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 200+ DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans That Are Inexpensive To Build

It’s not necessary to break the bank to furnish your exterior, as there are many DIY outdoor furniture projects like we have in this articcle to consider for your property. You can find projects ranging from a patio table to a sectional sofa. The best part is you can customize your furniture as you see fit.

When looking for plans for your DIY outdoor furniture, you want to take your needs, budget and space into consideration. With such a wide selection of resources, you’re sure to find outdoor furniture plans that work for your property. Here is a long list of plans we have prepared for you that are sure to catch your eye.

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DIY Garden Bench And Furniture Plans

1. Plank DIY Garden Furniture

You can create your own DIY garden furniture using planks, as they’re easy to saw and join together as needed. When you’re finished, you’re left with furniture that boasts straight, smooth lines. You can create a chair, couch and coffee table, all with pieces of plank.

Instructions at instructables

DIY garden furniture

2-38. DIY Garden Bench Plans

A garden bench is a great addition to your garden, deck or porch, as it creates a comfortable place to enjoy the weather. You can also build a DIY outdoor bench for entertaining guests. If you need some alone time, use your garden bench to practice your meditation.

See these 39 garden bench plans in our site

DIY Outdoor Table Plans

39. DIY Umbrella Table

It’s not always enjoyable to eat outside under the hot sun. However, entertaining guests and eating outside is a breeze with your own DIY umbrella table. It can be placed on your patio, in your yard or near your pool to create a cool, shaded area for enjoying your meal.

Instructions at familyhandyman

DIY umbrella table

40. DIY Fire Table

A fire table is a unique twist on a traditional fire pit, with a small area for the fire in the center of the table. There should be enough space on your table to enjoy a snack or beverage without getting too close to the fire. Perfect for your outdoor living room, use this DIY outdoor furniture to stay warm on breezy days and chilly nights. Instructions at familyhandyman

DIY outdoor furniture

41. DIY Cable Spool Table

The top of the spool acts as your table surface, and you can wrap a bit of 1-inch manila rope around the actual spool area. If necessary, you can also stain the spool to match the rest of the structure. Imagine this beautiful table on your patio or near your garden.

You can easily create a unique piece of outdoor furniture with a wooden cable spool and thick rope. The top of the spool acts as your table surface, and you can wrap a bit of 1-inch manila rope around the actual spool area. If necessary, you can also stain the spool to match the rest of the structure. Imagine this beautiful table on your patio or near your garden.

Instructions at camelotartcreations

DIY Cable Spool Table

42. Concrete DIY Side Table

Next we have a concrete side table that can add a modern touch to any deck or porch. Made with concrete slab and kiln dried pine, this set of outdoor furniture plans makes a great weekend project. One idea is to pair the table with a wooden bench or couch to create a warm but modern atmosphere. Instructions at storefrontlife

outdoor furniture plans

43. Wire Basket DIY Side Table

When you combine a round wood panel, wire basket and spray paint of your favorite color, you have a beautiful wire basket side table. It’s inexpensive, functional and stylish enough to stand out from the crowd. Instructions at theshabbycreekcottage

Wire Basket Side Table

44. Hypertufa DIY Outdoor Table

With this set of DIY patio table plans, you’re creating a hypertufa outdoor table with a molded planter and wooden top. You can pair the table with multiple pieces, from a wicker couch to a wooden chair, to create an outdoor living room.

Instructions at homedit

DIY Hypertufa Outdoor Table

45-71. Outdoor Dining Tables

Use these outdoor furniture plans to build your own outdoor dining table. It’s perfect for enjoying lunch with your family or hosting a dinner party outside. You can find plans ranging from a farmhouse-style table to an ice box table.

27 Outdoor Dining Tables In our site

outdoor furniture plans

72-111. DIY Picnic Table Plans

There are many ideas for building a picnic table for your yard, that’s we are sharing with you in this plans, from a classic picnic table to an octagon picnic table. A DIY picnic table is convenient for picnics, cookouts, play dates and casual meals.

Complete plans

DIY Picnic Table Plans

DIY Outdoor Chairs And Stool Plans

112. Cedar DIY Patio Chair

If you want to build something new for your patio, consider a DIY patio chair. You’re building it out of cedar because it’s a lightweight material. Once your project is complete, you can sit in your new chair and soak up the sun.

