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12 Tire Planter Ideas – Make Beautiful Planters From Old Tires

You can have beautiful flower planters and be kind to the environment at the same time when you recycle old tires to create new planters. Recycled tires provide great material to use to create one-of-kind garden art projects, including a fun planters for the kids to enjoy. Look over this easy-to-create and unique tire planter ideas and see just how easy it can be to transform old tires into some DIY planters.

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  1. Garden Frog Tire Planter Ideas

A few old tires and a little green paint can be transformed into this fun frog and used as whimsical garden art.

This garden frog does more than just welcome guests into your garden, flowers and vegetables can be planted inside the tires so the frog becomes a part of the garden too.

Garden Frog Tire Planter Ideas

  1. Inside Out Porch Planters

No one will ever know these planters have been made from old tires. This idea turns the tire inside out to create unique and colorful tyre planters. Perfect addition for a porch or deck where a pop of color is needed.

diy planter ideas

  1. Colorful Flower Pots

When you need a place to plant flowers and want large colorful pots, create your own inexpensive tire flower planters with this idea. A sharp knife and a can of spray paint will change an old black tire into a thing of beauty.


  1. Lady Bug Tire Planter

Two different-sized tires and a little imagination can make a delightful lady bug to brighten the corner of your garden. Use your imagination to create several bug planters so you can have tire garden that looks good and grows flowers.

Lady Bug Tire Planter

  1. Tea Cups Tire Planter Ideas

Tire tea cup planters are easy to fashion and fun to look at. Whimsical and unique, these tea cups are perfect to use as a children’s garden. Create a DIY tire tea cup for each one of your kids and teach them to plant and grow flowers and vegetables.

Tea Cups Tire Planter Ideas

  1. Tire and Rim

This idea for DIY planters elevates the tire by using the rim under too. Easy to create and will keep both the tire and rim from ending up at the landfill.

Recycled Tire Planters

  1. Garden Art Tire Planters

This fun idea makes the tire planters the focal point of the landscape. A few old tires painted in fun colors and stacked create an eye-catching design that is both fun and practical. The layout is pretty and each tire is a planter to a different flower. One tire is transformed into a clock to let you know it’s garden time.

Garden Art Tire Planters

  1. Wishing Well Tire Planter Ideas

Create the base of your own wishing well by stacking three old tires. Cover the exterior with stucco, add roof and a few other whimsical touches and you’ll have your very own garden wishing well.

Wishing Well Tire Planter Ideas

  1. Tire Flowers

Learn how to create the basic tire flower with these detailed instructions. Once you have the basic design, use your imagination for paint color and placement of these designs that can be used as-is or as planters.

Tire Flowers

  1. Vertical Tire Planter

If you have minimal land space, but plenty of vertical space, consider this unique DIY tire planter idea. Paint the tire and hang it to create a vertical planter. Perfect for those with limited outdoor space or who find bending over to be challenging.

DIY tire planter idea

  1. Minion Tire Planter Ideas

Create your own little minion planter with this fun tire recycling idea. Stack them and paint them to look just like a minion (or another favorite character) and top it off with a plant that will resemble hair.

Minion Tire Planter Ideas

  1. Work of Art

This design is an attention-getter. Is it a bird bath? Large flower? Water feature? No, it’s a unique way to take old tires and create a work of art that is perfect for your front yard.

Work of Art

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  1. I have never heard of anyone using car tires as planters before, but I really love the idea. I think that it would be a great way to incorporate art in the yard more and to make it a fun environment as well. I know that my kids will really love the minion and lady bug planters and will probably want to take care of the plants inside them as well, making this the perfect opportunity to teach them about responsibility. Thank you for taking the time to post about all 12 of these ideas, because now I can’t wait to get a hold of some tires and get to work!

  2. I just replaced the tires on my van and so now I have some old tires that I am trying to figure out what to do with. I definitely like the idea of making a colorful flower pot or two to put in my backyard. However, how do you get the tire to keep the flower petal shape like it is in the photo after you cut it?

  3. Its nice Faylinn to get to know you are making a flower pot from tyres. I will suggest this link to make tyre pot:

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