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repuropsed furniture ideas

Repurposed Furniture Ideas-25+Ways to Reuse Old Things

Repurposing furniture and upcycling projects can range from simply moving a traditional piece of bedroom furniture, like a chest of drawers, to the foyer to store school supplies and winter wear. For those with minimal carpentry skills, an upcycling furniture idea may include completely transforming an item into an entirely new thing, such as transforming an old door into a table.

Decorating with repurposed furniture is a growing trend and ideas abound on ways to reuse old things both inside and outside of the home. Taking something old and giving it new life is a great way not only to save money, but it also keeps items out of the landfills.

Whether you’re a novice or skilled in home carpentry, there’s sure to be something old around your home that is basically taking up space and could be put to better use in a different location or that would look better with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. Scroll through these 25+ repurposed furniture ideas to discover some unique ways to reuse old things.

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  1. Repurposed Garage Door Into Dining Table

An old wooden garage door can easily be transformed into a one-of-kind dining room table. Cut the old door to size, strip the paint then fill in recesses with epoxy or cover wood with a glass top. Add some legs and you’ll have a unique piece of recycled wood furniture.

recycled wood furniture

  1. Repurpose An Old Table Into Chic Nightstands

One unused table can become two reclaimed furniture pieces idea. Cut the table in half, paint in your choice of color, then mount the cut end to the wall on either side of the bed for matching chic nightstands.

Chic Nightstands

  1. Turn A Crib Into A Bench

When the children have outgrown the baby crib, don’t toss it out! Transform it into a bench that will look great in any room of the house. This idea for redoing furniture will enable you to hold onto the old baby memories while creating new ones as you sit on your new crib bench.

Crib Bench

  1. Repurposed Suitcase Chair

Here is one of the more unique repurposed furniture ideas – creating a comfortable seat from an old piece of luggage. This suitcase chair is the perfect size for a small space where an extra seat is needed. See also diy androic chair.

repurposed furniture ideas

  1. Repurposed Bathtub Sofa

Everyone likes to sit in bathtub and the charm of an old clawfoot bathtub is irresistible, so why not combine the two traits and create a unique bathtub sofa that will add charm to your living space and beckon people to sit and relax.

Bathtub Sofa

  1.  Recycle An Old Salvaged Window Into Coffee Table

Create a charming chic coffee table with storage from an old window with these step-by-step instructions. Repurposed furniture ideas such as this one is easy to accomplish with pictorial instructions.

Recycled furniture ideas

  1. Old Chair Repurposed Ideas

After looking at everything that can be made from a recycled wooden chair, you’ll never again wonder how to upcycle furniture, the repurposing ideas will just start to flow.

Old Chair Upcycle Ideas

  1. Garden Tool Table and Chairs

What can you do with old shovels and pitchforks besides garden chores? Repurpose them into a useful and unique set of table and chairs with this creative idea.

Garden Tool Table and Chairs

  1. Desk and Workstations

Need more surface space to study or play on? Use some of these ideas for upcycling furniture into tables, desks and workstations.

upcycling furniture into tables, desks and workstations

  1. Repurposed Spice Rack Ideas

When is a spice rack not a spice rack? When it’s upcycled into an attractive thread holder, jewelry holder or book rack.

Spice Rack Ideas

  1. Bottle Cap Table Top

If you don’t already collect bottle caps you may want to start when you see this unique way to create a table top with bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Table Top

  1. Lacy Drawers Repurposed Furniture

Use this idea to reclaim a piece of furniture that would otherwise be headed for the landfill. A little lace and spray paint can breath new life into an old chest of drawers.

Lacy Drawers

  1. Upcycle Old Chairs Into Corner Bench

Got an empty corner that needs a unique solution for seating? Try making the stunning corner bench from old wooden chairs.

Corner Bench

  1. Add Legs

Some old pieces of furniture just need four added legs to be upcycled into an entirely new and usable piece of furniture.

Add Legs

  1. Sign Headboard

If you would like a unique headboard for your bed, use this repurposed furniture idea to transform an old sign into a new headboard.

Sign Headboard

  1. Repurposed Spool Into Bookcase

An old wooden cable spool makes a nice bookcase and table surface with this unique upcycling idea.

Spool Bookcase

  1. Rustic Log Table

Inexpensive and easy to make, this rustic log table makes a nice addition to a woodsy cabin or country look decor.

Rustic Log Table

  1. Crib Ideas

If you’re wondering what to do with that old crib you have, check out these unique and creative repurposed furniture ideas.

upcycling furniture ideas

  1. Turn Old Shutter Into Kitchen Island

Transform an old pair of window shutters into a new kitchen island with this upcycle idea.

Shutter Island

  1. Memo Center

Need a way to communicate with the family and a place to keep keys and other small objects? Create this chalkboard, bulletin board and key holder with this repurposed furniture idea.

Memo Center

  1. Repurposed Headboard Bench

Transform an old wooden bed headboard into this lovely bench with this step-by-step tutorial.

Headboard Bench

  1. Upcycle Headboard Into Chalkboard

Anything can be upcycled into a chalkboard, this idea will show you how to create a chalkboard from a headboard.

You may also like to see chalkboard paint ideas.

chalkboard from a headboard

  1. End Tables

Use this idea to transform an old wooden bench into two custom end tables for either end of your couch.

two custom end tables

  1. Portable Backyard Bench

Outdoor seating is needful, but it should also be easy to move. This creative idea provides portable seating that is uniquely attractive.

Portable Backyard Bench

  1. Repurposed Barrel Seating

Anything can be transformed into a seat, including a metal barrel with this creative idea.

Barrel Seating

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  3. The ideas are gorgeous! I just finished with the renovations at home and have a pile of old furniture, that needs to be thrown away, or better re-purposed. Here are some lovely ideas the seem to be perfect for me. I’m definitely trying and recommending to my friends. Thank you for the inspiration!

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