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DIY Garden Box ideas

23 DIY Garden Box Plans And Ideas For Easy Gardening

A DIY garden box will enable you to grow fresh vegetable, fruits and flowers without stress and strain on your back. Raised garden boxes permit easy access to soil and plants without having to bend over or get down on your hands and knees.

Another thing a DIY garden box provides is better soil structure for growing plants. When soil is in a contained space it’s easier to add compost and other soil-building nutrients for stronger plant growth and production.

Soil does not become compacted in a raised garden box because there is no foot traffic on the soil. Plant roots can grow and spread out better when soil is loose. Water and air can also permeate throughout the soil better when it’s loose, plus drainage is better and will prevent plant roots from drowning.

Building a garden box is simple and they can be built in any size or shape that best suits your needs and the space you have available.

With all the benefits of garden planter boxes, it’s time to get busy building a few for your own use. Check out these 23 DIY garden box plans and find the style that works best for you.

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1- DIY Garden Box With Side Benches

Sit down and tend to your garden with this easy to follow building plan. The DIY garden box has four benches, one on each side, that is half the length of the box. These can be used to sit on or as shelves, making all gardening chores easier.

DIY Garden Box Plans
                                           DIY Garden Box with Side Benches

2- Outside Post DIY Garden Box

This diy garden box idea puts the corner posts on the outside of the box and creates more growing space while taking up the same amount of square footage. Step by step plans are easy to follow and the finished product is not only functional, but it’s also attractive.

Outside Post Garden Box Idea
                                   Outside Post Garden Box Idea

3- Galvanized DIY Garden Box Ideas

Use these free building plans to create a modern DIY flower box or vegetable box, Created from galvanized roofing material, the finished look is modern and fits in well with a farm house theme or an urban theme.

This roofing material is lightweight and will last for years and the full length panels will enable you to build raised beds that are 12 feet long. Roof panels can be cut to smaller lengths if desired.

Galvanized Garden Box
                                                            Galvanized Garden Box

4- Wooden Garden Box Ideas

This is a simple design that yields big results. An easy to build wooden garden box like this one will provide you with easy access to plants, promote good soil drainage and help keep pests out of the growing vegetation. Easy to build with these detailed plans.

Wooden Garden Box
                                                        Wooden Garden Box Ideas

5- DIY Garden Box With Ledges

These free plans will show you how to build an oblong wooden garden box with side ledges. The ledges can serve as seats and shelves while you’re working in your garden. The design is also complimentary to any backyard. Use cedar wood and leave it natural, or you can paint or stain it if desired.

Garden Box with Ledges
                                                    Garden Box With Ledges

6- Square Foot DIY Garden Box

This is a fun project to do with kids and will help inspire them to garden and become involved with DIY projects. This diy garden box idea shows you how to build a square wooden box with nine, one-foot sections inside. Each one-foot section provides an ideal growing space for a different vegetable, herb or flower so kids will have plenty of plant variety growing in the garden box.

Square Foot Garden Box
                                   Build a Square Foot Garden Box With Kids

7- Herb DIY Garden Box

Follow these detailed plans on how to build a garden box that fits on your back porch. Attractive and waist-high, this herb garden box has plenty of growing room inside for a variety of herbs, plus you can hang gardening tools right on the box sides so they are always handy. Store water can and small compost bin under the box for easy access.

Raised Herb Planter Box
                                                   Raised Herb Planter Box Ideas

8- Trellis Garden Box

This garden box idea combines two boxes with an arched trellis for growing vining vegetables and fruits. Ideal for growing pole beans, cucumbers or blackberries. The arches trellis allows you to walk underneath the plants and harvest the produce with ease.

                                          Trellis & Raised Garden Box Combo

9- Recycled Pallet DIY Garden Box

Here is a DIY garden box built from recycled wooden pallets to keep the cost down to almost zero. Built on legs to stand about waist high, no bending is required for planting, tending and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. Easy to move if the need arises.

Raised Planter Bed From Pallets
                                          Raised Planter Bed From Pallets

10- Pest Proof Garden Box

If you live in an area where wildlife, like rabbits and squirrels, like to help themselves to your garden produce, this diy garden planter box with removable top gate is just right for you. Remove top gate as needed for harvesting or chores, slide gate back into place to keep pests out.