Instructions at familyhandyman

DIY patio chair
DIY outdoor chair image via: www.ana-white.com

113. Modern DIY Outdoor Chair 

Do you want to create a modern vibe on your patio? Consider a modern outdoor chair. You can build it with 2×4 and 2×6 boards, which is an easy and affordable way to build your DIY patio furniture. Instructions at shanty-2-chic

Modern DIY Outdoor Chair 

114. DIY Vintage Lawn Chair

You can also skip the modern vibe by touching up a vintage metal lawn chair, which you can find at a thrift store, flea market or garage sale. If the chair doesn’t need any actual repairs, give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

Instructions at houseofhawthornes

Vintage Lawn Chair

115. DIY Garden Projects Stool and Chair

If you want to create several pieces for your garden, consider a shaded area, stool and chair. You can use fabric and your trees or hammock stands to create the shaded area, which is going to be right above the tire stool and fruit crate chair.

Instructions at diy-enthusiasts

DIY Garden Projects

116. DIY Rocking Chair

There’s nothing like a rocking chair to help you feel relaxed while enjoying the weather. Instead of buying a rocking chair, you can make one with a wooden cable reel and tubular steel structure like we have in this plan. This DIY outdoor furniture project may take a little work, but it’s worth it to save money on a new rocking chair. Instructions at diypalletfurniture

DIY outdoor furniture project

117-156.  DIY Adirondack Chair Plans

A set of Adirondack chairs is a great way to converse, enjoy the weather or sit around a fire pit. In our site is a variety of DIY Adirondack chair projects, such as a chair built with recycled pallets. You can even find plans to build contoured Adirondack chairs.

DIY Adirondack Chair Plans

157. Vintage Chair Drink Stand

If you’re looking for DIY outdoor furniture that stands out from the crowd, consider a vintage chair drink stand. Turn an old chair that’s been collecting dust into a place to set a bucket of beverages and ice. It’s a thrifty, affordable way to create something new for your outdoor parties. Instructions at ohmy-creative

DIY outdoor furniture
DIY outdoor furniture Img via: ohmy-creative.com 

DIY Outdoor Sofa And Seating Plans

158. Modern Outdoor Sofa

Create a cozy spot to read, nap or relax with this modern DIY outdoor sofa project. The sofa is made of a wooden frame with comfortable cushions. You can even build a matching DIY outdoor chair to create a stylish set. If you want to create a set that works for any exterior, stain the wood and opt for black cushions. Instructions at diywoodworkvids

DIY outdoor sofa project
DIY outdoor sofa image via: diywoodworkvids.com

159. Modular Outdoor Seating

You can create ample seating for your family or guests with this set of modular outdoor seating plans. The set includes a sectional couch and two ottomans for comfy seating and conversation. You’re going to build your DIY outdoor furniture with wooden pieces and cushions.

Instructions at shanty-2-chic

Modular Outdoor Seating

160. DIY Rope Ottoman

You don’t have to stick with wood or metal for your DIY patio furniture. One idea is to create a round ottoman with an old tire, thick rope and your patience. You’re going to be wrapping the rope around the tire in a crisscross pattern, but you’ll need to glue the rope to itself as you go to secure it in place. Instructions at stylemepretty

DIY Rope Ottoman

DIY Outdoor Sectional Ideas

161. Multiple Chair Sectional

For this DIY outdoor sectional project, you’re going to start by building several wooden chairs. Once your chairs are sanded, painted and ready for sitting, place them together in an L-shape, covering them with matching cushions to create a seamless effect. You can even add in several throw pillows for extra comfort. Instructions at the36thavenue

DIY outdoor sectional project

162. Wooden DIY Outdoor Sectional

Using 2×4 boards is an affordable way to build your DIY outdoor furniture, and your wooden outdoor sectional is no exception. It’s an easy project that gives you the opportunity to work with your hands for a while. When you’re finished, you can add cozy cushions and throw pillows in a color scheme that matches your exterior.

163. Cedar Picket Sectional

Instead of 2×4 boards, you can build your outdoor sectional using cedar pickets. The pickets are affordable and durable, and they can be stained or painted to fit your exterior. Of course, you’re also going to need several matching bench cushions for your sectional sofa. Your DIY sectional is the perfect addition to any outdoor lounge or living room.

