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25 Clever Under Stairs Ideas to Optimize the Leftover Space

If your home has a stairway, then you have potential storage space that is just beckoning to be used. One of these 25 clever under stairs storage ideas can help you optimize that leftover space and turn it into usable storage space.

1- Illuminated Shelves Under Stairs Ideas

Consider this lovely custom built staircase with illuminated modern shelves to meet your storage needs. Showcase your treasures and house a flat screen TV under the stairs.

Illuminated Shelves

2- Sleek Floating Shelves

Under stairs storage solutions can actually become a part of the hallway decor with this storage idea that uses sleek floating shelves.

Sleek Floating Shelves

3- Modern Metallic Shelves

A custom designed modern metallic set of stairs provides large storage and shelf space if you’re looking for unique staircase ideas.

Modern Metallic Shelves

4- Family Study Space

Create a family study space or media center with this unique under stairs storage solution in the hallway which beautifully utilizes this typically wasted space.

Family Study Space

5- Secret Under Stairs Storage Ideas

A pre-made product can turn your staircase into a secret storage hideaway that no one will guess is even there.


6- Pull Out Drawers

When more drawer space is needed to house shoes and out-of-season clothing, consider this under stairs storage that creates pull-out drawers in the empty space under each stair.

Pull Out Drawers

7- Industrial Staircase Ideas

When more natural light and more space to fit another room is desired, consider creating an industrial under staircase in your home with perforated metal stairs.

Industrial Staircase

8- Transitional Under Staircase Ideas

This unique idea includes a modern transitional staircase idea plus storage under stairs that blends in perfectly with an modern kitchen. Storage pantries slide out from under the stairs to show off shelves that can house most any sized food items.

Transitional Staircase idea

9- Home Office Under Stairs Storage

An entire home office can be fitted under the staircase. A modern desk, drawers and built-in armoire, complete with drawers and shelves and room for a comfy chair is a decorative and useful under stairs storage idea.

Home Office understairs

10- Hallway Under Stairs Storage

When stairs are placed in the hallway of a small living space, there are several under stairs storage ideas that can be implemented. Consider this idea for housing the family’s bicycles under the stairs.

Hallway Understairs Storage

11- Fireplace Under The Stairs

If you have would like a fireplace, but think you have no room to put one, look under the staircase. This unique under stairs storage idea combines form and function by placing a working fireplace under the staircase, plus some built-in seating for warming by the fire. (you may like diy outdoor fire pit)

Fireplace under srtairs

12- Kitchen Focal Point

Live extravagantly, or at least have a home that looks extravagant, with this large set of built-in shelves that maximizes the under stairs space. Turn the empty, under stairs space into the focal point of your home kitchen.

Kitchen Focal Point understairs

13- Abundant Of Storage Under The Stairs

If you have a ton of stuff that just needs to be tucked away neatly and out-of-sight, consider this shelf and bin under stairs storage solution that provides an abundance of storage tucked neatly under the stairs.

Abundant Storage

14- Chic Shelves

If you prefer the clean lines of a minimalist look, consider stylish chic shelves which blend into the wall with no visible hardware to look at.

Chic Shelves

15- Stylish and Chic Shelves Beneath the Stair

A sleek, modern look for under stairs storage can be created with build in cabinets tucked under the staircase. Just one of the many under stairs ideas to choose from to solve storage problems.

Stylish and Chic Shelves Beneath the Stair

16- Wooden Build In Under Storage Stairs

If you’re fortunate to have a loft sleeping area, the stairs leading up to the loft are prime real estate for storage space. Staircase with built-in storage space can provide you with enough pull-out drawers to house your entire wardrobe.

Wooden Stair With Built In Storage Space

17- Under Stairs Dog House

Fido needs his own home and what better use of under stairs space than to create a builtin dog house that will look as though the home was built around it.

Dog House

18- Laundry Under Stairs Storage Ideas

A little creativity can garner you under the staircase. No more trips to the laundromat when you have your own washing machine at home tucked inconspicuously under the stairs.

Laundry Under Stairs Storage Ideas

19- Extra Room

This under stairs storage solution not only maximizes unused space, but also increases living space in small spaces. The industrial look of a loft can be created complete with storage by using this mini loft and staircase idea.

 Under Stairs Storage Ideas

20- Under Stairs Kitchen Idea

Create additional usable space in a small kitchen by building built-in counters and drawers under the staircase that can house an entire kitchen.

Under Stairs Kitchen

21- Kitchen Beverage Center

If just a little more kitchen storage space is needed, create a beverage center cubby under stairs with this unique storage idea.

 Kitchen Beverage Center

22- Pull Out Drawers

Deep, wide pull-out drawers can be created under stairs to hold everything from sporting equipment to books with this creative storage idea.

Pull Out Drawers

23- Display Shelves

Shelving units that display items can also pull out for behind the shelf hidden storage.

shelving units

24- Stair Cubbys

Open cubbys go up the sides of the staircase along side of the steps to house shoes, coats, backpacks and other items which frequently come in and go out of the home.

Stair Cubbys

25- Under Step Storage Ideas

Create space for a home library with this open storage space under each step.

Under Step Storage

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