DIY Garden Box (Removable) Pest Gate
                                 DIY Garden Box (Removable) Pest Gate

11- U-Shaped Garden Box

This unique DIY garden box idea creates a large growing area with a walkway right in the center. The U-shaped design makes it easy to work the soil, tend to the plants and harvest the fresh produce.

Add a few solar powered lights to the bed corners to make the box look attractive in the backyard.

U-Shaped Garden Box Idea
                                                  U-Shaped Garden Box Idea

12- Bench Seat DIY Garden Box

Here is a unique design that solve two problems with one DIY project–backyard seating and an easy to access raised bed for gardening. This large DIY build creates a focal point in the backyard and is sure to be a favorite hang-out spot for family and guests.

DIY Garden Box Made From Bench Seat
                                           Garden Box Made From Bench Seat

13- Concrete Block DIY Garden Box

Concrete blocks are inexpensive and long-lasting, you can often find them for free at landfills or around vacant buildings. They are easy to stack and use as a retainer wall for a vegetable garden or to create a DIY flower box. The blocks can be stacked to create the right size box for whatever you want to grow.

DIY Garden Box Made From Concrete Blocks
                  Garden Box Made From Concrete Blocks

14- Herb Wheel DIY Garden Box

These free plans show you how to take a few pieces of lumber and build a raised bed in wheel shape. It’s a traditional shape for growing herbs because it allows for different herbs to be grown in close proximity to each other. The raised bed makes the plants easy to tend to and harvest.

Herb Wheel Garden Planter
                                           Herb Wheel Garden Planter

15- Tiered Garden Box

A perfect solution for a tiny yard. This tiered garden box takes up just a small footprint in the landscape, yet it can produce a lot of herbs, vegetables or flowers. Easy to build, this DIY garden box would also be great for rooftop gardening.

DIY Tiered Garden Box
 Tiered Garden Box

16- Multi-Level DIY Garden Box

Great for growing colorful flowers on the porch, this multi-level garden box is small and portable. Build it and use for herbs, flowers, strawberries, kale, lettuce or other compact growing vegetables. Great for rooftop and balcony gardening too.

Multi-Leveled Garden Planter Box
Multi-Leveled Garden Planter Box

17- Fruit DIY Garden Box

This design is created specifically for growing fruit, but could be used for other produce too.

Grow your own organic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc., in these small and attractive wooden boxes. Easy to build and they even look great in the wintertime with no live plants growing inside of them.

DIY Planter Box for Berries and Other Fruits
DIY Planter Box for Berries and Other Fruits

18- Tiered Pallet DIY Garden Box

Great for growing colorful flowers on the porch, this multi-level garden box is small and portable. Build it and use for herbs, flowers, strawberries, kale, lettuce or other compact growing vegetables. Great for rooftop and balcony gardening too.

DIY Gardening box made from pallets
                                    DIY Gardening box made from pallets

19- Concrete DIY Garden Box

Concrete is a great material to use to build a raised garden box. Concrete is durable and inexpensive, plus it can be shaped any way you want it. The light color of concrete also reflects light and helps prevent heat build up in the soil so plant roots don’t become overheated.

DIY Concrete Garden Box
                                 DIY Concrete Garden Box

20- DIY Wooden Garden Box

These free plans enable you to create a garden planter box that is suitable for vegetables, flowers or fruit. Easy, quick and inexpensive to build, use these DIY plans and build a few of these planters boxes this weekend to beautify your landscape and to fresh, grow organic food.

DIY Raised Garden Box
DIY Raised Garden Box

21- Art DIY Garden Boxes

This garden box idea can transform a barren backyard into a productive work of art. These garden boxes dot the landscape in an eye-pleasing pattern, and they produce a variety of organic fruits and vegetables.

garden box idea
garden box idea

22- Easy DIY Garden Boxes

Here’s a fast and easy way to transform a non-performing portion of your backyard into an highly productive space. Grow fresh food for your family in a beautiful backyard by building these DIY easy garden boxes.

Easy Garden Boxes
 Easy DIY Garden Boxes

23- Recycled DIY Garden Box

If you have an old outdoor toy that your kids have outgrown and you’re wondering what to do with it, consider making a garden box with it. This DIY idea took an outdoor wooden stage that was once a place where children put on a show and transformed it into a raised garden bed with a trellis. An old sandbox, bike or skate board ramp might be given a second life as a raised bed garden box with just a little DIY ingenuity.

Recycled Garden Box Idea
Recycled Garden Box Idea
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