Instructions at grayhousestudio

Cedar Picket Sectional
Diy outdoor sectional image via: grayhousestudio.com

DIY Outdoor Swing

164. DIY Hammock Chair

A DIY hammock chair is a good way to relax outside, and it also creates a swing for kids, or the kid-at-heart adult. For this DIY outdoor furniture project, you’re going to need pretty fabric, strong rope, a hardwood dowel and carabiner. Imagine swinging on your hammock chair when the weather warms up. Instructions at lifesewsavory

DIY Hammock Chair

165. DIY Pallet Swing Bed

If you enjoy a good project for DIY pallet furniture, you’re going to love creating your own DIY pallet swing bed. It’s the perfect place to read or take a nap on a warm day. You’re actually going to build the bed out of pallets before adding a twin size mattress and pillows to it. Use a strong rope to secure it from a tree, and you’re ready to relax. Instructions at themerrythought

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture

166- Pallet Lounge Chair

You can build a stylish, comfortable lounge chair out of pallets. It’s an easy and affordable way to add a new chair to your patio, deck or yard. You want to paint the chair in a fun color before adding cushions and pillows to match it. One example is a blue pallet lounge chair, and it’s topped with a matching cushion and throw pillows. Instructions at frecklesandfluff

Pallet Lounge Chair
DIY Pallet Lounge Chair image via: frecklesandfluff.com

167. DIY Pallet Couch

If you’re looking to build more advanced pallet patio furniture, consider a pallet couch. It’s going to take a bit of time and work, but it’s worth it to build your own outdoor furniture for relaxing or entertaining guests. When you’re finished, you have the option of adding a cushion or pillows to your new couch. Instructions at pallet-furniture

DIY Pallet Couch

168. Pallet Coffee Table

Another DIY outdoor furniture project is to build your own pallet coffee table, which is a nice addition to your outdoor living room or lounge. The coffee table is spacious enough for at least two plates or cups, so you may want to place it between two chairs or in front of your couch. Remember, it’s easier than you think to build furniture using pallets.

Instructions at southernrevivals

DIY outdoor furniture project

169. Pallet Privacy Wall

Instead of installing a fence, maintain your privacy by building your own privacy wall. You may find gathering the supplies is less expensive than having a privacy fence installed around your property. A privacy wall allows you to keep unwanted guests out and your loved ones in the yard, giving you a peace of mind when spending time outdoors. Instructions at diypassion

Pallet Privacy Wall

170. Reuse Old Pallets

When building your DIY outdoor furniture, consider reusing old pallets for your project. You never know if you’re going to have pieces left over from a previous project or unused furniture. Turn those old pieces into outdoor furniture such as a picnic table or chaise chair. You can even add style to these pieces with paint, cushions or throw pillows. Instructions at dumpaday

building your DIY outdoor furniture

DIY Gazebo, Pergola and Hammock Stand Plans

171. DIY Copper Cabana

Once you build your DIY outdoor furniture, you may want to build a DIY copper cabana to create a private, shaded area for enjoying the outdoors. The copper pipes are stylish and durable, and they’re perfect for your thick curtains. One idea is to close the curtains when it rains. After all, the curtains are already hanging outside to dry in the sun.

Instructions at homemadebycarmona

DIY Copper Cabana

172. DIY Arbor with Built-in Benches

When looking for garden furniture plans, you may decide to build an arbor with built-in benches. You can even add a bench cushion and pillows for extra comfort. Can you imagine sitting on a bench, surrounded by beautiful greenery? The quiet, secluded area is sure to help you feel calm, cool and collected. One idea is to use this area as a zen garden.

Instructions at familyhandyman

DIY Arbor with Built-in Benches

173-202. DIY Hammock Stand

If you want to build your own hammock, you’re going to need to build a DIY hammock stand. You can choose from several hammock stand plans, from a cedar to pergola hammock stand. There are even plans for building hammock stands for up to three people. You may even want to build a hammock stand for your garden. When you’re finished, you can enjoy a soothing day in the sun.

Instructions at HnGIdeas.com

DIY Hammock Stand

203-216. DIY Gazebo Ideas

You can also find a range of DIY gazebo ideas, which is a great way to enjoy an afternoon of reading, napping or entertaining guests in your yard. Your children may even enjoy playing on the gazebo. A garden gazebo is a smaller plan that’s perfect for your family. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, you may want a spacious rectangular gazebo. The best part is you have the opportunity to build something amazing with your own two hands.

