begin with love which is represented by heart. This is mainly made of strings and proper arrangement of nails. The color preference is red as it is symbol of love. See this interesting wall art tutorial

DIY String Heart Wall Art Ideas

6.  Sunburst Mirror Wall Art Ideas

This diy wall art is making Sun with the help of different left over which will actually look very good in the bedroom as well as guest room. This will completely change the room style. This can be made by different stick collected together and join together in the shape of sun.

 Sunburst Mirror Wall Art Ideas

7. Photo Backdrop Wall Decor

This is used mainly to make photo backdrop. These are very colorful and look very attractive. It is just making a bunch of paper fans which are been staples together and hanged on wall. Very attractive when bright colors are used. See the tutorial at Brit+Co

Photo backdrop Wall Decor

8. Wires Wall Decor Design

These diy wall arts are made with wires to form different patterns. This will cost you very less but after making it will look just fabulous. You can use electric wires to form a master piece.

Wires Wall decor Design

9. DIY Wall Art Ideas

This is a beautiful craft project that is totally made from homemade stuff which looks very attractive and inspiring. You can make your home really home sweet home.

DIY Wall Art Ideas

10. DIY Monogram Design

Whenever we think about decorating the walls there are many brainstorming ideas. If they are properly used they will result in awesome outcomes.

The Sweetest Occasion- DIY Entertaining

11. DIY Fish Scale Wall Art Idea

This is the wall decoration which is something related to fish picture or shapes on walls. It looks very attractive because it is also very unique. This project is simple and does take time. This can be your weekend diy art project.

DIY Fish Scale Wall Art Idea

12. Yarn Banner Wall Art Idea

Very simple to make and look very colorful because it contains many color of yarn. All leftover yarns you can collect and then arrange to make look on your wall decoration.

Yarn Banner Wall Art Idea

13. Inspirational Wall Art Ideas

All your children are having many leftover toys, alphabets game, scrabbles etc. These toys all together give you a better and creative wall for your children rooms. This will give pictures to your memories.

Inspirational Wall Art Ideas

14. CD Case Wall Art Ideas

You will love this because it is very impressive and look beautiful on wall. This is just made up of paper cases which look very decent and impressive. Image by style-files.com

CD Case Wall Art Ideas

15. DIY Pallet Wall Art Idea

All our designs are good and unique in it. This is also the same case of using different pallets to decorate the walls.

DIY Pallet Wall Art Idea

16. Scrap Wood Wall Art Project

These wall art ideas are stylish but have traditional roots. Give your wall a fresh spin by creating your own imaginations. This is using scrap wood pieces into your ideas.

Scrap Wood Wall Art Project

17. Wood Silhouette Cut Outs

These types of designs are mainly for the area specific, as pinterest wall ideas you can use style of a knife, fork or spoon in kitchen area. This will give your kitchen a different and adorable look. Image by allthatglitterscraft.com.

Wood Silhouette Cut Outs

18. DIY Bedroom Wall Art Idea

Designs are for your lovely bedroom; this will make your master bedroom a unique and fresh style.

DIY Bedroom Wall Art Idea

19. Button DIY Wall Art Ideas

You can collect buttons and joined together to give a figure shape.

Button DIY Wall Art Ideas

20. Wall Craft Art

Very unique and cost effective another design is usage of Cork coaster. Decorate your wall with coaster which is available with you.

diy Craft art

21-Paper Bird 3D Wall Art Ideas

One more design you can create is by using bird’s designs to decorate your wall. This will give your wall a cheerful and blissful look. Image by decoist.com

Paper Bird 3D Wall Art Ideas

You can transform your dull and boring walls with your creative and stylish wall displays. So just do it!

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