Instructions at HnGIdeas.com

DIY Gazebo Ideas

217-236. DIY Pergola Plans

A pergola is another piece of DIY outdoor furniture that creates a shaded area in your yard. Build a classic pergola or a pergola with plant hangers, or build a pergola at the entrance or in the corner of your garden. You can even build a pergola that’s attached to your home. Use your pergola for cooking out with family or entertaining friends for a special occasion.

Instructions at hngideas

DIY Pergola Plans

Other DIY Outdoor Furniture Plans

237. DIY Bar Cart

Do you entertain guests at home often? Take your gathering outside with a DIY bar cart. You can easily create this DIY outdoor furniture from a small table with shelves. The shelves can be used for your drinkware, and you can place a cooler with your drinks on the top surface. You’re also going to add steel casters to ensure your cart is mobile.

Instructions at designertrapped

DIY Bar Cart

238. DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge

You can also build an outdoor cabana lounge with a gable roof. Inside the cabana is a mattress and small shelf to create a cozy atmosphere. It features a deck flooring and awning fabric, and you can even hang up string lights to add a warm glow. Your outdoor cabana lounge is a great retreat when you need to escape for a few hours. Instructions at jaimecostiglio

Outdoor Cabana Lounge

239. DIY Bench/Arbor Combo

There are many outdoor furniture plans that are easy to follow, and you may find most plans are within your budget. For example, you can build an arbor with a bench for less than $250. The bench in this project features a backrest and plenty of space for your friends. You can even add throw pillows for maximum comfort, as well as potted plants on the outside areas.

Instructions at ladygoats
Arbor Combo

240. DIY Island For Grill

It’s easier to grill when you have more space to prep your food, so why not build an island for your grill? For this DIY outdoor furniture project, you’re going to build a piece that features a spot for your grill, storage space and plenty of counter space. This is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen because you can cook and serve your meals in one spot.

Instructions at ladygoats

DIY outdoor furniture project

241. DIY Wood and Steel Console

With these plans, you’re going to build an industrial wood and steel console. The console itself is made of wood with metal mending plates, as well as 6-inch steel casters at the bottom to create a portable piece. Use the console for hosting an outdoor dinner party or storing outdoor essentials. You may even decide to place your herb garden on the console.

Instructions at jenwoodhouse

DIY Wood and Steel Console

242. Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Another DIY outdoor chair project, you’re going to build an outdoor chaise lounge with thick cedar boards. Once you build the chair, add a stain or finish. You can place a cushion or pillows on the chair for extra comfort, or leave the chair alone for a natural look. You’re building a chair that allows you to stretch out and enjoy your time outdoors.

Instructions at learn.kregtool

DIY outdoor chair project

243. Double Rocking Chair

How would you like to build a rocking chair for two? That’s exactly what you’re going to do with this set of plans. You can stretch out on your rocking chair or share the space with a friend. The chair is made out of wooden boards, which you can stain to change up its appearance. A double rocking chair is just what you need to add a touch of coziness to your yard.

Instructions at perchica

Double Rocking Chair

244. DIY Grass Bed

Are you someone who enjoys lying in the grass? Lie down on your own DIY grass bed. The grass is in a wood pallet base, so you don’t have to worry about anyone walking on it. You can even add a few pillows or a blanket to your grass bed for relaxing. A grass bed is a great idea if you don’t have grass in your backyard, as it gives you a touch of softness in a space of concrete. Instructions at mymodernmet

DIY Grass Bed

245. DIY Rustic Cooler Box

Your DIY outdoor furniture isn’t limited to chairs, couches and tables like we have shown you above. You can also build a rustic cooler box for keeping your beverages cold on a warm day. The box itself is made with pallets, with a space in the center to hold your cooler. You’re going to remove the handles and hinges from the cooler, so it’s easier to frame the cooler inside the box. The wooden box is perfect for a rustic exterior. Instructions at diyjoy

DIY Rustic Cooler Box

246. Vintage Cooler Cabinet

Another option for your beverages is a vintage cooler cabinet. Like the rustic cooler box, you’re also going to make a space in the top of the cabinet for your cooler. With these plans, you’re hiding the cooler under a hinged lid, which can also double as a table. You have the option of painting the cabinet to add a little style to your piece. By Instructions 

Vintage Cooler Cabinet

Summing Up

Outdoor furniture not only enhances and comforts you but also adds value to your landscape. You can have many types of furniture to place outdoors such as dining table, sofa, couch, bench, chairs and sectional as well. The list is wide but you choose any of these diy furniture projects to improve and relax while living outdoors.

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